Do Women Prefer Size, Stamina, or Something Else?

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Do Women Prefer Size Stamina

What is more important to a woman? Is it the size of the penis or the stamina her partner has? Such questions may confuse a woman very often. To be very specific, size and stamina both matter for sensual sex life. There are so many other things to concentrate on while having sex. Very concisely, it can be said that women look for a man full of stamina. They hardly bother with the size of a penis unless it is too small to excite them.

Let’s see what a woman seeks from a man in sex life.

Having fantastic foreplay:

Women always cherish their emotions for ample foreplay before having intercourse. She needs time and sensitive touches to open up and go wild on the bed. Women need bizarre allure from their partners which will help them have orgasms and satisfaction. Cuddling, hand-holding, and kissing are very common during a foreplay session. A man must go slow and take some time before the take-off for a safe and pleasant landing. Having magnificent foreplay is the key to sensational and satisfying sex.

Energetic appearance:

A woman prefers to have her partner as energetic as he can be before having sex. There is hardly any girl who loves to have sex with a messy and tired person. Many men wish to be good at bet, yet they appear to their girl with a tired body and stressed mind. After having sex with a less energetic man, a woman becomes unhappy. It seems that having sex with a tired guy is quite similar to attempting a swimming competition with a broken leg.

Slow and steady moves:

A man should not be very quick on the bed. Men like to undress a woman very quickly which is just the opposite of a woman. Slowly but surely the allured moves can blow up the mind of a woman with fantasy. The more touches a man gives to his girl, the more she enjoys. A woman always prefers to have slow and steady moves from her partner.

Multiple orgasms:

A woman deserves to have multiple orgasms during sex but unfortunately, she hardly fulfills her desire as men are desperate to have their fantasy first. Many women complain about this issue as they expect a lot from their partners but they get something else in reality. Orgasms make women happy to get more involved in sex life.


Sex is neither an official assignment to do nor rocket science to understand. A partner should be playful to another while having sex. Men often forget to smile or crack a joke with their women. Eroticism does not come from a serious interaction. A light-hearted person is better at bad than a serious stubborn person. Women hardly get pleasure from a such serious person.

Sex toys:

When a woman is bored with the monotonous sex life, she seeks to have fantasy and ecstasy during intercourse. If a man stuns his woman with a sex toy, she starts enjoying the moment. Such activities offer a fresh dimension to the couple.

Romance after sex:

Finishing sexual intercourse does not indicate that the romantic moment vanishes. Men often get off the bed after having sex. A woman expects to get proper attention from her partner and have a romantic culmination with joy and ultimate pleasure. Finishing the sex session with a romantic note is the most loveable chapter a couple can have. Women desire to see their men romance with them after sex. Paying due attention to the female partner shows how caring and empathetic a male partner is.

Different sex positions:

A woman wants to have sex in different postures. Men can be focused on this matter as the different moves can give a different feeling and the utmost pleasure a couple expects to have during sex. Changing positions can give you the stimulation to go wild and get the best out of different moves.

Does size matter:

It does, but not necessarily a man needs to get a large size of the penis. A man can do his best with his size as it is cumbersome to enlarge a penis artificially. A woman wants pleasure that can be achieved by a man if he is focused on sex. If it is not an ultra-small penis, the women hardly bother with the issue.


Women love positive stamina with a lot of love and care from their male partners. Stamina is very important while having sexual intercourse. A man should be well-prepared with a lot of stamina to make his woman happy. The charm and excitement of a man can seduce a woman but the stamina can take a sex life to another level.

At last but not least, women need someone energetic, caring, loveable, and good at bed. Men should understand the discussed things to make a woman satisfied.


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