The Role of Dedicated IP VPN in Protecting Your Online Identity

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 15, 2023   Update on : March 15, 2023

Dedicated IP VPN

As anyone who’s been warned about the pitfalls of going online without the proper protections knows, security is of utmost importance. A dedicated IP VPN ensures that you are always one step ahead of criminal actors when it comes to securing your digital identity. Let’s first take a look why an IP VPN might be the perfect option for you before we get into the specifics of a dedicated IP VPN. By the end of this article, you’ll know how an IP VPN functions and how it can increase your online security.

An Introduction to Dedicated IP VPNs

This kind of VPN is the most secure method of bypassing geo-blocking when browsing the internet. Users are given a static IP address exclusive to them enabling them to access the internet safely. Your online privacy will be increased, which is the main advantage of a dedicated IP VPN.

Your individual IP address will allow your ISP to track your online behaviour each time you surf. With a Dedicated IP VPN, your activity remains completely anonymous to your ISP and any other third-parties looking to track or monitor what you do online. The VPN’s static IP address gives you complete control over which websites you access allowing you to take use of geo-blocking and censorship-avoiding capabilities for ultimate protection.

How Does Dedicated IP VPNs Protect Your Online Identity?

When it comes to digital safety and privacy, Dedicated IP VPNs are an important tool. A dedicated IP VPN gives each user who signs up a unique IP address, giving you exclusive access to that server and its resources without the risk of any other users connecting to the same network. This is in contrast to a traditional shared IP VPN which assigns a single IP address to multiple users.

With a dedicated IP VPN in place, you don’t need to worry about heavy traffic from other users slowing down or overwhelming your internet connection. Your dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address is reserved just for you so that data transfers occur faster and more securely for maximum protection.

Advantages of Using Dedicated IP VPNs

The ability to control your online identity is the main benefit of a dedicated IP VPN. Many people can share a standard public IP address. Dedicated IP VPNs also have additional security advantages:

  • They provide better encryption for protecting data as it moves through corporate networks and the internet. This prevents hackers from getting access to confidential information or intercepting user activities such as secure video conferences.
  • Dedicated IP addresses are more reliable and are assigned to specific servers, making them less vulnerable to DDOS attacks.
  • Your browsing history remains private because there’s only one user associated with it. This helps keep your data secure and keeps your activities confidential.


Disadvantages of Using Dedicated IP VPNs

You may have heard that there are some potential drawbacks of using dedicated IP VPNs. Let’s take a closer look.

  • One major disadvantage is that dedicated IP VPNs can be more expensive than other VPN types. With other types of VPN services, you might be able to use them for free or at a significantly lesser cost depending on the provider whereas, with a dedicated IP VPN, you pay the same monthly fee.
  • Server performance represents another potential drawback. It is possible for your connection to become sluggish and become unstable if the server to which your dedicated IP is connected becomes overloaded with data requests from other users. This could be extremely troublesome if you rely on your connection for streaming or gaming.
  • You might not have access to as many servers while utilizing a dedicated IP VPN as you would with another kind of VPN provider. Some providers only offer limited server locations.

Steps You Should Take to Ensure Maximum Protection With Dedicated IP VPNs

To make sure that you’re getting the most protection out of your dedicated IP VPN, there are a few steps you should take.

Start with a High-Quality Service Provider

Make sure that you start with a high-quality service provider. It is worth investing some time into researching providers and ensuring they offer a secure service that won’t expose your data. Do your due diligence and ask questions to make an educated decision about which service to go with.

Selectively Open Ports

Once you have chosen your preferred provider, it is advisable to selectively open ports as needed. This will help ensure that only the ports that are required for your specific needs remain open and exposed on the internet. Doing this will also help keep unwanted traffic from entering your network while keeping your data safe.

Set Up Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Finally, it’s worth setting up access control lists (ACLs) within your dedicated IP VPN to manage the data flow within it. ACLs can be used to block certain types of traffic or restrict access from specific users or devices. This will help ensure that only legitimate traffic is passing through the connection and will help keep online threats at bay. Use a reputable provider like Astrill. Astrill dedicated IP address will make it easier to keep track of your identity and data while you’re connected to their network.

Install Password manager

Another important step is installing LastPass or another password manager. It’s important to create complex passwords that combine upper and lower case letters, symbols, characters and numbers but remembering them all can be difficult if you have multiple accounts and services.

LastPass is excellent at securely storing all of your passwords in encrypted form making them impenetrable to hacking attacks.

Use two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication whenever possible is always a good idea for added security. Users must provide verification in addition to their username and password when using two-factor authentication. An SMS code or email confirmation link will typically be sent to their phone or email address.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Up a Dedicated IP VPN

You might not know it’s easy to make mistakes when setting one up. Here are the common mistakes to avoid while setting up a Dedicated IP VPN.

  • Doing your research and ensuring that you understand what you’re getting yourself into is an essential step in setting up a Dedicated IP. If you don’t understand the security processes that come with each provider, you could end up unintentionally reducing your protection and opening yourself up to potential vulnerability.
  • Make sure you read customer reviews, compare features and check customer support before settling on a provider.
  • If you utilize your time on public networks or visiting unsecured websites, chances are your privacy won’t be as secure as it could be with a Dedicated IP VPN.


A dedicated IP VPN is an invaluable tool for protecting your online identity and keeping yourself safe online. It offers unbeatable encryption, the ability to mask your IP address and access any content you wish. A dedicated IP VPN may be more expensive but the increased security and peace of mind it provides are worth it. A dedicated IP VPN is a must-have whether you’re a business looking for extra protection for your data and communications or an individual looking to protect your identity and data.


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