Life Drawing in Liverpool for Hen, and Stag Party

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Life Drawing in Liverpool

Liverpool is an incredibly diverse city with vast cultural and architectural heritage. It is the fifth-largest city in the UK, according to its population. The varied and colorful nightlife makes it an excellent place for parties and celebrations.

Because of its heritage, art and drawing are prevalent here. Life or nude drawing is an ancient artistic tradition that has survived till now. Nowadays, it has become a source of fun and entertainment. Life drawing in Liverpool has become a popular item for celebrations and parties.

What is Life Drawing in Liverpool?

A Life drawing session is like an art class you can attend with your friends and adult members of your family. It differs from a typical art class because your drawing subject is either a nude man or woman.  You can ask your model to make different poses and draw them. Life models are selected very carefully; their looks are not the main criteria, although they are above average and look pleasing to the eye.  Their main quality is their experience in making you feel comfortable. They all have a great sense of humor and will ensure you have fun and laugh during the session.

A single session of life drawing in Liverpool is anywhere from 90 min to 120 min. It’s a great way to make your celebrations and parties memorable for a lifetime. 

Parties that have a session of life drawing in Liverpool

Nude drawing has gained tremendous popularity in modern-day life. Most parties and celebrations have a place for it on their menu.

Here are three parties that frequently include life drawing in Liverpool:

  1. Hen party

A hen party is an all-female party for a bride-to-be before the marriage. Traditionally party included the family of the bride, in-laws, and friends. But nowadays only close friends are invited. 

Life drawing sessions are a popular addition to hen parties in Liverpool city. Drawing while drinking and having fun with your friends in a humorous, artistic, and lighthearted atmosphere makes your special day a lifetime memory. 

  1. Stag party

The stag party is the same as the hen party but with all males. A life drawing session is a popular addition to this occasion, making it more memorable. The difference between the life drawing session at the hen and the stag party lies in models. Hen party’s life models are usually male, while at stag do’s life model is female

  1. Birthday Party

Life drawing in Liverpool is also a popular addition to an adult’s birthday party. It can make a birthday party lively and funny. But it is essential to ensure that all the participants are above 18 as per the law.

What should I do if my drawing is terrible?

Your drawing level is unimportant as this is not an artist gathering. A nude drawing party is there for you to have fun and add a bit of spice to your celebration.  You don’t have to hesitate as most people are bad at nude drawing. Very few can draw an acceptable nude sketch except the artists. Sharing your hilarious drawings and having a laugh is the point here. No one expects you to make a masterpiece.

Are there any art clubs or schools that teach life drawing in Liverpool?

Yes! Art is prevalent in Liverpool, and numerous art schools and clubs exist. There you can learn drawing by participating in their classes and sessions. Drawing is all about practice and using proper techniques; the same goes for life drawing. Art schools and clubs provide an experienced art teacher to teach you proper techniques and some nude models for you to practice your drawing.

Can I participate in a life drawing session if I am below 18?

NO! There are stringent rules regarding the age of the participants. As nude drawing is essentially an adult activity, all minors are prohibited from participating in it.

Do models in life drawing parties go nude?

Yes! That’s their job, so they are usually in their birthday suit in life drawing sessions. But if you want them clothed or semi-clothed, they will follow your will. Their priority is to make you feel comfortable, so they will accommodate you to the greatest extent.

Do life models required to have good figures and appearance?

No! Nude drawing in art schools teaches students to draw different human figures, so models also have varied appearances and figures. The only requirement for a life model is to be confident enough to show themselves naked. But models for life drawing parties in Liverpool are different from art school models. They are carefully selected to be pleasing to the eye and have a humorous personality.

What paint to use for the drawing?

You can use any paint to draw a nude model, but liquid paint always makes a mess. So, if you are okay with the mess, you can use liquid paint, but if you don’t want it, it’s better to use dry paint, a pencil, or chalk. 


Life drawing party is trendy nowadays, and many companies in Liverpool provide this service. They can book a session for you with a single call. You can use their venue for the party, or they can send their staff to your indicated address. 

It is a naughty but arty way of partying and celebrating.


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