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You must be wondering what means when you encounter it while browsing your computer. It may look like some random numbers mixed up together but this numerical address represents a significant meaning to it. Let’s find out what it is and what its purpose is.

What is Mean?

Users often get a message including this code number during the development process. It seems like a peculiar code. It is an error code that appears in the time when it is unable to connect to the targeted machine’s port. This code consists of two parts.

  • ‘’ This is a special IP address used as a computer’s loopback address, also known as the localhost. This address is only used by the computer that you are working on. In other words, this standard part of the IP address allows your computer to communicate with itself internally.
  • ‘62893’ These digits serve as a port number. This port number is used to receive data from the original source. It is also used as a memory caching system, called Memcached.

What Are the Benefits of Using IP?

There are some benefits to mention of using the IP address.

  1. It is very time-efficient for application testing and web development.
  2. This helps in the debugging process and can detect any troubleshooting problems.
  3. It has full control over the testing process.
  4. There won’t be any need for an internet connection. So it will be safe to use.
  5. It is useful for blocking illegal websites or any kinds of harmful threats.

Differences Between Vs Regular IP Address 62893 is an older version of IP address (IPv4) which is a private address used for communication within a local network like a home or office. On the other hand, the regular IP address is the newer version (IPv6) which is used for different devices with broader internet, for example, (Google DNS). This allows it to be accessed globally.

How Does IP Address Work? 

After learning about what 62893 is, we need to know how this address works.

  1. An application that you installed on your device tries to connect with itself by using the localhost
  2.  The local host, as the destination, intends to connect with the same part on the same device. 
  3. The port number 62893 helps the operating system on your device to select which specific part should receive the data.

Role of in Web Development 

This address plays an essential role in web development. It makes web application tests easier for the web developer. It helps to find the error, and developers can resolve that error by testing before giving updates to live servers. This address will work like a small version of the internet on their device to test their websites before it is ready to be used officially.

Role of in Testing & Debugging 

This address allows the developers to test the application without the need for live servers. It also helps to find problems and makes the debugging process faster for better application performance. The developers can use this loopback for testing to see if the application works. 

What Safety Practices You Should Consider

Not protecting the port number (62893) from exposure can lead to many risks. If this port number is revealed to the public, anyone will try to access your server and look for information through this address. Also, many vulnerable hackers might hack your server, causing harm to the server and data loss. 

For safety, the port number should be kept while using this address. To prevent these problems, here are some methods mentioned below:

  1. Update your operating system regularly.
  2. Use tools like Nmap to open the port more securely.
  3. Turn on the firewall settings to secure it from any illegal access.
  4. Use regular audits required by law or Transport Layer Security (TLS) to identify all the irregularities.
  5. Use strong servers like VPNs to prevent any unauthorized access.
  6. Use encryption to protect your information over the network.
  7. Use IDS/ IPS to detect any illegal activity.

Error: Causes, Addressing, and Fixing

‘Disconnected from the VM, Address: 62893’; this error message might be displayed on the screen while doing something like debugging in VS code, which means that the debugger could not connect to the device with network issues. Let’s look into the reasons why this error occurred and how it can be fixed.

What Causes Error of

  1. Server problems like server overload, server timeout, server crash, etc are some of the main reasons for error.
  2. The tools (Firewalls or TLS) that block unwanted websites can cause this error. These tools can sometimes block necessary data from the port.
  3. Software bugs can also be another cause of the error. These bugs try to use the port (62893), which harms application development.
  4. Using the port for many applications together is another cause for this issue.
  5. If there is any problem shown in the loopback network connection, it can cause an error in the network.

How to Address the Issue of Error

When you figure out this error, 62893, your top priorities will be checking the application settings and its configuration to use the port, identifying the source of the error, checking that the other applications are not getting communication from the port (62893), checking the firewalls settings, etc.

Tools to Troubleshoot the Error

  1. Tools like Ping or Traceroute can be used to identify any problems.
  2. Using application logs can reveal misconfigurations or any failed connection routes. The logs can recognize the cause of the error to resolve it as quickly as possible.
  3. Nmap can scan the network and keep a record of the applications that are running on the server.
  4. Firewalls or application settings can help you to track the source of the error.
  5. Wireshark can be used for scanning the network.
  6. Netstat, Isof can identify the applications used in the port.

Tips to Solve the Problem of Error 

  1. Updating operating systems, and networks on your computer is an essential tip to prevent errors. This can help the application’s development fix the error quickly.
  2. Restarting the application is a simple solution to solve the error which is a time-efficient and easy method.
  3. Checking and adjusting network systems is another option to prevent errors. This can help you solve the misconfigurations that are causing problems with localhost communication. Adjusting firewall settings can also be a helpful tip. Checking and updating this setting occasionally can prevent necessary communication from being blocked from the port.
  4. Also, change the port number if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you are still facing the same issue with

Get help from professional developers or expert advisers. Contacting the technical support team to resolve the error of 62893 IP address can help you when you don’t know how to figure out the problem. They can provide you with solutions related to the issue. With the help of the experts, you will get rid of the issue quickly and safely.

Can error cause any security risk to the system?

Error 62893 will not cause any security risks to the system. But if your system has some irregularities, it can expose them. It can settle your system’s security without you knowing it. For this reason, it is best to resolve the error 62893.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, you got to know about this anonymous IP address ( and its reasons for using it to resolve many network related issues. Though it is an older version of IP address, it is the best in debugging, web development, and analyzing network issues for the designers, developers and software engineering field, without any doubt.


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