Things You Need to Know Before Going on a Blind Date

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Blind Date

Hello love birds! If you are looking for someone in your life, this article will definitely help you fulfill your desire. Many people around us are introvert. They hardly talk to their friends or sometimes they are too shy to tell someone about their feelings. A blind date can be a good possibility for them. Blind date is not a date where you need to be blind. A blind date is to date a person for the very first time without knowing much about him/her. Both have a vague idea about one another, including basic preferences for food, entertainment, and activities that may be a part of the date. You must know what to do and what not do on a blind date. Finding basic information about the person prior to an arranged date is a must to do. Let’s see what preparation one should take before a blind date.

Start your date nicely:

If you are looking to start a romantic conversation with someone that you don’t know well, make the conversation cute rather than creepy. Try to be nice to him/her. A great way to make someone feel something romantic is to genuinely make them feel special. Find a way to make someone feel like he or she is the only person you have any interest in speaking to and the romance may find its way into a conversation on its own.

Be yourself:

A relationship can never last long with fakeness. You need to be yourself. Do not try to tell a lie to your partner on a blind date. If you get involved in relationship your lie will be unearthed for sure. Don’t pretend to be someone for him/her what you are not actually. Remember, at the end of the day, you creating a relationship of love, happiness, patience, trust and feelings. These things do not exist in a relationship of fakeness. So, be confident, be yourself.

What to Wear on Your Blind Date:

A decent and sober gesture is always accepted by any new person to your life. The dress on your blind date depends on the time of year and venue of your date. Colorful dresses are the most common during summer and day time. On the other hand, many people choose dark-colored dresses during evening and night time.

Observe body language:

You can observe the body language of him/her within few minutes of your first meet. You can judge the other person from his/her body language. But, don’t be judgmental. You will get a signal from the other person’s body language about his/her feelings about you. You might have had a video chat before but the first face to face meeting will definitely indicate so many effects. Try to observe them carefully. An eye contact is very important on a blind date. One’s body language shows that how much he/she is interested to the other person.

Be a good listener:

A blind date is full of excitement and some nervousness. But let not these two factors ruin your date. You need to talk sensibly at the very first meeting. There is no problem to crack a joke or share your feelings. But, do not be a talkative person. You should give him/her room to speak. You must listen to the other person. Do not be impatient to talk more and more. You will get to know more about your company if you listen to him/her more.

Don’t be late:

Don’t reach late at the place of your date. First expression is the best expression. You shouldn’t keep a person waiting for you at a place where he/she is expecting you. Manage your time properly. Try to be stress-free, calm and punctual. Be on time or try to be there before time. If you are late, it will give a negative impression to your beloved one.

Try to spend quality time:

If you really want to be with someone for a long time or for the rest of your life, you will have to spend quality time with him/her. Don’t rush or panic on your date. You can take some flower or chocolates with you to impress him/her. Try to concentrate on the person for whom you have come. Don’t look here and there. You can ask the other person for any food or a coffee. You will get more time to spend with him/her.

However, love at very first sight is very rare but not impossible. Don’t ruin a date before it starts. Your blind date should be a day to remember for the whole life. Wish you all the very best for your date.


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