3 Pet Essentials for Proper Pet Care

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 14, 2023   Update on : February 14, 2023

Proper Pet Care

Pets rely on their owners to be mentally and physically healthy. Generally, your pet requires a big effort to ensure they receive the care they need. To have a pet is a lifelong commitment that requires both your time and resources. 

Pets become a member of the family, which means they will also be part of your expenses. There are necessities to be met to make your pet happy. To become a great fur parent, you must have some pet essentials for proper pet care.

1. Safe Shelter

Pets feel more secure in a setting wherein they are very well sheltered. It is best to keep them indoors to avoid harm and make them feel at ease. You may provide them a shelter where their needs are available, especially big beds for them to lay in and retreat into.

Practice Safety

Make sure that your pets are safe from hazards like vases and knives. Sometimes, pet owners’ carelessness could lead to their pets’ demise. Indoors, they can be safe by providing them fences to limit their movements around the house and avoid messing with harmful objects. 

Some owners go out of their way and provide cages for their pets to keep them when owners cannot watch after them and ensure their safety. 

Train Your Pets

It would be nice to train your pets to ensure that you and your pets are harmoniously living in the house. Pets are susceptible to letting their animal instincts work for them. This is why the more you have to ensure they know your rules and what shouldn’t be done in your home.

Keep Your Pets Entertained

Sometimes, you may be unable to give them the attention your pets need. Fortunately, you can keep your pets entertained by buying them toys that would also enhance their sense of individuality. There are toys for pets that will engage your pet and teach them to be wiser.

Also, there are toys like soundboards that help them learn to express what they feel as pets and encourage an interactive engagement of enhancing communication between the owner and pets.

2. Healthy Food

Your pets are not dolls that can survive without eating. Like humans, they need to get a proper diet that helps them get the right nutrients that their body needs to function and become lovely family members.  

Some pets are extremely active and sleep a lot. Either way, pets do every activity relative to their nutrient consumption. As an owner, you must know how much and which food they should intake to support their system fully. 

Also, the owner must know the food that their pets should and shouldn’t take. Careless choices of an owner can either cause a detrimental illness to your fur baby. Sometimes, this may lead to death. So, as an owner, you should be cautious of what to get for your pet.  

If confused, you can do your research or consult a veterinarian. But it should not just be about their food, but also the things they use when they eat. Make sure to keep this in mind when you buy dog supplies or for all pets in general.

Pet Utensils

Make sure to have clean food and water bowls for your pets. You may think you can use your old utensils for them to use. However, one must know that their utensils must not be of painted materials or easy to chip off. These kinds of items may be a gateway for bacteria. 

It would be better to purchase their utensils, preferably stainless steel. Generally, stainless steel is safe for pets since they are not painted, could be chipped off, which may mix in their food, and are easy to clean.

3. Hygiene Equipment and Necessities

Pets may not be fond of water, but it is essential to stay clean and prevent fleas from infesting their fur. Your pet must wash once in a while to help them ease heat during hot weather and at least keep their fur clean. Well, that’s unless you have a cat because cats can groom themselves.

Giving Your Pets Bath

Pets are susceptible to being infested with fleas in one way or another. It is important to know that fleas may also toll your pet’s health. This is why, as an owner, you must buy them soaps and shampoos that would relieve them or help them avoid getting pests like fleas.

Potty Training

Your pets also have their call of nature. If you are keeping your pets inside your home, training them in the proper place to relieve themselves is best. Pets relieve themselves mostly in sandy or grassy areas. This is why litter boxes are important, especially if you don’t like your pet to go outside. 

Litter Boxes

These poop catchers/collectors should be filled with a comfortable clump of clay or sand wherein your pets can bury their feces. Litter boxes must not be too high or too low for your pet. As an owner, you must know your pet’s height and select a litter box that caters to their size and prevents sand or clay from pouring out. 


A scooper is used to scoop feces from the box and keep the owner from touching their poop directly. Try buying scoopers that save you from scooping along the sand or clay of the litter box. This way, you don’t have to change or refill your sand or clay too often, saving you money.


Sometimes, your pet may not like to dig in its litter box. To avoid fixing up after their mess often, it is best to fix a mat below the litter box to catch sands and clays that were kicked off the box.

Make Your Pets Happy

If you’re planning to welcome a new fur member of the family, it is best to be equipped at all costs. Being prepared for your pets will give them a sense of security and welcome that they belong. 

Research what your pet needs and jot it down on a checklist. With this, it will be easier to know what will help you raise your pet properly. Also, don’t forget to check on your pet regularly to ensure they are in optimum health. 



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