How to get TikTok Unblocked from anywhere in 2024? Complete Guide

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TikTok Unblocked

Has your School, College, or country blocked access to TikTok? No need to worry because we have an easy and complete solution. This article will look at a simple method to get TikTok Unblocked if it is not working in your area. It could happen because of several reasons. We will help you get to TikTok by using a VPN in seconds. Hence you will be able to enjoy your favorite content there.

TikTok app became viral when it hit a global status. This popular app is not limited to any introduction. It has a massive audience of about a billion. The users watch content here daily. It has a considerable download number on the Google Play Store and other famous markets. Unfortunately, after its success, people started doing dangerous things on it to get viral. It attracted a hostile audience that led to its disproval in many countries. 

Consequently, its impact started going in a negative direction globally. It is the reason the higher authorities blocked the app entirely without giving it a second thought. It has some potentially dangerous material that is condemned for viewership. No doubt it is an unsafe app for children. After its blockage, people started experimenting with new apps, but TikTok remained their priority. So, they began searching for ways to unblock it. 

3 Easy Steps to get TikTok Unblocked in 2024

If you are tired of searching for ways to unblock this app, you have come to the right place. We will help you unlock it instantly.

Step 1: First of all, you will have to download a good VPN on your device. For that purpose, we recommend you download Atlas VPN or Express VPN. It is because it has numerous servers and is effortless to use. It works in many countries. You can claim your money within thirty days of the first purchase.

Step 2: After installing the Virtual Private Network on your device, you must run it. Connect the VPN to a server in a country where TikTok is still working. Use the country where the app is not facing any limitations. You can choose European servers easily if you are in India, Pakistan, or the US. It works in Australia, Hong Kong, France, and Germany. 

Step 3: Now, we have come down to the last step. As the VPN is already connected to a working server, Open the TikTok App and watch your favorite videos there. It is a good source for your entertainment.

TikTok and its issues with Authorities

TikTok is an app that features a considerable number of videos online. These fall in the category of short videos or reels. This app was designed to create and promote one’s talent. This online entertainment app became immensely popular amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. People find it a good source of entertainment during the days of crisis. There was a significant increase in downloads because it kept people busy and happy. At the same time, people started abusing it. And as a result, many countries began implying restrictions on its use. Authorities started blocking it because of the vulgarity of the content. Some people started spreading false news here. There was considerable fake content and incorrect information on the TikTok app.

Highly populated countries like India and Pakistan banned/blocked the app in the region. For a while, the US authorities also restricted its use. In 2020, the ban was lifted by a US judge. In November 2020, another court decided against the TikTok ban and lifted all the restrictions. The TikTok ban was lifted. But due to anti-China sentiments of the US authorities, it can get another ban anytime. This war is not ending quickly because the US government does not seem to like the app. There are many campaigns against China. Consequently, this app has to suffer every time.

Similar events happened in Australia recently. The Australian government banned the app, but it was unbanned in 2020. There is no guarantee that the government will not do it again. On October 9, 2020, the Pakistani government banned the TikTok app. They said that it features immoral videos. A vast number of short videos are indecent. The authorities alleged that the TikTok app features adult content without a prior disclaimer. However, after eleven days, the nation abolished the TikTok ban. Yet the danger still lingered over its sustainability. Till the middle of July, it was banned for the fourth time in the case of inappropriate online content. 

Undoubtedly, these restrictions hurt millions of users worldwide that loved the app. Their source of entertainment was snatched, and they started searching for methods to reopen it in their area. Many celebrities were also disappointed by the ban. 

Good news for the TikTok users

Although the app is banned in many countries, you can still access it. So, cheer up because the joy is not lost yet. You can still use this social application from your country despite the restrictions. Internet access freedom is a fundamental human right. No one has the right to steal your freedom online because you can do whatever you want. The best way to unblock the TikTok app is by using a VPN. It’s just a matter of seconds to get access to your favorite app. Once you have chosen the right VPN for your device, it is a mere touch away to unlock TikTok. There is no need to worry about government policies anymore. 

Why do I need a VPN to bypass TikTok bans?

Now we will let you know how the application ban works. It is your IP address that identifies your current location. Any online software or app can be blocked depending on this IP address. So, if your IP is from a country where the app is not functional, you cannot operate or download it from official sites. If you have already downloaded it, it will still not work correctly. An error message or a blank screen will appear before you whenever you open the app. 

No short videos will be loaded unless you connect to a VPN. A VPN deceives the authorities by altering your IP address to one from a nation that has not blocked the app. We have more for you if you are still not impressed by how a VPN works. It unlocks TikTok and unblocks various apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. So, if you have installed a VPN, you won’t miss any updates from your favorite entertainment apps.

Top 3 VPNs for TikTok

What is the best TikTok VPN to use in a country where it is prohibited? We will elaborate on its answer below to clear all the confusion in your mind. Choosing a VPN is straightforward, as many features have similar characteristics. Downloading the right VPN may ease your difficulties regarding application use. It is a challenging task for newbies, but if you already have used it, you may find it a piece of cake. 

There is an excellent technique to confirm that you’re registering with the best provider. The process may vary according to one’s preference. We have mentioned some specific features that a VPN service provider must offer for that purpose. These are minor demands of a VPN user, so they must be present. 

  • Affordable prices
  • High-Speed Connection
  • P2P enabled
  • The provider should offer a 30-Day Money back guarantee.
  • No hindrance in connection while traveling
  • Free Versions should be available for a checkup 
  • No-Logs policy should be provided 
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Its navigation should be easy.
  • Intuitive software
  • User-friendly UI
  • No Ads (at least in premium subscription)
  • No malware should be associated with it.
  • No complaint about any Virus
  • Full privacy maintained
  • Military-grade encryption
  • No data breach
  • No history saved
  • Private browsing
  • Certified service
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices 

After extensive testing and research, the top 3 VPNs for TikTok are listed below. 

  1. ExpressVPN

This VPN has established itself as the customer’s preferred option for addressing privacy issues. It has a collection of more than 3000 servers that will help you unblock sites and apps like TikTok. Moreover, it runs in 94+ countries worldwide. So, you mustn’t miss it if you are searching for a VPN. 


  • 3000+ Servers in 94+ nations
  • Split tunneling enabled
  • P2P servers
  • 30-day money protection
  • Zero or No logs policy
  • Network lock feature enabled
  • DNS leak protection
  • TrustedServer tech
  • Works on five devices simultaneously

Pros of ExpressVPN

  1. Fast speeds on all servers
  2. High-end security
  3. Money back guarantee
  4. Verified service
  5. Unblocks TikTok
  6. No data leak

Cons of ExpressVPN 

  • Relatively costly subscription
  • Disconnection issues. 
  1. Nord VPN 

It is one of the best VPNs to browse TikTok in your country. It effectively hides your IP to make your access to the TikTok app. It works in about 60 countries seamlessly. You will be amazed by the performance it provides. 


  • 5200+ countries
  • 59+ Servers worldwide
  • Zero-logs policy
  • Automatic kill switch
  • P2P enabled
  • It can be used as a double VPN
  • Six connections at a time
  • IPv6 leak protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

Pros of NordVPN

  • Unblocks TikTok
  • Fast customer support
  • No restrictions
  • Unblocks geo-restricted content
  • Works in many countries
  • No lags
  • High encryption standards

Cons of NordVPN 

A double VPN feature is present, but it is not efficient. It can slow down the connection. 

  1. CyberGhost VPN

It offers thousands of servers to unlock the TikTok app. You must consider it if you wish to unblock geo-restricted applications in your area.


  • 8000+ Servers
  • 90+ Countries
  • Zero-logs policy
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Split tunneling enabled
  • Wi-Fi protection
  • P2P supported
  • Seven simultaneous connections
  • AES 256-bit encryption 

Pros of CyberGhost VPN

  1. Easy Navigation
  2. Intuitive software
  3. User-friendly UI
  4. No limitations
  5. No Ads (in premium subscription)
  6. No malware associated
  7. No pop-ups while streaming
  8. Unblocks TikTok
  9. Minimal interface

Cons of CyberGhost VPN

The free trial is minimal. It ends in a day, because of which users cannot test it effectively. 

Is TikTok Safe?

There is no potential risk associated with its use. But there are several other reasons why its access is blocked in many world regions. Sometimes the content it features is harmful. It has been noted that TikTok is a social media platform that spreads false news. It violates the policies of many nations. It sometimes features nudity that is prohibited in most parts of the world. Some governments are worried that TikTok could be a security danger. 

They assert that TikTok amasses a sizable amount of user-provided personal data. TikTok’s potential to pose a severe risk to national security has not yet been demonstrated. It is widely acknowledged that the app has almost unlimited access to private chats, preferences, and location-based information. Where this data is kept and who it is sent to are yet unknown. TikTok, however, has denied these accusations.

Governments considering or enacting a countrywide ban on TikTok have numerous reasons for doing it. They are primarily concerned that a Chinese corporation owns the app.

What to do if my VPN fails to Unblock TikTok?

Even with a VPN, there are occasions when it may be impossible to get over the TikTok ban. Do not fear; you can quickly repair this error. But first, make sure you’re using the finest VPN, like ExpressVPN. It successfully gets around the TikTok ban. If the problem persists, proceed to attempt the following steps:

  1. Clear the cache: Clear all the cached data and cookies by entering your browser’s history (in Settings). Restarting your browser is the best course of action to do. You must refresh the page after reconnecting to your VPN server.
  1. Try a different server: You might have chosen the incorrect server when connecting. It only works if you switch to a server in another nation where TikTok isn’t banned. Remember that each of the TikTok VPNs featured in the article has many servers. They are located all over the world, so you can keep switching. You may always choose a new server until you can access TikTok videos.
  1. Contact the customer care team of your VPN provider: You can ask a customer service agent from your VPN provider for assistance. Do this if you are having trouble figuring out which servers are compatible with TikTok. All our services in this post give live chat, phone, and email assistance round-the-clock.

Benefits of a Premium VPN other than Unblocking TikTok:

You can use various apps, including TikTok, without your ISP restricting your bandwidth. Because of the military-grade encryption a premium VPN provides, you may download torrents anonymously. 

Your regular internet traffic is encrypted. A VPN also enables secure access to other online tasks. The most popular streaming services worldwide are Netflix, Canal Plus, and Crackle. Here you may watch your preferred movies and TV episodes with the help of a VPN.

How to choose best TikTok VPNs?

Before choosing a VPN to get TikTok blocked, you must keep these points in mind to avoid any inconveniences: 

  1. Cost: We’ll never recommend a VPN provider that overcharges for its features. To make sure you get the most for yourself, we also provide information on any discounts, promotions, or return policies that may be offered.
  1. Usability: Our principal focus is to recommend VPNs with user-friendly interfaces for various platforms. It must be simple enough for novices to use. To do this, look for VPNs with one-click connections and dependable customer support. It must provide a straightforward way to get around regional blocking.
  1. Privacy and security: VPNs are primarily used to safeguard online identities. We only recommend those that include a no-logs policy. They must provide leak prevention, a kill switch, and AES 256-bit encryption. More sophisticated features, such as an anti-censorship mode, are also well-liked.
  1. Reliability and speed: High-speed internet is not required for TikTok videos due to their short size. However, dependable performance is essential for uninterrupted playing. That is why we only suggest VPNs with stable speeds.
  1. Server network size: Accessing a more significant number of servers is generally beneficial. It is because nearby servers have lower latency. It leads to better performance all around. Furthermore, broad server networks often result in faster speeds, even during peak usage.

. Unblocking skills: You might occasionally desire to view alternate content. As mentioned earlier, our international team tested the VPNs’ compatibility with well-known services like Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, and Disney+. It is tested to gauge how well they can get around strict regional limitations.

The Allegations and Answers to the TikTok Ban:

TikTok gathers more data than any other social media site.The methods used by TikTok to acquire data are similar to those used by other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. However, due to TikTok’s connections to China, various governments have expressed more concern about the app.
TikTok shares your information with outside companies.According to TikTok’s Privacy Policy, user data may be shared with service providers, commercial partners, affiliates, and government agencies.
Your information is given to the Chinese government through TikTok.The company’s CEO, Kevin Mayer, has publicly said that TikTok will not share data with the Chinese government. Although it is specifically stated in the app’s Privacy Policy, they may release your information. They may do it to comply with the law.
TikTok can have security lapses.In the past, TikTok has been accused of having several security flaws and vulnerabilities. It might jeopardize users’ private and sensitive information.
TikTok Censorship problemsTikTok has previously worked with the Chinese government to censor information. They also collaborated with other countries to remove videos regarded as immoral or politically incorrect.
TikTok collects your usage history and personal information.It logs your “IP address, geolocation-related data, unique device identifiers, browsing, and search history.” It also admits to gathering, scanning, and scrutinizing every message posted and received on the platform.
TikTok is a Chinese corporation.Although TikTok has offices worldwide and an American CEO. Its parent business, Byte-Dance, is headquartered in China.

How to Block/Unblock anyone on TikTok?

There are many reasons why you might want to block users on TikTok. The admins provide specific alternatives to block such obnoxious accounts for this reason. Securing well-known surveillance accounts may also enable you to use the app discreetly and safely. You can conceal your TikTok usage even when using the app at work by blocking your boss’ profile or the accounts of the IT staff, for example.

However, be careful not to do something embarrassing or inappropriate for a professional setting. Additionally, unless you use a VPN, barring someone on TikTok won’t protect you from government surveillance. If you use TikTok frequently, you may wish to keep your profile private. Do this if you don’t want other users interfering with your activities. It is how you can avoid negative comments.

How to Block anyone on TikTok?

  1. Use the search function in your TikTok app to find the account you wish to block. To do this, first view that user’s profile. The profile can also be accessed immediately from the comments, messages, or any other site where it appears.
  1. Click the menu button (represented by three dots or bars) in the top-right corner of that user’s profile.
  2. Select “Block” by tapping it on the list that appears next. When requested, continue to confirm blocking that account.

Once finished, that bothersome person would never return to your account. That’s because TikTok keeps your and the other account’s videos, comments, and even profiles secret from one another.

How to Unblock anyone on TikTok?

  1. Open your profile in the TikTok app.
  2. Select the menu option by tapping the three bars in the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Choose “Privacy” from the “Settings and Privacy” menu.
  4. Locate the “Block accounts” option by tapping it down.
  5. The list of your blocked accounts is now visible on your profile. After selecting the person, you want to unblock, select “Unblock” from the menu.

This method is straightforward to adopt. People frequently use this feature as it is convenient. 

How to get TikTok and other Chinese apps if they aren’t on the App Store?

You might be disappointed if you didn’t previously have TikTok or any other Chinese apps loaded. Even worse, you can no longer access them through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. There’s no need to worry, as you can still access them. However, as of the right moment, using a third-party site is the only method.

You may use it to download TikTok or any other software not offered on the App Store or Google Play Store. You must exercise extreme caution while downloading those apps from third-party websites. They may compromise the security of your Android or other device. They may potentially reveal your personal information.

Where is TikTok forbidden? 

  • India
  • The US (formerly)
  • Pakistan (formerly)
  • Australia 

Why do Countries keep Blocking TikTok?

Everyone has a different motive behind this action. As an example, India classified TikTok as a national security threat. According to India’s Economic Times, the app is harmful. Similarly, the US is considering banning TikTok due to concerns about data mining. The Pakistani government banned this app because of several ethical and religious matters. According to them, the app features 18+ pieces of content displayed without a warning or caution. 

Pakistan has banned the app for failing to filter out insecure and obscene content. No matter how hard the governments try to block TikTok, you already got the solution.


If TikTok is your favorite app and is not working, we can help you. We have listed the best VPNs to unblock the TikTok app in your country. In 2024, ExpressVPN will be the most dependable VPN for helping you unblock TikTok from any location. It will enable you to access several other blocked websites, like Netflix, in addition to assisting you in getting over TikTok’s geo-restrictions. Additionally, your internet security will always be guaranteed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is TikTok Blocked in India?

Yes, TikTok is one of the many well-known applications taken down by the authorities. It happened because of their Chinese origin. As the tension between Indian and Chinese borders sustains, the rivalry grows bigger. However, users can still access it with the aid of a VPN. 

Is TikTok Legal?

The TikTok app is only legal in countries where the governments have not banned it. Otherwise, its use is illegal, and you must face severe consequences for violating the policies. To avoid inconveniences, we advise you to avoid geo-blocked apps and games. 

Can TikTok be Unblocked from School or Office?

Yes, you can access it there. The administration builds a firewall that blocks TikTok. You can quickly get past that by using a Virtual Private Network. If you are using a good VPN, you will not be detected either. In this way, you can break that firewall without being caught.

Why have some Countries Blocked TikTok?

Some countries like India and the US banned it because of anti-China policies. Other countries like Pakistan have banned it because of vulgarity and nudity in the content. Hence, its access is blocked in many regions of the world for several reasons. Likewise, Indonesia and many other countries have temporarily banned it. 

What are the best VPNs to Unblock TikTok?

1. Express VPN
2. Cyber Ghost VPN

What VPN Features are ideal for accessing TikTok Unblocked?

To safely unblock TikTok, a trustworthy VPN should have the following features:
– Full privacy maintained
– Military-grade encryption
– No data breach
– No history saved
– No data kept
– Private browsing
– Certified service
– Compatible with Android and iOS devices


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