AtlasVPN Review: A Complete Guide, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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AtlasVPN Review

For our daily life web browsing and surfing, it is recommended to have with you a solid VPN. These VPNs should meet all the criteria to meet your demands. AtlasVPN is one of the best VPNs in the business today. People enjoy watching their preferred Movies and television shows without leaving their comfort zones. 

Most of the time, the content one requires is unavailable on their area’s streaming platforms. That is because of the geo-restrictions and other hindering policies. This VPN is a flexible solution that offers you top-notch security and reasonable speeds. If you are looking for a Virtual Private Network to unlock all the geo-blocked sites, we have an easy solution for you. In this article, we will review a simple method for unblocking all the banned websites.

Despite being one of the most recent additions to the global VPN family, AtlasVPN is among the top service providers available. It provides matchless features when it comes to fast streaming. This review will assist in gaining access to numerous streaming libraries from well-known streaming services. The popular libraries of NetflixDisney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Hulu can be unblocked. To enjoy these services, you need to alter the location of the server you want to connect to. 

The streaming speed provided by this VPN is reasonably competitive. Although it is not one of the oldest in the business, its popularity continuously increases. Moreover, the service provider offers a Media-Streamer utility. There won’t be any lags or buffering because the servers are configured for streaming content. Since it supports high-quality streaming, you can watch a video that isn’t grainy. You can continue to be anonymous online by using a mobile VPN.

It is achieved by concealing your IP address. You may watch your favorite shows without constraints with the premium plans because they do not have any bandwidth restrictions. Using a VPN is a very effective way to unlock various sites. Usually, these restrictions are implied by the government or cybercrime authorities. Their goal is to keep the audience in a particular area on the web. Due to the vast collection of content on these websites, we need to open them. That’s why a virtual private network assists us in a significant way.

Visit to see the all features of Atlas VPN.

FeaturesAtlas VPNCyber Ghost VPNHotspot ShieldProton VPNExpress VPN
4k Streaming ServiceYesNoYesNoYes
24/7 Customer SupportYesYesYesNoYes
Unlimited DevicesYesNoNoNoNo
Wire-Guard ProtocolYesYesNoYesNo
Email Protection EnabledYesYesNoNoNo
Price in EUR1.752.037.994.997.05

Pros of AtlasVPN?

Unlike other older services, its subscription plans are very affordable. You can enjoy limitless streaming without breaking the bank. The pricing is kept minimum to attract a maximum audience. Moreover, the speed of the servers is excellent.

What are the Free Features of AtlasVPN?

As you know that the free features are always limited. There are always some drawbacks associated with free apps. You must switch to premium if you want limitless access to the locations, servers, and websites. Furthermore, the free versions could be safer. There are minimal data breach monitors available for you. Your privacy is highly compromised, but your anonymity is maintained correctly. With the free version, you may use up to 3 locations. 

In the premium plan, there are limits to data usage. In the free plan, the monthly limit is set to 5GB. Fortunately, the bandwidth is still unlimited. You are not going to face any issues regarding your security because it has military-grade encryption. That means your browsing and downloading are safe and private. This is the first time anyone will ever know what use has been taken from this service. Complete maintenance of privacy is ensured. Additionally, there are unlimited connections that can be used simultaneously. 

What are the Premium Features of AtlasVPN?

The premium features of this VPN are impressive. Unlike the 3 servers of the free version, it gives you access to more than 750 servers. All of which are working with fantastic speed. Unlike the free version, there are no lags or other related issues while using this service, where only 3 locations are enabled. Here you can get access to more than 45 locations. Operating this VPN is straightforward. The servers are highly optimized for streaming. Moreover, privacy is of high level because the data breach monitors are enabled.

The browsing is safe and secure, and the speed of it is better than the original free status. The unlimited simultaneously active connections feature is also available with the premium plan. With its military-level protection of the data, you can rest assured that your privacy will be maintained. The servers are enabled with pro-privacy features that mean more efficiency in data security. In the free version, the admins respond slowly to the queries of the users, and here it is not the issue. They have proposed 24 hours live support service for all the premium users. 

If you face any problem with the VPN, the service providers will get to you instantly, as advertised. Another critical thing to mention is that the software is compatible with smartphones. You can use this VPN service if you want to watch Movies and TV Shows on Android TV and Fire TV, two of the most popular clients. Moreover, the service is completely compatible with Linux, another operating system. It works smoothly on all these operating systems. The servers enable their users to go as fast as 10Gbps speed.

What are the Drawbacks of AtlasVPN?

As compared to its benefits, the cons associated with it are fewer. The biggest drawback is that you can not use this VPN as an extension in your browser. It will disrupt your experience as you must go through its app separately every time. Browser extensions are a great way to instantly launch a service required at a particular time while browsing online. 

Another major con is that this VPN has a relatively minor network of servers compared to its competitors. It is because it is a relatively newer application in the market, and a specific time will be required to attain its height. In the modern era, VPNs have become mandatory applications for every other user. It should be improved regularly to deal with all the problems on the web. 

At the time of writing, Atlas VPN has three premium plans that vary according to their features and duration. All these plans have a money-back guarantee, so there is no need to worry. 

Plan 1: $11.99/month 

Plan 2: $2.05/month for 2 Years in just $49.21 for the first two years (save up to 83%).

Plan 3: $3.29/month for 1 Year in just $39.42 for the first year only (save up to 73%)

If you are not interested in purchasing any of the packages mentioned above, you can use this service for Free. It has limited features, but you can test the quality via free service. 

Check the price

Free users can get access to only a few locations:

  1. Los Angeles, US.
  2. New York, US.
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

To request a refund, contact their support team, which will assist you further. 

Note: The request will be considered invalid if more than 30 days are passed. If you put in a request within the first 30 days, 100 percent money will be returned to you. 

What are the Protocols of AtlasVPN?

There are two types of protocols offered by Atlas VPN.

  • IP-Sec/IKEv2 (AES-256/ChaCha20)
  • Wire Guard protocol 

This VPN offers IP Leak protection services along with DNS and Web-RTC spill security.

Furthermore, it has successfully passed two impartial security examinations. The Android security audits have declared it safe and legal. At the same time, it is also a certified service for iOS device users. VerSprite’s Cyber security experts examined its iOS app and gave positive feedback. It is why despite being younger than its competitors, its popularity is hiking immensely. Its application for Windows was investigated by the MD-Sec service, and it was approved.

AtlasVPN Privacy Policy Review

According to their on-paper privacy policy, they ensure the complete anonymity of the users’ data. The browsing history is kept hidden even though the admins say they can not access it. I have yet to test their claim, but according to many other experts, their service is excellent. They claim that they do not save the surfers’ data at all. This thing favors the users as there will be no legal consequences afterward. 

They say in their privacy statement that the data is so massive they can’t keep it. As a result, even if law enforcement requires it, they cannot give such information because they still need to possess it. This whole story is referred to as NO-LOGS Policy. Atlas VPN is a US-based company that declares that they do not access its user’s data. All browsing activities are kept private. 

Furthermore, the IPs assigned and browsing history records are also kept anonymous. There is no way to view the original IP. The outgoing traffic and the data processed are also inaccessible. You can rest assured that your visited sites will not be revealed. Additionally, the content you stream or download is kept undercover. 

How is the Customer’s Support of AtlasVPN?

As mentioned earlier, the customer service and support center is accessible 24/7 if you have a premium membership plan. It is fulfilled via a live conversation system. Here you can talk with the agents available every minute of the day. If you are a Free app user, you can email your queries. It will take a while, but the response will surely satisfy you.


You will be happy to know that the customer service representatives reply quickly. They provide detailed, understandable information. Furthermore, you can tour their Help Center, where most questions are already answered. The solution to the popular questions is available for the users. 

All the answers are written in simple language. If you’re a newbie, this is the place to go first. You will find all the installation guides and instructions to operate the app. All the new customers are suggested to visit the ‘How to get started’ section of the Help Center. 

AtlasVPN Streaming Experience. Is AtlasVPN fast?

Because they depend on such a wide range of variables, VPN speeds are a complex problem. Atlas VPN is quite impressive in terms of streaming performance. This VPN’s compatibility with various streaming providers allows you to watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies without interruptions. It makes it a good partner while traveling. It means there will be no buffering whatsoever. It will allow you to practice private streaming without any limitations. 

If you use a VPN to stream content online, your experience is highly private. Furthermore, your credentials will be kept anonymous. You will rest assured that no one is monitoring your moves online. ISPs may be prevented from analyzing your behavior. In this way, you will also be kept safe from hackers and other malicious factors. The quality of streaming is sustainable, and the speed is very high. 

Streaming-optimized servers take care of buffering, delays, and other problems. They are specially built for this purpose; hence their output is commendable. Thus, you can control your preferred source without cursing the service providers.

AtlasVPN Servers Review

Currently, Atlas VPN has over 750 servers spread over 40+ regions worldwide. Furthermore, unlimited bandwidth and server swapping are offered, which will enhance your experience with the app. The countries in which it operates are listed below for your thorough checkup. 

BrazilDenmarkCzech RepublicChile
FranceGermanyHong KongHungary
NorwayNew ZealandNetherlands (Free)Mexico
United StatesArgentina  

Payment methods for buying AtlasVPN Subscription

You can purchase an AtlasVPN subscription via various payment methods. The procedure to buy a particular package is straightforward. Even international users can easily buy plans online. Primary payment methods enabled are listed below:

  1. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMFX, American Express, and more)
  2. Google Payment Service (G-Pay)
  3. PayPal
  4. Cryptocurrency
  5. QIWI

Final Words about AtlasVPN: 

With the help of this client, you can access various streaming libraries from well-known streaming services. AtlasVPN is one of the best service providers out there, despite being one of the newest members of the global VPN family. When it comes to fast streaming, it offers unmatched features. Most of the time, local streaming services do not offer the content a user is looking for. That is a result of geo-restrictions and other restrictive laws. 

This VPN is a versatile option with first-rate security and acceptable speeds. This review will help you if you’re looking for a virtual private network to unblock all the geo-blocked websites. It is possible to properly unblock the well-known libraries of Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. All you have to do to use these services is change the server’s location to that you want to connect to. Your IP address is hidden to accomplish this. 

The premium plans do not have any bandwidth restrictions, so you may watch your favorite shows without any restrictions. A VPN is an efficient approach to opening up different websites. Governmental or cybercrime agencies frequently establish these limitations. Their objective is to keep the audience at a specific web location. These websites must be opened due to the extensive content they contain. Because of this, using a virtual private network to help us is a terrific idea. You can see also the Top 12 Exclusive VPN Services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, almost every central operating system can run its application. This VPN service is certified by many legal authorities, such as VerSprite and MDSec.

Yes, the app is free, but there are always some limitations in the accessible version of such software. To avoid any inconvenience, you should buy an affordable subscription. 

This VPN does not target a specific audience; anyone can take advantage of it. It will help a user in several ways. Whether it is streaming or unblocking geo-restricted content, this review is going to work for you efficiently.

Yes, it provides support to its premium as well as free users. The free customers can hit them up using the email we mentioned earlier. The premium plan users can see the direct customer support section in case of any problem. Furthermore, the help center is built where the frequently Asked Questions are listed with proper answers.

Yes, it gives you a money-back guarantee, but you must claim it within thirty days of purchasing. After that, the company will not entertain you, and your request will be abolished.

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