How Can You Watch Movies Paying In Bitcoin

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   May 11, 2022   Update on : May 11, 2022

Watch Movies Paying Bitcoin

Everybody wants to watch movies and get entertained. And after the withdrawal of lockdown, the enthusiasm has really risen high.

If you are to watch movies in the Theatres, you need to book cinema tickets for it. You would be amazed to know that presently you could make use of bitcoin for payment! Aren’t you amazed?  

Yes, you are going to reap so many advantages from using bitcoin to buy movie tickets. In this section, we will try to know how you could watch movies and pay using Cryptocurrency.

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Benefits Of Using Cryptocurrency For Payment Of Services

Want to buy tickets via Cryptocurrency, and that too avoid the queue in Cinema Hall? There are certain benefits that you are going to reap while making payment via Crypto


Why not book your tickets using Cryptocurrency? It is often seen that you buy tickets, and the payment does not get processed. 

Don’t you think it would become difficult in the eleventh hour? Secure payments could be processed without much of a heckle. You could bet on them; they are smooth and effortless. 

Completely Safe And Secure Transactions 

As you know, Cryptocurrency is a Blockchain network-based Technology where payment is extremely safe. Blockchain negates or ravishes all possibilities of corruption and irregularity. 

You might have been aware of malpractices using Cryptocurrencies with digital Card Payments.

There is no platform offered by Crutpocurrency where payments can be forged. Therefore if you want to be safe from fraudulent activities, go Crypto. 

No Involvement Of Third Party 

You need to keep in mind that Bitcoin transactions don’t take into account intermediaries. This denotes that when you make a payment, there is no third party involved directly or covertly in the Transaction. 

The non-involvement of any state-level agency makes the payment completely decentralized. Now, when there is zero involvement of a third party in the payment system, the payments are processed extremely fast. 

How Can You Watch Movies With Bitcoin?

Currently, there are millions of products that can be purchased using Cryptocurrency. 

Though the payment of movie tickets is a new and futuristic concept, there are instances that can be made from the Globe where Cinema houses. They have already started accepting Cryptocurrency for payment of movie tickets.

Well, Netflix has not incorporated Crypto as a mode of payment. Let’s check out some of the movie theatres that have started Accepting Cruptopayments.

1: Major Cineplex 

Major Cineplex in Thailand is one of the premier Cinema chains operating centrally from Bangkok. By the end of the year, the Cinema had started a new payment option that used Crypto payments.  

Here the process of buying tickets is similar to that of the Standardised debit cards. In a recent development, the company started Kiosk platforms that offer clients to choose Crypto Payment methods. After the ticket is purchased, the kiosk will print the ticket out. 

2: Adult Movies 

One of the premier companies in the Adult Movie industry, Pornhub, introduced its Crypto Payment system, where you could use options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others to pay for the tickets. 

This is intended to ensure safe and secure payments. An example of a Canadian company, Brazzers, also featured Crypto payments in exchange for its membership. Just like Pornhub, they accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. 

3: Movie With Gift Cards

Currently, there are companies or platforms that sell gift cards for major cinema and streaming services.

One of the major platforms that require mention here is eGifter. This is the platform where an individual can get Gift Cards anytime after paying via Cryptocurrency. The Clients of eGifter pay with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. 

Limox is meant for EU clients. Though the platform offers limited choice so far as streaming services for cinemas are concerned, the individuals who are from the UK could avail of Netflix vouchers. They could pay using Monero, Zcash, and XRP. 

4: Other Notable Examples 

Moviepass allows subscribers to watch films and pay a monthly fee of $9.95. The payment is to be made via Cryptocurrency. AMC charges a monthly fee of around $19.95.

In A Nutshell

Virtual platforms, as well as Cinema halls, are allowing users to watch movies and exploit other services using Cryptos as a mode of payment. 

It is even conjectured by experts that the Blockchain market is ever-evolving steadily. And so there are no barriers for customers to pay using Cryptos. 


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