Choosing Top-Notch Restaurant Tables; A Complete Guide

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Restaurant Tables

Nowadays, choosing Restaurant Tables is easier than it looks. A good quality restaurant table matches the ambience and has the optimum pricing. We have briefly discussed the factors that can make a difference in maintaining a hotel’s atmosphere.

From the buying guide to the selection of the tops, we have covered every corner. This comprehensive article can help you choose tables for a commercial grade or any other venue.

Why Restaurant Tables’ Design and Quality Matter

Choosing the right furniture for your commercial space is crucial. After the infrastructure, the furnishing is the prime aspect to which to shift your focus. A product specialist or a designer can help you make this critical choice. If you don’t have access to them, we have categorically discussed it here. Having a quality catalogue is better than having a bigger one.

Some designs and materials are considered the best in the hospitality industry. Going for the creative ones is recommended if you’re not fond of ancient designs. It gives you the freedom of unlimited customizations. For high-end restaurants, going for solid wood is a good choice. But if you have a relatively smaller setup, it would look odd in there. The practical and smooth design of the top gives a relaxing feel to the customer.

Online furniture stores offer a vast variety of restaurant tables. The design, material, and aesthetics must be taken into consideration. The table must be easy to clean and durable. The main thing is how it fits in the hall. It must look relevant to the infrastructure.

Traditional Style: With a refined and clean look, they can add value to your commercial space. The natural beauty of wood adds sophistication to any venue. It can add style to almost every dining establishment.

Modern Style: Metalwork is visible to give the table a contemporary look. Moreover, these tables have a lean base to give a modern feel. Trendy design lovers go for these if found at a competitive price.

Creative Designs: It goes well with small and medium-sized setups. There is complete freedom of modification. You can generate an excellent one using modern-day AI tools. Creative designs are sometimes a misfit for big spaces. So, one must consider all the factors because they can make a huge impact.

 Solid Wood Butcher Block Tables: Solid wood block tops promise durability. These are made by sticking several blocks together on a slab. They can fit into traditional as well as modern interiors.

Industrial Style: They impart a minimalistic look to the Cafeterias and Bars. The top is usually wood with a thin metal base. This design is popular in warehouses.

Solid Wood Communal Style: These are super strong tables. Wooden work gives a nice feel to the customers. Moreover, these long rectangular shapes are popular in the hospitality industry.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Tables Tops

Restaurant table tops are available in a variety of materials and designs. Each comes in a different size, shape, and feel. The material of the top carries prime importance. Some are listed below.

  • Wooden Table Tops
  • Plastic Tops
  • Aluminum Table Tops
  • Steel or other metal table tops
  • Plastic Teak Tables
  • Laminate Tops
  • Resin Tops

Before exploring them, one must review the pros and cons of the material used. It is because maintaining them can be a problem in the future. Especially the wooden ones require high maintenance. The metal tops are solid and durable. They are easy to clean and go a long way. Because they require little care, most restaurants select metal tops.

On the other hand, the wooden tables are more beautiful. They give a premium feel to the customers. The texture of the wooden dining table establishes an appealing look. These dining tables can stand for decades if you promptly repair the cracks and scratches. There is no risk of erosion like for the metallic ones.

Buying Guide for Commercial Table Tops

Buying furniture for your Restaurant is an arduous task. But, if you follow some basic principles, it can be made easy. For your convenience, we have created an easy buying guide.

Do not buy the tables made for casual use. They are cheaper than the commercial ones. They don’t last longer because of the poor build. So, you should avoid wasting your money on useless stuff. Instead, buy restaurant tables that are durable.

Go for the ones that have more practical use than decoration. Design matters, but there is no compromise on the usage or durability of the equipment.

Proper lamination of the outdoor tables is necessary. If not taken care of, the material can deteriorate quickly. If you’re buying for the outdoors, go for the robust ones.

The size-to-number ratio inside the dining area must be considered before buying. Do not fill the whole space with tables. Avoid cramping your customers with too many tables in a small place. Spacing is essential while making such decisions.

Material Check Guide

Commercial table tops come in a wide selection of materials. One must select the one that fits the Café, Bar, or Restaurant’s environment. Getting the right one at a competitive price is not that difficult. You get a vast range of materials to choose from.

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Granite
  • Resin
  • Laminate
  • Veneer
  • Rattan

You can also opt for customizable solid wood table tops. Factors like shipping time, modification options, and warranty program also matter.

Restaurant Tables’ Optimum Shapes and Sizes

Commonly used shapes are round, rectangular, and square. The creative ones can have any geometrical or non-geometrical shape. The size solely depends upon the size of your dining area.

The type of audience also affects this factor. For example, a family restaurant must have big tables. Meanwhile, smaller ones are deployed for cafes or bars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Five Qualities of a Restaurant Table?

They must possess these five qualities.
-Easy to Clean
-Optimum Shape
-Comply with the interior
-Optimum Size and Weight

What Type of Table Sits in a Big Restaurant?

It depends upon the infrastructure and ambience of the restaurant. Traditional ones are commonly used in bigger setups.

Can I Order Restaurant Tables Online?

Yes, there are many reputable online platforms. They offer contemporary designs at a reasonable price. Additionally, some stores offer customization options.

Is it Necessary to Choose Quality Restaurant Tables?

Yes, a piece of good furniture adds value to your venue. It impacts the customers if they have a more excellent feel. Usually, creative and practical designs are well-liked by the guests.


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