Body Jewelry – How to Choose, Where to Buy

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 1, 2023   Update on : April 4, 2023

Buying jewelry is not easy, especially if you want to buy body jewelry. The most important thing before you buy is knowing the exact measurement and material you should go for. Many people are allergic to specific metals, so you must be careful when choosing body jewelry.

In this guide, we will tell you about the best body jewelry and the different kinds of metals that you should go for depending on your skin type.

What is Body Jewelry – How is it Different from Other Jewelry?

A couple of years ago, only wearing a ring, necklace, and bracelets were considered part of the jewelry. But now times have changed things are not the same as they were. Now piercing is the most trending jewelry and fashion type.

People love to pierce their eyebrows, tongue, belly, and nipples to look extraordinary and different from other people. The pierced body requires a different type of jewelry, which we will discuss later. Choosing the right piece of piercing jewelry is a pretty complex task, and many people are not even reasonably well aware of the term such jewelry.

If you need clarification about the difference between ordinary jewelry and body jewelry, don’t be because there is no rocket science behind it. Typically jewelry is referred to as rings, earrings, chains, etc., visible on your body and gives a decent look.

On the other hand, body jewelry is the type that is not visible which you wear under your clothes or pierce your private parts to wear jewelry. Simply, it seems taboo to other people and doesn’t look natural.

For example, if you pierced your tongue and wore a tongue bar, it would not look normal to most conventional people.

Which Type of Metal is Best for Body Jewelry?

Here are a few metals that are widely used for crafting body jewelry. So have a look and select what works best for you.

1. Stainless Steel

Steel containing low carbon level or 316L is considered the best jewelry raw material. And it is mainly used for crafting body jewelry items like tongue bars, nipple bars, etc. For years since piercing fashion started taking place over usual jewelry fashion, 316LVM has been preferred as the most suitable raw material for new piercing use.

2. Titanium

Using titanium to create body jewelry is one of the best and most expensive sources. Body jewelry made with titanium is lightweight and doesn’t cause skin infections.

The best thing about titanium is that it reflects different shades of light due to bright light. Using titanium jewelry consistently in a row will eventually fade its color, so only use it for a short time if necessary.

3. Gold

Although gold is shiny metal and the symbol of high class, using this as the piercing jewelry material could be better. It can cause infection. Wearing a gold ring or bracelet is not bad, but wearing it as body jewelry is not a good idea until you can only afford the pure 14K gold.

Using 14K of pure gold is acceptable in many cases, but if the gold is alloyed with other metals like bronze, copper, or rose gold it can damage your skin.

Top Trending Body Jewelry Designs

You should have enough ideas to select the body jewelry material. Now it is time to select what type of body jewelry you want according to the trend.

1. Belly Button Rings

Miniature diamond belly button rings work best for your earrings, depending on the size you select for your face type. We think belly button rings are the most attractive. Both have one or two enclosures to make opening and closing more leisurely. You won’t stand a chance if you fix rings to the flat helix and industrial points.

2. Labrets

Think of them as studs for your body. They are much easier for earrings but a bit strange for your belly button. However, you could ask your partner if they enjoy fiddling with them more than the ring. Only the industrial point won’t go with Labrets.

3. Bars

The bar has many ends you can embellish with your choice of pearls or diamonds. If you want them curved, these are also available. Bars only complement industrial and nipples, whereas curved ones complement a rook or a navel point.

From Where You Should Buy the Body Jewelry

So far, we have covered what material you should use to select the body jewelry and what are the top trending styles of body jewelry. But now you might be confused about where to buy body jewelry.

The best thing is to visit the nearby shop in your downtown and select the body jewelry according to your desire and taste. Furthermore, it will be a more comfortable way to purchase your body jewelry if you buy it for the first time.

But if you want body jewelry from an online store, you should take care of a few things before making an online purchase.

Things to Know Before You Buy it Online

1. Before you make an online purchase, you must ensure that the jewelry you buy is internally threaded and will not hurt or burn your skin. Body jewelry should be easy to wear and remove without hurting your skin. Also, pay close attention to the metal farm of your body jewelry.

2. Only buy body jewelry from a trusted seller or website with plenty of good reviews, and be aware of fake reviews. Many sellers intend to show the item’s fake image just to generate sales.

3. You must be vigilant if you order body jewelry from an online store. Before you select any jewel, you have to confirm the size and dimension of the jewel. In case you don’t know, many online sellers have installed the measuring guide. So go through the guide first.


Getting a piece of body jewelry is not a piece of cake, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terms, measurements, and material. This article gives you the best possible guide related to the body jewel, how you can buy it, and the essential things you should look for.


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