8 Negative Effects of Gadget Use

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 17, 2022   Update on : October 17, 2022

Effects of Gadget

With the advancement of science and technology, we have become kind of dependent on several gadgets. There is no doubt that gadgets have made our life easier than in previous times. But, have you ever realized what happens when you do excessive use of electronic devices? There are endless negative effects of overusing gadgets. Let’s see some of them.

  1. Fatigue:

People become lazy when he/she uses gadgets excessively. You will enjoy it when you start seeing a movie or playing games on a device. But after a certain period of time your eyes and body will be tired of seeing the same thing for hours. People often suffer from back pain as they sit for a long time to use gadgets. Normal physical activities are hampered badly due to the excessive use of gadgets. If one wants to become physically fit, he/she should avoid the reckless use of electronic devices.

  1. Insomnia:

Sleep is very important for human beings. People, who watch movies, play games, or do any other activities on mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. suffer from insomnia as they have become used to gadgets before or while going to sleep. Eye strain, redness, blur vision, and many other eye-related problems are experienced due to the irresponsible use of gadgets. The overuse of gadgets is cutting one’s sleeping time causing several physical and mental illnesses. The practice of staring at electronic devices disrupts the normal cycle of sleep and walking.

  1. Increase stress:

People, who use gadgets for a long time, often get stressed as they remain involved and busy in one place. You need fresh air, friends, nature, and many other things to cut down your stress and anxiety. There is hardly any scope to go outside and enjoy nature for a gadget freak person. Such stress in life can affect the heart, mental health, sleep, and emotion of human beings.

  1. Obesity:

Gadgets make people lazy and fat as they hardly move here and there. Obesity is a common problem among gadget freak people. Many people enjoy having snacks, chips, fizzy drinks, etc. while watching TV or playing games. It may lead one to extreme obesity. However, there is nothing but physical activities and a healthy lifestyle can keep you healthy. You must limit the use of gadgets if you want to stay well.

  1. Gadgets hijack your quality time:

Nowadays, people remain very busy with their daily tasks. Moreover, the excessive use of gadgets hijacks your bonding time with your family and friends. You should pass quality time with your near ones to create better memories instead of wasting your time on gadgets. Also, you can unveil new things by visiting new places. And you can gear up and go on a trip with your family. But if you remain busy with gadgets all day you will be deprived of the quality time you could have passed with your near and dear ones.

  1. Reading habit:

Reading books are well appreciated by all. It is said that books are the storehouse of knowledge. But, excessive use of gadgets kills your reading habit. People spend hours on social media but they are very reluctant to read books. It puts a very negative impact on a person as well as society. Smartphones, laptops, and other devices have taken the place of books. As a result, the practice of art, culture, literature, and so on is being seriously hampered. Next time you should think twice before spending time on gadgets instead of picking up a good novel book.

  1. Impact on children:

Children become the worst suffers of excessive use of gadgets. Children become addicted to gadgets very easily. But it is very harmful to them. So their parents and guardians should take immediate steps to save their kids. Children lose their concentration when they use gadgets for a long time. Moreover, regular use of gadgets makes the kids less active and playful. Lower academic performance and negative behavior are common among those children who continuously use gadgets. The eyes of the children get irritated and loss of vision is often occurred due to the excessive use of gadgets by them. Browsing online can be dangerous for kids as everything on the internet is not safe.

  1. Social isolation:

People can’t live alone but gadget freaks prefer to stay alone. As a result, they become isolated socially. You may lose social interaction and friends due to the overuse of technology, especially gadgets. Also, you need someone to share your feelings with. You can’t share your likings and dislikes with an electronic device. And you must cut the unnecessary use of gadgets to get rid of loneliness and mental depression. If you become addicted to mobile phones or laptops, you might be at risk of losing your connection with other people around you.


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