Freelancing Tech Jobs for the Next Generation

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   April 28, 2023   Update on : April 28, 2023

Digital Security Work
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Remote and freelance work has grown significantly over the last few years, with tech being the leading industry in adopting this shift. Allowing workers to work from home or even pursue a digital nomad lifestyle can have a long-term positive effect on a company’s success and workers’ satisfaction. Today, we want to look at a few growing examples that tech workers might adopt to find a path that could work well with their existing skills.

Digital Security Work

Digital security is only becoming more necessary, and the increasing complexity of the online security world means specialists are more important than ever. This is an area where many tech workers can excel, tying in subspecialties like smart home security or network infrastructure.

Going further, the next generation of freelancing tech security jobs will provide various opportunities for ethical hackers. As shown in CyberGhost’s study, these individuals work to test system security by breaking it as a bad actor would. Instead of causing harm once inside, an ethical hacker can point out where security needs patching. Workers taking this path get the satisfaction of making a real difference. With the big companies paying an average salary of $100,000, it can be lucrative too.

Online Tech Tutoring

General tech knowledge might be decreasing, as studies like this one from The University of Toledo have revealed, but the number of users seeking specific tech knowledge is greater than ever. While teaching in a classroom might be challenging for many of us, tutoring individuals and small groups online can pay just as well, and be infinitely more flexible.

 Modern tools for online tech tutoring are well-developed, meaning your ability to teach at a distance won’t be hampered. Screen sharing, dedicated programs, and broad Wi-Fi accessibility mean tutors can easily work with students worldwide. Working in different time zones also allows tutors to modify when they choose to work, making it easier to fit in as a side hustle or in a busy lifestyle.

Remote Content Creation

A million projects out on the internet have the framework of good ideas but are lacking in content. Opportunities for new workers in the online world range from script-writing to animation, composing, texture design, video editing, and much more. Those who want to take a more direct role could also design in an existing framework like Roblox, a game we’ve covered at TimeofInfo before. This is another case where location doesn’t really matter, demand is only increasing, and the tools are improving regularly.

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Far from the niche it once was, finding tech employment online is now a viable strategy that works for millions of people. From intense security work to teaching kids how to code or creating small tracks for YouTubers, the potential is immense, and it’s only growing. If any of this sounds like something you might be interested in, don’t be afraid to try something a little non-traditional, and you could find the perfect fit for your modern tech life.  


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