Which winning casino strategies can help boost your potential profits online?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 17, 2023   Update on : November 17, 2023

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Whether for the thrills of a high-tension poker game or the excitement of spinning the wheel, many gamers play just for fun online. That isn’t to say players cannot have it both ways, having a good time and making bank altogether. To maximise potential profits, however, it is best to stand by a plan not to give the house too significant an edge. So, which strategies can come in handy to flip the odds in your favour online? Let’s find out.

Pick games with a lower house edge

Beating the bank might be one of the most satisfying feelings there is. Yet, some games make it especially hard to gain the upper hand. As enjoyable as they may be, slot machines are known to have some of the highest house edges out of all casino games, towering as high as 15% for some real money options. Besides, many newcomers enticed by their flashy lights and entertaining themes often find themselves playing hundreds of spins in a single hour.

Even with a high return-to-player percentage, pokies aren’t your best bet to win big. Other casino classics like Keno and sic bo involve little to no strategy, leaving it all to sheer luck. Conversely, strategic games like blackjack, craps, and pai gow poker give you greater chances of success once you’ve grasped their mechanics. For your tactics to work wonders, it is equally important to settle for the most favourable rules when you sit at a virtual table. Keep in mind that the fewer the decks, the lower the house edge. Rewarding strategies also include betting on the banker when playing baccarat and avoiding deceptively lucrative side bets in blackjack.

Stick to free games

Playing for free might seem counter-intuitive if you aim to take a hefty prize home. If you’re a beginner, however, this may be your best shot at building up your skills without staking any money. Most gambling websites offer a curated selection of free games, which include everything from tabletop classics to original live variants. Hence, you can get accustomed to different rules and approaches to the game, unhindered by the prospect of losing your hard-earned money.

These extra efforts also allow you to understand which improper strategies to avert, such as bluffing continually in poker – a mistake beginners often make when watching too much World Series of Poker and other professional competitions. Once you’re ready to switch to real money options, you will have gained enough confidence to work around any challenge that may arise.

Enter tournaments

Next up is a strategy that mostly applies to trained gamblers. That said, many online casinos publish handy guidelines for all players, both seasoned and inexperienced, to fine-tune their tactics. While tournaments require players to pay an entry fee, they usually involve a big prize that all but makes up for that entrance ticket.

Payout structures largely vary, but the biggest tournaments can allocate hundreds of thousands. Better yet, you don’t need to prevail constantly to make money, as striking up a few wins occasionally is enough to extend your bankroll. Whether you’re into blackjack, slots, or video poker, there are tournaments for every casino game.

Claim as many bonuses as you can

Online casinos showerer their users with lofty promotions to help them build their bankroll. For instance, welcome packages frequently include free spins that players can use to get extra chances at shooting the works at slot machines. High-rollers are also granted handsome rewards for their loyalty, while mobile players can snatch mobile-exclusive deals. Yet, many gamblers don’t even know half the casino bonuses around.

That’s why platforms like CasinoBonusCA put together comprehensive listings of hundreds of casino offers up for grabs. Always on the lookout for fresh deals, experts constantly update these offers. They also deliver invaluable information on their drawbacks and benefits to help gamers make the most informed decisions. Additionally, users can easily set bonuses side by side via advanced comparison tools and filters. No matter their playing style or experience, both first-timers and veteran players can make the most out of their deposit to hit it big.


The gambling landscape has changed almost beyond recognition in recent years, with online venues taking over their land-based counterparts. As we analysed previously on Time of Info, online gaming comes with a plethora of advantages – bonus galore included. And with enough training and dedication, working out a winning strategy online is anyone’s game.


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