Google Doodle Celebrates Nowruz 2024, marking Persian New Year

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   March 19, 2024   Update on : March 19, 2024

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Photo: Google

Google Doodle on Tuesday celebrated ‘International Nowruz Day 2024’ making Persian New Year.

Pendar Yousefi, the talented Iranian guest artist, created Google Doodle with a special design, reports NDTV.

Yousefi aimed to capture the essence of his joyful childhood experiences in Nowruz to welcome the arrival of spring through his artwork.

Nowruz coincides with the vernal equinox, a time when day and night are roughly equal in length.

Nowruz, which translates to “new day” in Persian, signifies the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, symbolizing renewal and rebirth.

Persian culture was incorporated into the Google Doodle as the display included, traditional calligraphy, intricate floral patterns, and iconic items such as the Haft-sin table. 

The Haft-sin is a unique table arrangement that includes seven things whose names begin with the letter “sin” in Farsi, each indicating a major notion for the future year.

What do we know about Nowruz?

The annual festival has been around for over 3,000 years, according to the Google blog. Nowruz originated in ancient Iran. During the spring equinox, the festival marked the beginning of the blooming season. As time went on, a number of countries and ethnic groups along the Silk Roads adopted the tradition.

The most important tradition is the haft-sin during Nowruz. Families gather and set out seven items representing renewal and rejuvenation.

These items usually feature, wheat pudding for power and strength, wheat for rebirth and good fortune, olives for love, berries for sunrise, apples for beauty, vinegar for age and patience and garlic for good health.

What do we know about Google Doodle?

Google Doodles are the Google home page’s designs that celebrate a “range of local and international topics” –holidays, anniversaries, and individuals.

There are many types of Google Doodles, including static illustrations, animations, slideshows, videos, and interactive games.


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