8 Tricks to Spot High-Quality Clothes

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 14, 2023   Update on : February 14, 2023

how to spot high quality clothes

Fast fashion has grown popular over the years, and people have forgotten what it’s like to shop for good quality clothing with classic designs. Since fashion has been a big influence, people buy seasonal clothes despite the poor quality. If you are a person who values quality, you might have trouble looking for decent clothing.  

Investing in good quality clothes is a must, and if you want to know how to spot one, follow these tricks. You can guarantee that your future purchases will be of the highest quality, and you will never return to bad-quality clothes again.

1. Check the Hem

Good quality clothes have hems that are sewn. Most trousers and skirts should have a 4 cm hem, while shirts should have a 2 cm hem. You may check the hems when you shop for clothes, and you’ll notice the quality immediately.  

If the hem is sewn without a three or four centimeters space, then the item is not high-quality. Choose clothes that have stitched and sturdy hems. You can guarantee that your clothes won’t fall apart even when you use them multiple times.

2. Make Sure the Zipper is Good Quality

Zippers make or break a clothing item, and if you want to know if a shirt or pants you want to buy is of great quality, check the zippers. One rule in the fashion industry is to have zippers of the same length. It would be odd if the clothes’ zippers were different lengths since they won’t close all the way. 

Another thing about zippers is that they should be the same color as the clothes. It doesn’t look appealing if your zippers stand out because it has different colors, except for metal hardware. Gold and silver hardware go with any colored shirt or trousers. 

3. Check the Buttons and Buttonholes

When choosing clothes to buy, check the buttons and buttonholes. Fast fashion clothes have weak buttons that would easily pop off. Avoid these types of clothing if you want to look chic and put together. You may think the clothes are in fashion now, but you’ll look cheap if buttons are missing or threads from buttonholes are showing.  

Buttons should be sturdy and aren’t easy to pull off a clothing item. The buttonhole should be sewn everywhere, and you can easily check these out. You may also feel the thread thickness used for the buttons and buttonholes to ensure you choose the right clothes to buy.

4. See if the Stitches Are Good

You don’t want your clothes ripping in public or the stitching undone. You always want to look classic and clean, but buying clothes that are not sewn properly will give you the opposite. 

Always check the stitches first if you’re about to invest in clothing items. The clothing is a good choice if the stitches are well-done and look sturdy while following the hem rules. You should not buy the item if you see the stitches falling apart and ripping.

5. Spot a Good Leather Product

It would be best to pay great attention to detail when buying leather goods. Cheaper brands can market their leather items as authentic by recreating the scent of leather. But you could do a few things to ensure you’re buying real leather.  

To check for good quality leather, always find the label and see if the leather is 100% grain or full grain. These two are the highest quality leather that won’t easily wear and tear. Though they are also the most expensive leather, you’d be investing money in great quality clothing and accessories. 

Faux leather is the lowest quality and will easily break. If you’re going to spend money on leather goods, opt for those, as mentioned earlier, instead of faux leather. Generally, if a company claims its items are genuine leather, they might be fake. Ensure you feel it and see it yourself before purchasing.

6. Feel the Fabric

Fabrics play a huge part in knowing what great-quality clothing is like. You should feel the fabric and see if the fabric is thick enough. Most cheap clothes look a bit see-through and will easily tear in the washer. If the fabric feels thick yet comfortable, then it’s good-quality fabric. 

Also, check if the fabric feels cheap, like nylon. Many companies claim their clothes are cotton or satin, but when you touch them, the texture is off. Eyeing clothes is not enough, so ensure you feel them as you check the hems, the sewing technique, and the buttons.

7. Check the “Made In” Label

Most fast fashion clothes are mass-produced, which is not a good thing. Mass-produced clothing will easily tear apart. Many countries love to copy clothes from big brand names and sell them for cheaper. These companies are getting smarter, so you should always know where to buy your clothes.  

Remember, the highest-quality cashmere clothing is mostly made in Scotland. Other high-quality clothing brands come from Europe, and Japan-made denim is the best. You should always be mindful of these details to know if a clothing item is of great quality. 

8. Only Buy High-Quality Cotton Clothes

Buying 100% cotton clothes doesn’t mean it’s made out of 100% cotton, especially if the clothes are cheaper. If you want to invest in good-quality clothing, you may do a little trick to check for quality.  

First, tightly grip the cloth for a few seconds. 100% cotton clothes will have little to no wrinkling, while treated fabrics will wrinkle once you release the clothing from your grasp. Poor-quality cotton will wear out immediately. Generally, it will wear and tear only after a few washes, so you should avoid clothing like those.

Shop the Best Quality Clothes!

Shopping for clothes should be fun and therapeutic too! But, with fast fashion rising and the quality of the clothes depleting, you may end up unsuccessful if you don’t know how to look. But these tips and tricks will help you quickly spot a good-quality clothing item!



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