How to Register in Online Apps Without Phone Number

Time Of Info By TOI Team   July 12, 2022   Update on : August 16, 2022

How to Register in Online Apps

Online apps are an important part of modern life. We use them on a daily notice to get in touch with friends and relatives, build partnerships, order a cab and food as well as complete other routine tasks. However, despite the fact that these applications are designed to be user-friendly, they do also have one serious issue.

Nowadays almost every one of them requires new users to pass phone number verification in order to create an account. It is not always possible to do that. Some apps simply do not support phone numbers that are issued in certain countries while others do not seem secure enough to provide them with your personal information. The best solution to all these and other similar problems is to use an online phone number also often called a virtual.

How does a virtual phone number work?

A virtual number is a number that is assigned to a specific SIM card from a real cellular operator and connected to an online server with special hardware. So, in its essence, it is nothing unusual. The only difference between it and a regular phone number is that due to its connection to the internet it is available for remote use. You do not need to have a smartphone or even a SIM card to receive a call or SMS with a virtual number. It is possible to do with any device that has an internet connection whether it is a tablet, laptop or personal computer.

There are virtual numbers for completing a variety of tasks including signing up for accounts in different online applications. Such service is considered the cheapest in the industry. Most often cost of receiving a verification code from a specific platform with a virtual number is less than $1. But in addition to being cheap, it is also a convenient as well as confidential solution. Using it takes only a few minutes after completing the registration process in specialized service without providing any sort of personal data.

Types of services suitable for registration with a virtual number

Those who are just starting to use virtual phone numbers are often concerned about what services they can be used to register with. For example, are they only suitable for registering with some simple applications, or can they also be used to create an account on popular social networks and online marketplaces? Well, it is available for signing up for any online platform that requires users to pass phone number verification. Thus, the list of supported services includes:

  • Instant messaging apps;
  • Social media and dating sites;
  • Internet marketplaces;
  • Taxi and delivery;
  • Online games.

The only thing worth paying attention to is that virtual numbers can be of two kinds. The first category includes universal numbers that can be used for registration on any platform. The second category includes virtual phone numbers that can be used to create accounts for one specific application only. They are much cheaper but not suitable for multitasking.

Getting a high-quality virtual phone number at an affordable price

At the moment the internet is full of offers to buy virtual numbers for certain tasks from different countries. At the same time, more and more new providers regularly appear on the market. It is very easy to get lost among the services offered. But making a choice in favor of the first platform in sight is definitely not a good decision. Different providers offer services of different quality which at the same time often significantly differ in cost. Keep reading to learn more about mobile services manager.

Some of the best solutions on the market are offered by SMS-Man. This platform has been working in the field of virtual telephony for more than five years and currently has effective solutions for a variety of tasks. Here is how anyone can use it in order to sign up for different online apps without using own phone number:

  1. The first thing to do is to register at This can be done with an email or an account on several social networks.
  2. The second step is to open the main page of the service and from there go to the payment tab. You need to use one of the available payment methods to top up your newly created profile.
  3. Once the payment is made, go back to the homepage of the platform. Open the list of countries and select the appropriate country for the virtual phone number.
  4. Scroll the page a little bit down and find the tab with websites and applications. In this section, select the service in which you are going to register and thereby receive an SMS.
  5. Click the purchase button to obtain a virtual number. It will appear at the top of the homepage, as well as in your personal account on the site.

Thus we have completed the main part of the task. Now we have a virtual phone number to register in a certain application. Just enter the purchased number in the registration form of the corresponding service and send a confirmation text message to it. Then, click on the “Get SMS” button on the SMS-Man website, copy the received code and use it to create an account. The process is quite simple and convenient.


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