How the American Dream Affects the US Education System?

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US Education System
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The American Dream is a set of beliefs that motivate the majority of US citizens as they work hard to create a meaningful life for themselves. These ideals include freedom, individual rights, equality, and democracy. And they have a common belief that every citizen has the freedom to seek prosperity and happiness regardless of their background. An important element of the American Dream is the ideal that perseverance and hard work will enable anyone to achieve financial independence and climb the social ladder. James Truslow is one of the leading American writers who phrased the definition of the American Dream. To him, it meant that life should be rich and full for everyone with opportunities for all according to ability with neither circumstances nor social class being a hindrance to success.

Where did the American Dream come from?

The American Dream came from the US Declaration of Independence – a document that was created by the founding fathers. It has two important elements that have played an important role in shaping the dream. According to the declaration, all men are equal and they have the right to liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness. You need to keep in mind the constitution reiterates the same idea with its main purpose being to secure the liberty and prosperity of everyone. As a college student, you can better understand this subject by reading your american dream essay examples that have been written by experts. If you are having a hard time writing college essay, reading essay examples and getting help from an expert academic writer will help you save a lot of time and energy. 

Different versions of the American Dream

Over the years, the American Dream has been changing by going through different forms and meanings while maintaining key beliefs about happiness and freedom. In the early years, the dream was largely about the westward expansion. The desire for better things and constant dissatisfaction were more prevalent during the 17th century.

19th Century version

Back in the 19th century, the American Dream effected the beginning of mass emigration. A good example is the emigration of intelligent Germans who came to the US after the failure of trying to break hierarchical standards. They were attracted to the US by the economic and political freedom that it embraced. The idea that citizens were not limited by their background or class was amazing at the time. The dream also shaped the discovery of gold in the nation. The idea that personal success is attainable to anyone is a dream that motivates millions of citizens across the nation today.

20th Century version

In the 20th century, the dream became more popular thanks to James Truslow’s book “Epic of America. The author noted how the dream had evolved over the years and how hard it was for other types of governments across the world to understand its importance and why it attracted lots of immigrants to the US.

The author went on to say that the dream was not just about buying expensive vehicles or getting better remuneration but a dream in which anyone can attain their fullest stature and be recognized by others for who they are regardless of their background. He stressed the fact that anyone can find happiness and success and rise from their stations regardless of the social orders established by wealthy families. In the 1960s, a lot of political movements grew and flourished due to the dream. 

The American Dream and Education System

The US education system has been evolving gradually over the years. However, there are a couple of things that have to happen for the American Dream to be realized. At the moment, there is a huge achievement gap between white and minority students. This gap has barely narrowed in the last fifty years. Most of these students have humble backgrounds. And they deserve equal opportunities to get good grades and achieve their goals.

Another major problem in the education system is the lack of respect for teachers and the profession. There are not enough incentives to encourage the youth to become better educators in the future. Unlike other leading countries, most American teachers spend a lot of time working and get paid less. Plus, most individuals don’t respect their profession. For the education system to prosper, more students need to be attracted to the profession. These issues should be addressed as soon as possible because education plays an important role in shaping lives.

While increased funding from the government might help, most of the issues affecting the US education system are societal. To bridge the achievement gap between white and minority students, stakeholders need to view diversity as an advantage. Individualizing learning and setting higher expectations for both tutors and students will ensure that all students have access to opportunities that will help them succeed. This can be achieved by challenging them with harder assignments, creating a conducive learning environment, and encouraging them to develop multiple skills.

Raising the bar is not easy. However, the results are worth it. Leading nations that have been successful in making teaching an amazing profession have done so by offering a teacher more responsibilities and career prospects. Providing the youth with dreams to become leading educators will motivate them to achieve their goals in the long run. Education plays an important role in helping individuals achieve the American Dream. Without the education system, millions of people would be hindered by their class or background. And there would be no dream.


The American Dream remains to be one of the most unique ideals in America. The idea that all individuals should access education to be able to pursue their dreams despite their background or social class is appealing. This is especially true in a world that is divided based on race, tribe, gender, and financial class. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the US education system and empowering teachers, students will have an easy time developing essential skills and achieving their biggest goals in life.


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