5 Interesting Studies of Christmas

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5 Interesting Studies of Christmas
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Although we all have our family traditions or things that we would like to do during the Christmas season, there are many studies that are done professionally by Anthropology, History, and Theology studies and by enthusiasts who want to capture the spirit of Christmas celebrations worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, even Asian countries and people in the Middle East (especially the tourist areas) show genuine care to celebrate Christmas and become an important part of the celebration as they keep the festive mood the way they can. As they add traditional music and the children and parents combine Western and Eastern cultures, it becomes quite unusual and shows that Christmas has to be studied as the true wealth lies in multiculturalism.

5 Interesting Studies of Christmas

  1. The Christmas Tree Traditions.

When an average person thinks about Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is the Christmas tree decoration and the way how it can be set up, what toys or paper angels can be added, and more. According to the Britannica encyclopedia, things have started a long time ago in Germany where the paradise tree has been set up in homes on December 24, thus acting as a sign of Christian redemption. Now, if you have to compose an essay on Christmas tree traditions, consider checking TopEssayWriting as a great option to get things done on time and still have time for the festive season. Don’t forget to proofread your work with an expert!

  1. The History of the Advent.

Unfortunately, this aspect of Christmas studies is not often covered by the media in the United States or things become too complex as theology aspects are involved. Still, it acts as an important reminder about the role of Christmas and our traditions. If you take countries like Sweden, Germany, or Norway, you will see that people celebrate Advent with the help of special house decorations, calendars, and charity campaigns. It is also supported by the plethora of TV shows that also follow the festive Advent calendar!

  1. The Musical and Choral Christmas Traditions.

One of the most beautiful studies of Christmas is related to the choral traditions that can be heard all over the world. As far as the studies reveal, the English choral tradition is quite different if you compare it to Germany or even the United States. It’s an old dispute, yet the musical constituent of Christmas became global as of late and you can hear traditional melodies playing everywhere as both young and old enjoy them and sing along.

  1. The Christmas Food Traditions.

If there is one interesting study of Christmas, then it is definitely related to all the foods that are unique in each part of the world where Christmas is celebrated. Think about the famous roast goose, turkey, or gingerbread houses. Consider checking the Christmas Food and Feasting book by Madeline Shanahan, which also explores the history of Christmas foods and tells you a lot about the differences and the symbolic importance. Just like Christmas gifts, food during the evening and the Christmas morning meals play an important role worldwide, so it’s a great topic for studies!

  1. The Christmas Presents Changing Through Decades.

 Contrary to the popular belief, the presents given for Christmas have not always been about Sony Playstation or knitted sweaters and socks. The truth is that traditions have changed a lot through the decades. You can check the study that has been done in a  book by Deborah Heiligman that is called “Holidays Around The World: Celebrate Christmas With Carols, Presents, and Peace”. Indeed, when one takes a look at this study, we see that the role (and specifics) of presents for Christmas has changed quite a lot!

Anyone Can Add to Christmas Studies

While it’s always good to read about various Bible Christmas studies or explore specific traditions that may be relevant to a particular country, it’s also necessary to explore what you can contribute as a person or a researcher. If you are a college student, you may think about how your course and the things that you study can be helpful for the further expansion of Christmas studies. If you are a parent with a school child, consider exploring the Christmas traditions of your local community and creating a time capsule. Alternatively, you can start a Christmas blog and add to it each year as some things change while additional customs and interesting elements are being added all the time.


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