Supermarkets Are the Highest Industry Employers of 2023 in the United Kingdom

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 22, 2023   Update on : March 22, 2023

Highest Industry Employers

When you apply for a job, you want it to be something that you enjoy and/or can make you the greatest income to support yourself and your family. What is the most popular industry by employment in the United Kingdom?

According to IBISWorld, the supermarket industry employs the most people in the United Kingdom with 1,182,882 workers across all position types. Why are supermarkets the highest-employing industry in the United Kingdom? We will highlight different industry specifications to discover more in-depth information.

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UK Supermarket Industry Analysis

Between 2022 and 2023, the United Kingdom’s supermarket industry is expected to increase by 0.5% to a market size of £190.8 billion with the current market size being £188 billion.

With 18,821 supermarkets throughout the country, the highest performing ones such as Aldi, J Sainsbury, and Tesco need many part-time and full-time employees and managers to fulfill customer needs. From stocking store shelves to collecting trolleys every couple of hours, and to ringing out customer orders, much is needed to be done to run a supermarket.

Not Many Jobs Require a Higher Education Degree

A United Kingdom Skills and Employment Survey from 2012 displayed that 26% of the jobs on the market require that you have a degree in higher education from attending university. Hence, because of this low statistic, not many citizens feel the need to attend university if they can easily get an entry-level job after they have finished their schooling.

Working at a supermarket requires basic skills that anyone can learn just from going about daily life, attending school, and socializing with others in different settings. Skills required include:

  • Basic mathematics of addition and subtraction to give out change for customer cash transactions.
  • Social interaction and communication skills so you can help customers navigate the store to find merchandise.
  • Ability to lift or push up to 50 pounds when stocking shelves and collecting trolleys.
  • Knowledgeable of running various technologies to assist in daily tasks such as inventory guns, cash registers, etcetera.

Average Compensation for Supermarket Employees

Payscale states that the average Supermarket Department Manager makes about £27,240 annually, or $29,001.07. The person in this position watches over the success of a specific department in a supermarket to be sure it is running smoothly, maintaining sales projections, and staying well-stocked. Especially in larger supermarkets, each department will have its manager, including Produce, Frozen, Bakery, Grocery (or Dry Goods), Dairy, and others.

Cashiers make about £18,600 ($19,802.49) every year. Besides ringing out customer orders, Cashiers will be tasked with stocking small items in the checkout area during downtime, acting as a bagger for customer orders, or handling other tasks as needed when they do not need to be at the registers.

Retail Store Managers make £25,479 ($27,126.22) annually. Unlike Department Managers, Store Managers oversee the success of all departments instead of just one. They are a jack of all trades when on the sales floor, but they handle the most administrative work out of the entire employee and management team.

They are responsible for reconciling the books at the end of the week for the store, balancing the cash registers at the end of their shifts, and communicating with District Managers, secret shoppers, and other higher-ups in the company as needed.

Final Thoughts

Supermarkets are an important part of the United Kingdom’s successful economy as are grocery stores in many other countries worldwide. Do you work at a supermarket in the United Kingdom? Give your store a shout-out in the comments below!


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