How to Select the Best Quail Eggs for Successful Hatching?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   April 4, 2023   Update on : April 4, 2023

Best Quail Eggs

Quail hatching is a delicate process that requires attention to detail, the right environment, and, most importantly, the right eggs. Choosing the best quail-hatching eggs can mean the difference between a successful and a failed hatch. For those looking for fertile quail eggs for sale, it’s essential to consider the factors determining the eggs.


The first factor to consider when selecting quail-hatching eggs is quality. The egg should be free of cracks or deformities, and the shell should be uniform in texture and color. The eggshell should be firm but not too thick or too thin.

It’s important to note that quail eggs have a shorter shelf life than chicken eggs, and the fresher the egg, the better the chances of successful hatching. Ideally, quail-hatching eggs should be no more than ten days old when placed in the incubator.


The ideal egg size is between 10 and 15 grams. Quail-hatching eggs that fall within this range have a higher chance of successful hatching than those that are outside this range.

Breeder Selection

Another essential factor to consider when selecting quail-hatching eggs is the breeder’s selection. You want to choose a breeder with a good reputation for producing high-quality hatching eggs.

Look for those that have a history of successful hatches and healthy birds. You can also ask for recommendations from other quail breeders or check online reviews.

Choosing a breeder committed to maintaining their birds’ health and welfare is also essential. A healthy breeder bird is more likely to produce healthy hatching eggs.

Hatchery vs. Local Breeder

When it comes to buying fertile quail eggs for sale, you have the option of purchasing eggs from a hatchery or a local breeder. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hatcheries tend to have a more extensive selection of breeds and egg quantities, but the downside is that you may need to find the exact source of the eggs. Hatcheries often purchase eggs from multiple breeders, making it difficult to track the quality and origin of the eggs.

If you purchase quail-hatching eggs from a hatchery, research the place and read reviews before purchasing. If you buy from a local breeder, visit the breeder’s farm and inspect the birds and eggs before purchasing.

Transportation and Handling

Transportation and handling can also affect the quality of eggs. When eggs are shipped, they are subject to jostling and changes in temperature and humidity, which can damage the eggs.

If you purchase quail hatching eggs online or from a hatchery, ensure the eggs are adequately packed to prevent damage during transport. Eggs should be packaged to protect them from jostling and temperature fluctuations.

When handling quail-hatching eggs, be gentle and avoid dropping or shaking them. It’s also important to wash your hands before handling the eggs to prevent the transfer of bacteria.


Selecting the best quail-hatching eggs for successful hatching requires attention to detail and consideration of several factors. Egg quality, size, breeder selection, transportation and handling, and candling are all critical factors when selecting quail-hatching eggs.

By selecting the finest eggs and providing the right environment and care during the hatching procedure, you can increase your chances of a successful hatch and raise healthy quail chicks.


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