Phone Tracker by IMEI: Find Your Lost Phone Easily

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Phone Tracker by IMEI

Have you ever lost your phone? I bet most of you did, and I’m kind of familiar with that feeling when you lost your only way of communication. It feels like a nightmare when you search your pocket or handbag, and you can not find your phone. It is not only because we just rely on phones for communication, but also because we all contain most of our valuable information and data. it’s not the phone that was lost but our memories, sensitive messages, contacts, everything. Those thoughts of realization give us panic attacks! But do you know that there is a secret way that can help you with your phone loss? Yes, and that is the IMEI number, a simple but strong weapon to track your lost phone.

How Does Phone Tracker by IMEI Work?

Before we delve into how IMEI works, let’s see what this IMEI number is. Well, the full form of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is basically a 15-digit code. It is more like a digital fingerprint that is assigned to every mobile. Just as our fingerprints are different from each other person, the same way each mobile has a different and unique IMEI number. 

If you want to see IMEI number of your device, just go to the dial option and type *#06#. Your device system will automatically show the IMEI number. Whether you are using iOS android, angle, or multiple sims, you will see your device’s IMEI number. 

EMEI Number

Now let’s see how it works – suppose your phone is switched on and connected to a cellular network, it will continuously communicate with nearby cell towers. This communication will exchange your IMEI number. 

Then, by measuring the strength of the signal between your phone and towers, the cell tower can estimate your phone location. This can triangulate the signals from several towers and the operator from the network office can find out the area where your phone location shows. 

There is another way you can track your phone by using an IMEI number. For that, you have to just report it to your service provider and they will ask for your IMEI number. Then they will request the network operator to find your phone’s location. Additionally, service producers will add your IMEI number to a blacklist. This will help to render the phone unusable on any network, even with the different SIM card. 

Benefits of Using Phone Tracker by IMEI

Now you know how IMEI numbers work. Let’s see how using phone tracker by IMEIcan be beneficial for you-

how IMEI numbers work

Tracking Lost or Stolen Phones

Imagine misplacing your phone or worse, having it stolen. With an IMEI-based tracker, you can swiftly locate your device. Whether it’s hiding under the couch cushions or in the hands of a pickpocket, the IMEI acts as your digital bloodhound.

Monitoring Child’s Activity

Worried about your child’s whereabouts? The IMEI tracker can be your ally. Simply input their phone’s IMEI, and you’ll know if they’re at school, the park, or their secret hideout (probably the treehouse).

Ensuring Employee Safety

If your employees use company phones, their safety matters. Whether they’re on a business trip or working late, knowing their phone’s location via IMEI can provide peace of mind.

In emergencies, quick access to their whereabouts can be crucial. Plus, it helps prevent misuse of company devices—no more “I left my phone at home” excuses.

Common Features of Phone Tracker by IMEI

Phone tracker by IMEI usually offers several features to enhance tracking capabilities: 

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

The software utilizes GPS technology to provide real-time location updates, allowing users to track the device’s movements accurately.


Geofencing allows users to set up virtual boundaries for the device. When the device enters or exits these predefined areas, users receive notifications, enhancing security and monitoring capabilities.

Call and SMS Monitoring

Call and SMS Monitoring

Some Phone Tracker by IMEI solutions also offer call and SMS monitoring features, allowing users to track incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

Choosing the Right Phone Tracker by IMEI

When selecting a Phone Tracker by IMEI, consider the following factors: 


Before committing to a tracker, ensure it plays well with your phone’s operating system. Is it compatible with Android, iOS, or both? Some trackers are platform-specific, while others cater to both worlds.

Check if it supports your phone model and version. Compatibility glitches can lead to frustration, like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

User-Friendly Interface

A tracker’s interface should be as intuitive as a well-worn path. Look for simplicity—easy navigation, clear instructions, and minimal learning curve.

Nobody wants to decipher hieroglyphics while tracking their phone. Opt for a tool that lets you find your lost device without needing a Ph.D. in tech wizardry.

Security and Privacy Measures

Your phone’s safety is paramount, but so is your privacy. Investigate the tracker’s security protocols. Does it encrypt data transmission? Is your personal information safeguarded?

Read reviews and ensure the tracker doesn’t moonlight as a data broker. You don’t want your IMEI number floating around the digital underworld.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Phone Tracker by IMEI

Step 1: Locate Your IMEI Number

Find IMEI Number
  • Dial *#06# on your phone to reveal its unique IMEI number. Alternatively, check the back cover or the original packaging.
  • Write down this 15-digit code—it’s your secret weapon.

Step 2: Choose a Reliable Tracker

  • Research and select a reputable IMEI-based tracker. Compatibility matters—ensure it works with your phone’s operating system (Android, iOS, or both).

Step 3: Install the Tracker

  • Visit the tracker’s website or download its app from your phone’s app store.
  • Follow the installation instructions. Grant necessary permissions (like location access).

Step 4: Input Your IMEI

  • Open the tracker app and input your phone’s IMEI number.
  • Some trackers may require you to create an account or sign in.

Step 5: Track Your Phone

track imei code
  • Explore the app’s features as we discussed above, GPS Tracking, Geofencing, and Call and SMS Monitoring. 
  • Use these features wisely—whether you’re finding a lost phone, monitoring a loved one, or ensuring employee safety.

Step 6: Privacy and Security

  • Ensure the tracker encrypts data transmission and respects your privacy.

Step 7: React Swiftly

  • If your phone goes missing, log in to the tracker app.
  • Track its location, lock it remotely, or erase sensitive data if needed.

Limitations and Ethical Considerations

imei number tracking

While Phone Tracker by IMEI offers valuable tracking capabilities, it’s essential to consider its limitations and ethical implications. Privacy concerns may arise, especially when tracking individuals without their consent. Additionally, reliance solely on technology may overlook other aspects of personal safety and security.


Phone Tracker by IMEI provides a valuable tool for tracking the location of mobile devices in real-time. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the ability to monitor and ensure the safety of devices offers peace of mind in an increasingly connected world.


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