What to Bring with You When You Are Travelling to Disneyland

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Travelling to Disneyland
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A good destination for you to try this summer is definitely Disneyland. Everything there is magical and special, and if you travel with kids, you will make their dreams come true. You don’t need a particular reason to visit Disneyland, you can take any occasion when you have time because it will fill you with happiness and bring out your inner child. They don’t call it the happiest place on earth for nothing, and it is an exciting idea for anyone to experience this place’s magic. Whether a once-in-a-lifetime experience or an annual trip, Disneyland is always a great destination.

As your trip approaches, you may ask yourself what to bring with you on your trip. And a part of making this adventure wonderful is to be prepared and pack the right things for you. So, keep reading to discover everything you need to add to your packing list!

Inspired outfits

Comfort is key when packing your outfits for Disneyland, and you must keep that in mind. Don’t try to style the cutest outfit you think of if it will make you uncomfortable all day. Try picking cosy but cute options, and check the weather before making your luggage. If you want to be comfortable all day you should choose a T-shirt made from breathable fabrics, and a pair of jeans. Try picking a T-shirt with a nice, inspired print from your favourite cartoon characters. For a more stylish outfit, you can opt for a simple white blouse  and a cute pink midi skirt or a light dress, and you will definitely look good in your pictures! If you are travelling with your entire family, you can try to have matching elements, and for example, you can wear the same print on your T-shirt, or transform your daughter into a princess and find her the perfect princess dress.

Don’t forget about accessories, as they will have an important part, especially if your outfit is simple. Choose a nice pair of sunglasses, a hat or ear headbands to make yourself part of the story.

Comfortable walking shoes

It is essential to wear comfortable walking shoes when going to Disneyland. You have to make sure you don’t pick the wrong ones because your feet will pay the price. Maybe you have no problem with your shoes at home, so you don’t think it matters that much which ones to select on this trip. But pay attention because you will be doing a lot of walking and standing on cement in line for an extended period, and by the end of the day, your feet will feel tired and sore. While choosing your shoes for Disney, it is good to keep in mind an inspired pair, which matches your outfit, but it is better to pack something practical to have your feet happy at the end of the day. You will typically stay between 10 to 14 hours there and can make ten miles of walking per day.

Theme Park Backpack

If you don’t have time to create lovely outfits or don’t find what you want, you can always improve your look with a backpack. And the good news is that many bags and backpacks have special forms or feature models of your favourite characters, like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Spider-Man, Snow White and many more.

Besides the look, you need to have a practical backpack, which allows you to store water bottles, snacks, and the souvenirs you will buy from there. If you don’t have many things to carry, or something big, you can choose a small backpack that can be worn over both shoulders to avoid getting in the way.


Since you will be spending the entire day in the sun, you must bring sunscreen to protect your skin and reapply it throughout the day. There is little shade in Disneyland, and you will not have where to hide from the sun. Come prepared, and don’t let your body get sunburnt as you want to enjoy your vacation!

Remember also to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes, or pack a large-brimmed hat, which will do the same job.

Phone or Camera

Bring your phone or camera on your trip, as you will make lots of photos to capture your memories. Keep in mind to bring small digitals only, as it will be challenging to carry the large ones all day. If your phone takes great pictures, you may want to leave your camera at home to avoid worrying about the possibility of getting broken or stolen. You will also use your phone to show your tickets and reservations or to look at the parks’ maps to see what adventure awaits you next. Don’t forget your portable charger, as your battery can die quickly.


Last but not least on your packing list are snacks. Disneyland allows you to take your own food in the park, which can be the best option when you are on a budget. You have the alternative to buy snacks there, in many places, but they can be expensive. Pack something quick and easy, like fruit or granola bars, to help you stay full in-between meals. You can also bring your lunch and dinner, but think of something ready to eat like sandwiches or fruits. The park has a picnic area where you can eat, relax for a bit and come back to your adventure. If you visit with your kids, take something sweet, too, as they will ask for it during the day. There are also many restaurant options, and if you don’t want to carry food with you, you can eat there.

Now that you have an idea of what to pack for your trip, it’s time for the adventure to start!

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