Bruce Springsteen mourns his mother upon her death

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   February 2, 2024   Update on : February 2, 2024

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen along with his mother. Photo: Screengrab

American rock singer Bruce Springsteen’s mother, Adele Zerilli Springsteen, has died at age 98, the musician confirmed on social media.

Bruce Springsteen announced in an Instagram post on Thursday that his mother Adele died on Wednesday in a heartfelt tribute on social media.

The family did not reveal the cause and other details behind the deaths immediately, but Springsteen said in 2021 that her mother had been struggling with Alzheimer’s disease for a decade. She was not able to speak or stand.

Adele was the longtime legal secretary, musical muse, and concert dance partner. She had captured countless hearts in her son Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Nation and beyond.

The mother of three  was a cornerstone of Bruce Springsteen’s anthem “American Land,” which honors “The McNicholases, the Posalskis, the Smiths, Zerillis too.”

According to Rolling Stone magazine, video evidence of Adele rocking out onstage with Bruce dates back to 1992.

Singer Bruce commemorated his late mother by sharing lyrics from his 1998 song, “The Wish”. The song was dedicated to the sacrifices his mother made. A video of the musician dancing with his mother to swing music was included in the post.

He also shared his mother’s birthday and the day she died, writing “Adele Springsteen – May 4, 1925-January 31, 2024”.

In the Instagram post, he said he remembers in the morning mom hearing her alarm clock ring. “I would lie in bed and listen to you getting ready for work, and the sound of your makeup case on the sink.”

According to Today, when the show returned to Broadway in 2021, Springsteen told his audience that his mother had been living with Alzheimer’s disease for 10 years when she was 95.

She lost her husband, Bruce’s father Douglas in 1998. The survivors include their daughters, Pamela Springsteen and Virginia Shave.


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