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Casumo Apk

About Casumo

Casumo is a relatively young betting company on the market and has already gained the trust of many users through its many awards and nominations for various prizes. Casumo is different from its competitors in that it has cross-platform IOS and Android apps so that its users can effortlessly enjoy their time, for example, after work or at leisure. It is also worth mentioning that Casumo is one of the most successful bookmakers because of its high odds, 24/7 support, and instant payouts to its customers. One of the features of Casumo’s platform is its user-friendly website which is sure to impress you. Further down in this article below you will find a step-by-step guide from installing the Casumo apk, all the way to your first bet.

Casumo Mobile Application Review

Casumo’s mobile app was created especially for those users who prefer a smartphone to a computer. The advantage of the mobile app on IOS and Android is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the country and at any time – all you need is a stable Internet connection.

In this article, we will tell you how to get the Casumo mobile app on your smartphone and at the same time get a nice bonus on your first bet.

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This app has significant differences from its competitors in design, an eye-pleasing color palette as well as the speed and responsiveness of the app. But a significant plus of this mobile app is the presence of exciting and interesting games in which you can compete with friends and acquaintances. 

Casumo Games

Here is a small list of what the Casumo mobile app can do:

BARABAN RACKS are exciting and very fast tournaments in which players compete in slots races online. all users can take part in this game. 

IN-GAME ADVENTURE. All of the games and actions of the Casumo platform users are part of a great game that is very enjoyable for newcomers. You can level up, and get various rewards such as free money, bonuses for other games, free casino spins, and much more. You should also remember that the Casumo platform rewards the most active players with various bonuses and prizes as a thank you for choosing us.

How to Install Casumo Moblile App

The process of downloading and installing the Casumo apk is extremely simple and fast, so it won’t take much time or effort. You don’t need to go to Play Market or other third-party services to install the app, because the developers of the Casumo apk have made sure that you don’t have to search for it. 

For Android Devices

So, to download the Casumo mobile app, you need to do a few things:

  1. Visit the official Casumo website (also pay attention to the domain of the site, so as not to get caught by a mirror site or scammers) from the browser of your Android device.
  2. Then, once on the home page, start scrolling down until you see a grey square with a picture of a smartphone inside. You’ll see two buttons with images of app shops for iOS and Android. 
  3. Clicking on it the website will start downloading the app automatically. 

While the Casumo apk download process is going on you can go to your smartphone settings and make sure your device allows installing apps from unknown sources. 

  1. To do this go to the settings app and find the “security” menu. 
  2. By clicking on it find the corresponding item as described above and check the box to “allow”. 

After successfully downloading the app to your smartphone you need to install it. To do this go to your file manager and locate the “Downloads” folder. In the file, the list finds Casumo.apk and clicks to install. Once the installation is complete the app will appear in your smartphone app list.

For iPhone and iPad

The process of installing the Casumo mobile app on IOS devices is slightly easier but still requires your attention. 

For iPhone/iPad, the steps are the same:

  1. Go to Casumo’s official website;  
  2. scroll to the end of the page, only this time click on the black AppStore button; 
  3. you will be taken to the iPhone app shop and then you have to start downloading by confirming with a password or FaceID. 

How to Register on the Platform

Casumo Apk

Registration can be done from the web browser of your computer or directly from the mobile app. The registration process in the app is quite simple but requires your attention and honesty when filling out the fields with personal information. To do this take a look at the instruction below:

  1. Open the app you recently installed and click on the menu button, then “registration”;
  2. In the window that appears, you can see fields for filling out basic personal information. These fields should be entered with correct personal information and in the form the platform requires. 

After registering, you can take advantage of the bonus from the platform and receive a deposit of 50% of the amount you put in on your first bet. You will finally be able to discover the world of betting and casinos. Good luck.


The Casumo platform is international, so it includes the most popular payment systems for depositing and withdrawing money. it is worth noting that a plus for residents of India is that the platform seamlessly supports the Indian rupee.

Deposit in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the money icon in the top menu; 
  2. Select your preferred method of deposit.


You can withdraw the money using the same methods as a deposit. The time it takes for the money to reach your account depends on the payment system you used. In most cases, the money comes instantly. remember that the minimum withdrawal amount is €10.

But what to do if you see an error when trying to withdraw money? Casumo platform advises double-checking the correctness of the entered data of your account or bank. In case of further errors, we advise you to contact the 24-hour support.

Responsible Gaming

The Casumo platform cares about its users and warns that gambling can be addictive to get the urge to satisfy your gambling. The platform’s official website has information on what you can do if you feel like you can’t stop. Here are some signs that you are starting to get addicted:

  1. Spending a lot of time playing casino games;
  2. Making incremental bets;
  3. The casino begins to affect your mood;
  4. You have jeopardized your relationship or job in favor of betting.

If you encounter any of these problems, the platform advises you to seek professional help so that the company can help you to solve the problem.

It is also worth remembering that if you lose at a casino you cannot get your money back, so don’t gamble with your last funds or try to win it back.

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Casumo Support

Both on the official Casumo website and in its mobile app there is a 24 hours customer support. Casumo’s professional team is ready to help you with any of your questions around the clock in a friendly way. To do this, you need to click on the side menu and find “Live chat” in the list. All you need to do to get immediate help is to use any of the convenient ways described below:

  1. Live chat;
  2. Email;
  3. Ask a question in your preferred social network or messenger.


We hope that with this article we have helped you to save time and make your first bet. We recommend that you take advantage of all the services of the platform to appreciate it.  Consumo betting and casino platform is a reliable provider for players from India and the rest of the world and has many satisfied customers who are ready to recommend this platform. 


How Can I Play an Online Casino?

To do so, you must be of legal age according to the law of your country and pay tax on winnings according to the law.

Can I Use the Casumo Platform in India?

Yes, you can. It is a legal way. It is headquartered in Malta and operates all over the world, including India. The laws in India do not prohibit you from playing in a casino if it is legally located outside of the state.


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