6 Tips and Tricks for Buying The Right Vape Atomizer

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 6, 2022   Update on : October 6, 2022

Vape Atomizer

Vaping is an excellent and affordable alternative to smoking. But you must have an up-to-the-task vape kit for the best experience. The vape atomizer is an essential part of your kit, in charge of heating the concentrate until it becomes vapour.

In this sense, the vape atomizer determines the vape quality you’ll be getting. A flimsy one may not heat the concentrate sufficiently, compromising the flavour and your ability to hit the highs quickly. But a premium quality one does the job satisfactorily.

With that in mind, below are six tips and tricks that can help you buy a suitable vape atomizer:

Right Vape Atomizer

1. Scrutinize The Quality Of Material And Design

Consider getting an atomizer with a sleek exterior design. Modern ones come in attractive designs that make you proud when carrying them. You wouldn’t want a dull one with no interesting features to look at. A colourful and curvy one shows your sense of style to the public and vaping crew. 

You’d want to pick those made from titanium or stainless steel, as they’re incredibly durable. Other materials of inferior quality may wear out very quickly, forcing you to replace them often. You may want to have a peek at the various atomizers in the market from top-tier suppliers and find one that fits your taste.

2. Look Into The Different Types Of Atomizers

There are three primary types of atomizers on the market, each with a unique function: 

Rebuildable atomizers: These come with a deck where you can rebuild your coil if you need to replace it. The varieties under this category include the rebuildable dripping atomizer and tank atomizer.

If you love vapes with more enormous clouds, you should try the rebuildable types. With this type, you can also modify the resistance of the coils, which is perfect for obtaining the desired throat hit. Moreover, you never risk getting dry hits with every joint you take.
Replaceable atomizers: These are preferred among vapers since you can change the oils to suit your vaping needs. However, they’re a bit costlier than disposable atomizers because they have a more robust and intricate build to allow you to replace the oils once the initial fill depletes.

Disposable atomizers: You can only use these once and dispose of them. They’re an excellent option if you’re new to vaping because they’re more affordable than replaceable or rebuildable atomizers. Moreover, no need to do complex cleaning and maintenance procedures, which you may not be well versed with as a beginner.
As you can see above, each kind of atomizer has merits and demerits. So, understand your vaping needs and pick the appropriate one.

3. Check Coil Resistance

Atomizers differ in properties like coil resistance, which dictates the amount and temperature of vapour they produce, the flavour quality, and the hit’s potency. Low-resistance atomizers with ratings below 2.2 ohms draw more current and produce gigantic clouds of high-temperature vapour. Their downside is draining and damaging the battery too quickly.

Furthermore, the intense heat leads to a quicker failure of these devices. Thus, if longevity is your primary concern, purchasing high-resistance atomizers would help.

4. Consider How Frequently You Change Flavours

Since an atomizer is responsible for holding your e-liquid, it should at least be robust, especially if you frequently change flavours. For instance, if you’re using an e-juice with fruity flavours interchangeably, an atomizer with low corrosion resistance will have a shorter lifespan because of the acidic content in such flavours. 

On the other hand, if your vape juice contains vegetable glycerin content, your atomizer will become too sticky and challenging to handle. In this case, an atomizer made from stick-resistant material should suffice. 

5. Examine How Long You Vape

If you vape for a long time, you should use an atomizer that can only accommodate medium or low wattage. This way, your atomizer will have very little wear and tear. Also, if you vape regularly, you must expect less and less productivity with your atomizer as you continue using it. Thus, only purchase one with the capability of handling regular use.

6. Compare Prices

Budgeting is essential, even for hobbies like vaping. Vape atomizers have an extensive price, and you’d want to purchase one that won’t strain you financially. If you factor in the quality issue, you may want to order a budget-friendly one. Compare prices from different vape stores and pick the best value for money.


A vape atomizer determines the amount of vapour produced from the e-juice, temperature, and flavour. These factors subsequently determine the intensity of the throat hit. So, it’d help to be extra cautious when buying a vape atomizer. Other than functionality, it also helps to consider other factors like durability and aesthetics. All in all, with a suitable vape atomizer, your vaping hobby will be more satisfying.


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