iPads in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning With Apple Technology

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 14, 2023   Update on : November 14, 2023

iPads in the Classroom
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The academic load increases with each semester, so students are looking for reliable assistants who won’t let them down. Some turn to professional writers with extensive experience with all types of school assignments. By the way, you can explore NoCramming reviews to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing. At the same time, technology remains an indispensable magic wand, especially Apple tablets.

They are great not only for playing games, watching videos, reading books, or exploring the net. The iPad is a fantastic gadget for learners, and it surely makes any educational process much easier.

Basically, the device doesn’t need to be configured in any special way. You just need to discover its handy features ‒ believe us, knowing them, you will enjoy your studies in a brand new way.

So, how can Apple technology transform the learning process? Read on to find out!

Drawing Shapes and Lines

Taking notes and flowcharts is an important part of any lesson, especially in math classes. If you need to make visual notes quickly and yet ensure they’re understandable, the following iPad feature will come in handy.

The gadget allows you to quickly draw usual geometric shapes, straight lines, rhombus, etc. This works with both Apple Pencil and finger drawing. The feature was first installed in iOS 14 and works on all systems.

Whether you need to create a triangle, line, circle, square, or any other shape, just hold your finger for a split second once you finish drawing. The figure will be created automatically and will look appealing.

This speeds up the process of finishing tasks on subjects such as geometry.

Capturing Ideas Quickly

Students often worry about not being able to write down everything important in a lecture. Sometimes, the professor talks too quickly, and sometimes, you just lack the energy to fix all the key details. But when you use an iPad with Apple’s stylus, you can quickly take notes right from the iPadOS lock screen.

The option can be turned on via Settings – Notes – Notes on the locked screen. You can always create a new note from the lock screen or continue editing the last entry.

This eliminates the anxiety about missing something crucial.

Being in Two Places Simultaneously

Sometimes, students are given time to work independently, a perfect chance to watch useful content and gain important insights. Therefore, the iPad allows you to watch the lecture and take notes simultaneously.

Basically, you can unpin a video from its application window and place it on top of other programs or games. In this case, you will play a webinar or presentation and work with another application.

The option is enabled via Settings ‒ General ‒ Picture in Picture.

Two Windows of One Application

Have you ever heard about the Split View mode? This is when the screen is divided into two parts, showing two programs. Some programs may be opened as a second window on the screen, and the Safari browser, the Mail application, or standard Notes are among them.

To activate the second program window, you need to drag any content and release it near the side border of the screen. This function may be particularly useful for essay writing. Let there be a stream of consciousness, associations, and random ideas in one window and clearly formulated theses, arguments, and evidence in the second.

Fine Motor Skills as a Way to Distract Yourself

This is an older iPad feature, but many Apple tablet users don’t know about it. Using this option, you can switch between programs, go to the desktop, or enter a menu with convenient multi-finger gestures. By the way, this allows you to get a little distracted and reboot your brain:

  • Swipe left with four fingers to switch to the previous application;
  • Swipe right with four fingers to switch to the next application;
  • Swipe with four fingers from the bottom to the middle of the screen ‒ go to the multitasking panel;
  • Swipe with four fingers from the bottom to the top of the screen ‒ go to the desktop;
  • Pinch four fingers in an application or on the desktop to launch the multitasking panel.

Relaxation for the Eyes

An Apple tablet can act as a magnifying glass. This will enable you to read small print in a textbook or decipher a classmate’s handwriting. Turn on the feature via Settings – Magnifier, and then add the corresponding switch to the Settings – Control Center menu. Now, point the iPad camera at the desired object.

Apple Technology
Photo by Ernest Ojeh on Unsplash

Variety of Applications

iWork’s variety of applications is great for interacting with documents in the most popular formats, such as PDF or DOC. Moreover, there is a Microsoft Office package for tablets. The tablet has iMovie to work with video, and there is GarageBand for music.

Moreover, Apple develops apps for studying, such as iTunes U, which has a collection of podcasts from the world’s best universities. Therefore, students will definitely not be limited in their choices.

Reasons to buy a tablet for school:

  1. A variety of applications for interacting with different types of content;
  2. Typing easily to fix all key ideas;
  3. Portability and long battery life;
  4. Affordable price.

To Wrap It Up

It’s not just pens, notebooks, and sleep schedules that should be prepared for the start of the school semester. Another indispensable assistant is an iPad. It takes up significantly less space than any laptop in a student’s backpack. Its charger is also small and lightweight, allowing you to carry it in a small bag.

Many educational programs on the iPad help students organize their learning. For instance, the Apple Pencil and Notes allow you to store useful information from lectures.

The iPad can also be a helpful tool for educators. With its help, they can create and edit various types of files, be it presentations or documents, for example. And many users love the Split View feature, which opens two programs at the same time to be more efficient. That’s how revolutionary the iPad can be for learning in today’s world.


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