What Future Holds For Work: Ways Al Changes The Landscape Of Employment

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can ai replace human beings

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However, computers and modern technology have not been limited to applications in the field of entertainment. You can learn more about modern high technology at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_tech.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Today’s global industry is experiencing roboticization involving artificial intelligence. This aspect scares many people into losing their jobs, but that’s untrue. While robots were recently used mainly in labor professions, today, things have changed, and you can often see artificial intelligence in information systems. Artificial intelligence is not just a robotic machine; it can reason and analyze, which equates it to human resources in the employment market.

You don’t have to worry about job losses, although they will happen eventually. After all, the emergence of new technologies always leads to such changes. However, many other professions and jobs will appear, so global unemployment should not be feared. It will mainly be used for routine operations. Employees will be left with more complex tasks that require creativity and an unconventional approach to performance https://www.britannica.com/technology/artificial-intelligence.

What Professions Could Be Transformed By The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will influence and replace people in specific industries. Here is a list of the most vulnerable professions:

  • The AI will be able to replace customer service managers. The algorithm of customer management is relatively easy; in addition, it is quite capable of mastering the answers to the questions that are asked most often. Another advantage is its ability to work 24/7 without needing a break. In addition, it does not have the emotional instability that is common to some people. According to studies, young people prefer chatting with chatbots more often than with real managers. But the work of AI in this particular area still needs to be controlled by humans.
  • Bookkeeping and data entry are also most often the responsibility of machines. Necessary data has long been entered into the computer automatically, which saves time and human resources. In addition, the information that the machine enters is most often more accurate and timely.
  • Receptionists, too, can quickly be replaced by machines. They have voice recognition, filter calls, and voice messages, and provide technical support to customers. In addition, they can arrange return calls and deliver relevant information to customers.
  • Text corrector – artificial Intelligence in computers has long been successful in finding grammatical, syntactical, and spelling errors and correcting them quickly. This enables significant acceleration of processes and ensures time and financial savings in text processing.
  • Production – the industry also needs to refrain from using AI; it will significantly increase efficiency and reduce the cost of the work process. However, in this area, robots can still not fully replace humans because they need to be controlled.
  • Robots and artificial Intelligence are already being used successfully in the pharmaceutical industry. They are great at analyzing algorithms and processing several times more information than humans, so they are taking part in research on new drugs for autism, schizophrenia, and other diseases. This significantly speeds up drug development and allows more people to be cured.
  • Retail is also enabling applications of AI. It does a great job with customer support and ordering. It also analyzes data about potential customers faster and provides it to people to optimize sales.
  • Drivers of vehicles – this category is one of the most controversial in AI applications because some doubt that a robot equipped with artificial Intelligence can fully ensure driving safety. However, many studies confirm the high level of safety of such driving.
  • Market research – robots with AI have long been involved in collecting and recording data, and very soon, they can analyze and systematize them.
  • Construction industry – robots can easily design buildings and select materials for work, and AI can also be entrusted with quality assurance.
  • Event planning – artificial Intelligence can also manage this. It can control and coordinate cooperation with vendors, choose the venue, music, and more.
  • Painting pictures – artificial Intelligence is quite capable of reproducing a realistic painting, sculpture, and other types of creativity.
  • Landscape and urban designers – you have to consider many factors to design a city’s landscape. We need to think about traffic and population control and remember that the green park area and AI robots can do everything.
  • Robots can also participate in software development and write new programs very soon. It will be able to speed up analysis and data collection and team up with humans to provide fast results.

According to research, the list of relevant professions in the future includes software engineers and artificial intelligence specialists, development managers, business analysts, physics-related professions, electrical engineers, and experts in digital transformation and technology.

There is no need to be afraid of progress; it just opens up new opportunities for people and helps make their work easier.

No.Scope of AI applicationsProfession in demandProfessions that are not in demand
1FinancialFinancial engineering, analystsBank clerks, accountants
2ConstructionElectrical EngineersArchitects
3AgricultureOperators of agricultural equipmentDrivers
4Information TechnologyDigital security professionalsSoftware Engineers

The rapid development of modern technology, which can provide significant financial savings to employers, is pushing them to introduce robots into production quite actively. According to studies, this will lead to the replacement of people in hazardous and complex industries by 2030. However, experts are predicting that clean energy and technology occupations will grow. Prospective workers will easily be able to adapt quickly and undergo the necessary training or retraining.


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