5 Tips If Considered By Britishers Can Boost Their Disney+ Hotstar Streaming Experience!

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   March 15, 2023   Update on : March 15, 2023

Disney+ Hotstar Streaming

Disney+ Hotstar is a popular streaming service that offers a vast library of movies, shows, and sporting events.

The service is relatively new in the UK streaming market; however, Hotstar’s UK-based library is not as fulfilling as Hotstar’s Indian library. So, Britishers looking to stream Disney+ Hotstar’s Indian library can benefit from several tips to enhance their streaming experience.

For starters, to stream Disney Plus Hotstar UK, a stable and fast internet connection, a compatible device, and a subscription to the service is required.

Once these requirements are met, Brits gain access to a world of movies, series, shows, and live sports events.

However, to enjoy a seamless streaming experience, there are several tips that Britishers can consider.

5 Tips To Boost Your Disney+ Hotstar Streaming Experience

This article will provide five detailed tips that Britishers can follow to boost their Disney+ Hotstar streaming experience.

These include checking the internet connection, using a VPN, using a streaming device, closing unnecessary apps, and updating the device and app.

Users can ensure an enjoyable Disney+ Hotstar streaming experience by following these tips.

Read on as we delve into these easy-to-follow tips and tricks:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

A stable and fast connection is essential for a seamless streaming experience. If your internet connection is slow, it can lead to buffering, lagging, and poor-quality video.

To ensure a smooth experience, check your internet speed and ensure that it meets the recommended rate for streaming. The recommended internet speed for streaming Disney+ Hotstar is,

  • 5 Mbps for HD (720p)
  • 25 Mbps for 4K HDR

You can use online tools like Speedtestt or Fast to check your internet speed. If your internet speed is slow, consider upgrading your plan by contacting your internet service provider.

2. Use A VPN

As mentioned earlier, Hotstar’s Indian library features a lot more content than libraries of other countries.

So, you do have the option to explore British-based Hotstar, however, to enhance your streaming experience, run a VPN, and connect to an Indian server to access Bollywood as well as Hollywood content and a lot more!

This happens because a VPN can help you bypass geographical restrictions and access content unavailable in your region. It works by encrypting your internet connection and routing it through a server in another country, making it appear that you are accessing the internet from that location.

Moreover, a VPN protects your online privacy and security by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your IP address from prying eyes. However, ensure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy VPN provider to protect your online privacy and security.

3. Use A Streaming Device

Using a streaming device can significantly enhance your Disney+ Hotstar streaming experience. Streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku offer faster and smoother streaming, better picture quality, and more straightforward navigation. Moreover, they also support 4K HDR content, which enhances the viewing experience.

Using a streaming device can also free up your smartphone or laptop’s resources, allowing you to use it for other tasks while streaming content on the big screen.

However, ensure that your device is compatible with Disney+ Hotstar and has a stable and fast internet connection.

4. Close Unnecessary Apps

If you are experiencing buffering or lagging while streaming Disney+ Hotstar, it could be due to other apps running in the background. Streaming requires significant processing power, and running other apps simultaneously can slow down your device, affecting your streaming experience.

To ensure a smooth streaming experience, close all other apps running in the background and free up your device’s resources. This will allow your device to focus on streaming Disney+ Hotstar without interruptions.

5. Update Your Device And App

Ensuring your device and the Disney+ Hotstar app are up to date can enhance your streaming experience.

Keep in mind updates can fix bugs, improve performance, and introduce new features that can enhance your streaming experience. Moreover, regular updates also ensure that the app is compatible with the latest operating systems and devices.

To ensure you have the latest version of the Disney+ Hotstar app, go to the app store on your device and check for updates. Moreover, ensure that your device is updated with the latest operating system and security patches to ensure a secure and smooth streaming experience.


Britishers can enjoy an excellent Disney+ Hotstar streaming experience by following the above-mentioned tips.

To recap, one needs a stable and fast internet connection, a VPN, and a capable streaming device. Besides that, all unnecessary apps should be closed, and the device in question and the app should be up to date to ensure an uninterrupted streaming experience.

With all factors accounted for, Britishers can make the most of their Disney+ Hotstar subscription and enjoy their favourite content without interruptions.


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