How to Choose the Best Mobilabonnement (Mobile Subscription)

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   December 23, 2023   Update on : December 27, 2023

Mobile Subscription

Our mobile phones these days have become our handy personal assistants in the sense that we rely on them for almost everything we do. Not only do we use them for reaching out and making calls, but we also use them for emailing and work-related purposes. We even use them for binging movies and making video calls. These devices have become almost indispensable in our everyday lives.

As such, it is very important we get a mobile subscription that can keep up with these demands. We need a subscription that offers us good coverage, and a fast network while still offering a ton of internet data. With the different mobile subscriptions available, it can be quite difficult to choose the best one that suits your needs.

To save you from the hassle of having to go through a lot of research just to make this decision, we’ve written this article just for you. In this piece, we’ll guide you on how to choose the best mobile subscription that will suit you just fine. If you are ready, let’s get started…

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mobile Subscription

One thing you need to understand concerning these mobile plans is that they are designed to meet specific needs. Therefore, individuals must choose the one that perfectly fits their needs instead of focusing on the services a plan offers and how cheap it is. Below are some of the crucial factors you need to consider before you choose:

Free Voice, MMS, and SMS

One of the characteristics of most mobile providers these days is that they offer voice, MMS, and SMS services. In other words, you get to enjoy these services for free. This is a far cry from the past when you had to pay for all these without getting any such freebies.

Therefore, when making your choice, confirm that the plan offers you these freebies. There must be no limitations on your calls and texts. Visit to see examples of plans with no limits on these services. If the subscription you have in mind doesn’t offer this, it’s better you look for another one that does. 

SMS services

The Amount of Data the Subscription Provides

Let’s face it, the major reason most folks subscribe is because of data. As such, it is important that you get enough data when you subscribe. Therefore, before you choose a plan, confirm if the package is best for you.

How do you do this you may wonder? Well, the first thing is to find out how much data you use. Checking your previous invoices or your phone’s settings are ways you can do this. With this information, you’ll have an idea of how much data you need and the package that can meet this need.   

As we’ve been saying so far, your needs determine what you go for. You don’t need to get an additional plan that offers lots of data if your phone is used mainly for calls and messages. This also applies to individuals who have a Wi-Fi that offers internet services.

However, if you connect to others via video calls a lot or stream movies, you need a huge amount of data for these activities. Getting a plan that has less GB might cost you in the long run. An alternative is to look for a subscription that offers free data.  

Furthermore, it’s important to find out if the plan includes data rollover. What this means is that you get to roll over unused data to the next month when making your subscription repayment. This is particularly helpful for individuals who have varied data usage but still want to enjoy all they’ve paid for.

The Network Coverage in Your Location

It will be of no use if you get a great subscription that you are unable to use. What do we mean by this? Mobile plans are the products of mobile network providers, and these networks might not have the best coverage in certain locations. Therefore, you need to be sure that the network coverage in the location you’ll be using the plan is superb.

While the three main network providers in Norway (Telenor, Ice, and Telia) have upped their game as far as network coverage is concerned, there are still areas where you might get bad reception. For instance, if you took a hike into the woods or the mountains, you might not get the best reception. This experience is not the same if you’re staying in major cities where the area enjoys proper coverage.

So, to get the best, decide where you’ll be using the phone. Then find out the provider’s coverage map. For instance, if you want to use Telenor, check out their coverage map to see if that area is covered.

Another thing to consider in addition to the coverage is the 5G service. Does the plan offer 5G? This is important especially if you’re in a location with low network coverage. Having 5G can still get you good internet services despite the location. 

No hidden fee

Find Out About Hidden Charges

Hidden charges make you spend much more than you ought to. These costs are usually not part of the original subscription, so most users are unaware of them. Below are some features, services, etc. that can lead to hidden costs:

Twin Sim

Do you need a twin (extra) sim? This is an important question you must answer truthfully because getting a twin sim comes with extra charges. Network providers charge differently for such sims. Therefore, compare the price variations and then make your choice while considering the factors we’ve discussed and will still discuss.

Billing Fee

Many people do not realize that they pay for this service. The billing fee is simply the fee you pay when your invoice is sent to you on paper. Yep, you’ve been paying for those pieces of paper you’ve been receiving.

How can you stop this? Simple, switch to direct online debit from your bank when your subscription needs renewal. Not only do you get rid of this annoying bill, but you save the planet as well from being polluted with paper and depleted of trees in your little way.

Additional Data

A good number of folks are guilty of the practice of getting additional data when the one in the package is exhausted. What they don’t know is that this can lead to spending much more than one would have spent on a plan that offers more data. This is why it’s important to assess how much data you need in a month and choose a subscription that meets your needs.

When you use beyond the amount of data in your chosen plan, it’s been discovered that the internet speed reduces. This is a deliberate action carried out by the network providers. Some providers instead of reducing the speed, charge you more. Whichever way, it is usually unprofitable for the user when they opt for more data outside the subscription package.

Abroad Usage

Mobile operators have made certain services easier and cheaper these days than they used to be. A good example is using your phone outside the country with the same national provider. This is made possible thanks to “Roaming” functions.

With the roaming function, you can easily use your phone as if you’re in your country without incurring heavy charges. While this service has helped cut costs, the price still varies between providers. Therefore, do due diligence and research.

We advise that you consider this function if you’ll spend a lot of time abroad. Therefore, ensure that the subscription you choose covers this area. Furthermore, bear in mind that the rules vary. What this means is that you might still spend more on countries that are not part of the EEA and the EU.

Review the Fine-Print

Carefully Review the Fine-Print Agreement Annually

Always ensure that you carefully read and review the agreement every year. This might seem stressful but it is the best way to ensure to avoid hidden charges. Furthermore, it is a great way to find better subscriptions.

This means that you must also check out the subscriptions of other providers or other subscriptions from your current provider. Do not be carried away by a plan that looks too good to be true. It’s altogether wise to avoid such offers.

Even if it is your current plan, still painstakingly review it because changes might have been made that might not be in your favor. Furthermore, check the subscription’s binding period and avoid long-term commitment (lock-in period). This allows you to switch to other favorable offers instead of being tied down to one that you might not enjoy in the long run.

Opt for Family Subscriptions

Family mobile subscriptions are a great way to save costs as a family. If several family members use a particular operator, it’s wise to get a family subscription. This is because most providers offer discounts for such plans. Furthermore, you get just one invoice.

Another interesting thing about this option is that you can transfer data. So, if one member runs out of data, a family member can transfer data to them within the same plan. This way, you get to get the best value for your money without having to even roll over the data.

Since it’s a family subscription, you can get one that offers children’s mode. This mode limits access to certain websites. So, as a parent, you can use this mode to protect your kids from what they are exposed to on the internet.


Selecting the best mobile subscription isn’t difficult as you might have discovered in the course of the article. The easy trick is to determine your needs and then choose a plan that fully meets those needs. Don’t forget to check for hidden charges to ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned money.


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