7 Top Qualities of A Good Interviewer

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   January 9, 2023   Update on : January 9, 2023

Good Interviewer

A successful interview depends on the qualities of an interviewer. An interview is considered a good one when the interviewer asks rational and intelligent questions. From the posture of an interviewer to his communication and intelligence, everything is important for a good interview. It is very important to know about the person and his or her work before interviewing that person. Coming up with a series of vague questions or limited knowledge about the person or topic can ruin the whole interview. The interviewer needs to be calm and confident. Being neutral and extroverted during an interview is also very important.

Let’s see some top qualities of a good interviewer.

  1. Knowledge about the interview:

The interviewer should have adequate knowledge about the person and the topic of the interview. Taking an interview is not an easy task without having good knowledge about the matter. You can’t appear with an empty head and some vague questions.

  1. Listen more, talk less:

Good interviewers are good listeners. They talk less and listen more. If the interviewer talks more than the interviewee, it will be difficult to know about the person. Listening is important for a better evaluation. An interview can be ruined if the interviewer talks more than listen.

  1. Being neutral:

The interviewer must be unbiased and emotionally mature. He/she should ask logical questions. Being neutral is an essential quality of a good interviewer.

  1. Being extrovert:

Being an extrovert is a must for a good interviewer. This quality helps an interviewer to create a positive atmosphere during the interview. The conversation becomes fruitful if the interviewer is an extrovert.

  1. Being energetic:

A good interviewer always looks very energetic. He/she puts a lot of effort to pull out the best in the interviewee. An enthusiastic attitude gives an interviewer enough confidence to hold a good interview.

  1. Confidence:

An interviewer must be a confident person. This is one of the basic qualities of a good interviewer. If the interviewer does not have enough confidence, he/she won’t be able to conduct a successful interview.

  1. Quick thinking:

An interviewer should have enough ready wit to manage any situation during an interview. The ability to think quickly and taking the right decision is very essential for holding a good interview.



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