Math Tips for Parents Who Want to Turn Kids into a Math Genius

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 16, 2022   Update on : December 16, 2022

Math Tips
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Ever wished your child was a genius who solved math problems without much difficulty? Any child can be a math genius with the right approach.

Unfortunately, many parents who try to teach their kids mathematics have been doing it the wrong way. The good news, however, is that it’s not too late to help set your child toward becoming a successful math student. In this article, you’ll learn different math tips for parents to help you turn your child into a math genius.

4 Math Tips to Turn Your Kid into a Math Genius

The tips below can help parents turn their children into math geniuses:

Help them Build a Healthy Relationship with Math

Many kids get mathematical anxiety when it’s time to solve a math problem. This is due to the lack of a positive relationship with the subject. If your child must become a math genius, they need to lose the fear they associate with the subject.

As a parent, you can help improve their perception of the subject by having interesting conversations about it. Talk to them about how math skills are beneficial in different aspects of life. You can also talk to them about how you solved math problems when you were a kid.

However, don’t talk about your own difficulties if you have any. Telling your child that you struggled with math can hurt their morale.

Introduce Math into Their Daily Life

Another way to help your child become a math genius is by incorporating math into their daily life. Assuming you’ve followed the first tip and convinced them that math is important in different aspects of life, the second tip involves putting it into practice.

Show them how they can use their math skills in their daily life. You can start by teaching them how to measure cooking ingredients.

You can also introduce Math into gardening. Help your children plant a garden and let them track the growth of the plants. This way, they can learn data collection and measurement.

Other ways include helping them learn how to estimate traveling distance when driving or have them keep the statistics of their favorite sports team or player. These are simple ways to incorporate math into your child’s daily life.

Sign Them Up for  Online Math Lessons

Sometimes, kids need additional lessons to support their education at school. This is where online math websites come in.

Learning platforms like Brighterly offer kids one-on-one lessons to help sharpen their math skills. These platforms use interactive classes and modern learning methods to help your child become better at math.

One of the best things about these platforms is that they’re available all year round. So you can enroll your child for extra math lessons online, even on holidays.

Also, one-on-one lessons are especially helpful for kids who learn at a slower pace. If your child can’t keep up with their classmates in school, online private lessons allow them to learn at a better pace.

Introduce them to Math Games

A research on ScienceDirect shows that kids learn faster when they’re in an environment that supports game-based learning. The research result is hardly shocking, considering how much kids love to play games.

As a parent, you’re probably worried about how much time your child spends playing games. But instead of worrying, you can take advantage of their love for games by introducing them to game-based learning.

Many games infuse math concepts into the gameplay. So instead of just fighting monsters, your child can also learn how to add, subtract, and multiply.

Games like Prodigy Math can help your child learn over 1000 math skills, while Pythagorea 60° can improve their performance in Geometry. Other popular math games include Fast Math, Math Madness, Alien Addition, and Monster Math.

Final Thoughts

Why it’s true that any kid can be a math genius, not all kids eventually become one. While schools try their best to give children a good education, most children need extra help to improve at math.

To help your child become a genius in math, you need to be intentional. It may cost you time, effort, and money. But in the end, you would have succeeded in giving your child a strong math background that can help set them up for future success.

These days, kids are fortunate to have different technology for math learning. Take advantage of these tools and give your kids the extra push they need to become math geniuses.


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