Netflix Download Limit 2024: Everything You Should Know

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Netflix Download Limit
Netflix Download Limit

Are you an intensive user or do you download huge TV shows or movies? You may have at one point encountered the download limits errors. These errors can hinder the user from downloading more content. But Netflix has helped huge bingers to pass the Netflix download limit and enjoy more movies.

In the year 2016, Netflix came up with a downloading feature for viewing while offline. Therefore, this allows you to download the content and view it while offline whenever you want. Having this feature is very vital if you are in a place where the mobile data signal is weak or not available. Even while traveling or flying, you can use this feature to watch downloaded movies or shows.

In this blog, we explain to you all Netflix download limitations from all aspects of errors, how to solve download limit problems, and subscriptions.

What is the download limit for Netflix?

The Netflix app comes with a unique download feature that allows you to get a max of only 100 titles on one device at a time. Note that depending on the Netflix subscription plan chosen, you are required to download the titles on one, two, or even four devices at a given time.

Also, the content that is downloaded can be watched only on the device it was downloaded on. Additionally, the downloaded content have a set expiring time. Some of the videos might last up to 48 hours while others can last for up to seven days. This happens after the first press play and it depends on the subscription as well as the type of the title. Some movies and TV shows can only be downloaded a certain number of times per account and per year.

If you achieve the maximum limit for a specific video, you can still be able to stream it online, but you can’t be able to download it.

You can use the latest version of the Netflix app on any of the following devices:

  • An Android Smartphone or a tablet running Android 4.4.2 or later
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod running iOS 9.0 or later
  • Windows tablet or Windows 10 version 1607 or later
  • Amazon Fire tablet running Fire OS 4.0 or later

Why is there a Netflix Download Limit?

According to Netflix, you can keep a maximum of up to 100 different titles on a single device at a given time. When you surpass the limit of 100 titles, then you get an error. This error appears to be quite doubtful; users will see an error on the app that notifies them that they have too many downloaded contents on the device.

This Netflix download limit happens when a license holder or those who distribute Netflix requests put a limit on how many times users of Netflix can re-download any title.

The Netflix downloading limit is controlled by the license holders and it differs from one title to another. However, the platform doesn’t give any explanation concerning a download limit on the original content. This can be a huge disappointment.

Also, Netflix has not specified the download limit for every title, and you are notified only when you are left with only one remaining download. Note that you can check Netflix download limits from different aspects like time, device, quantities, storage, and account.

Reasons to get “Download limit” on your Netflix

Netflix allows you to download movies or TV shows for offline watching. However, it sets a download device limit which stops the user from downloading more content. 

For sure the main download limit issue is the quantity. You can save a max of up to 100 contents on a single device at a given period. You will get an error pop-up notifying you that you reached your limit in case you try more.

It means you can select Download from the error screen to download the movie, but you will be unable to download it again with that title until the date shown in the error message passed.

Below are the main reasons why you are getting the error on your Netflix account:

An issue with the network connection

Error 0041 is a Connection error; it means your device is not connected well to the internet. If you are downloading the video and the connection error message pops up, don’t panic.

You need to connect to the internet and also update Netflix for it to work well. For sure, if you have a connection error in your Netflix app, there is a big chance that you have a problem with the internet connection. Maybe your Wi-Fi connection requires to be restarted or maybe service from the ISP is having a problem. 

Also, maybe your internet is not working properly, or the data on your playback device is required to be refreshed. This error will appear as an irritating notification on your screen until corrected and handled. 

To solve this issue, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Clearing the Netflix app
  • Improve your Wi-Fi
  • Restart your home network  
  • Restore your default connection settings.

If your device has an issue

Your device might be an older version of Android or is not Play Protect certified. If this is the case, then you can’t download it from the Play Store. However, you may be able to install a basic version of the app straight from Netflix if it is not possible to download it from your Play Store.

It’s also possible that you are not using the current version of the Netflix app on your device. Or the version you are using is incompatible with other software on your device. 

You might be having an issue with your Netflix account –

An error may appear when there is a problem with your account. You can solve this problem by refreshing your device. Try signing out and then sign in again. You can also close the app on your device and start again.

The device may be out of date or corrupted

You’re going to get Netflix error 11800 in case there is a problem with the playback of the selected movie or show on your mobile device.

This shows that the content on your device is outdated or corrupted and requires to be refreshed. Normally, you are going to see this error on an Apple device such as an iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV.

The fastest way to solve this error is to restart the device. This must clear out any old information used by the Netflix app and allow the user to reload the content.

Common Netflix Download Limit Errors

When using Netflix, you might find some common errors. Therefore, you should not panic at any point. What you must know is how to fix those errors. Sometimes these download limits can be frustrating. There are 3 common download limit errors on Netflix. Here are common Netflix download Limit errors you might face.

  1. Netflix Error 10016 – 22005 (There are too many downloaded videos)

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix allows you to have a maximum of only 100 different titles on one device at a particular time. But if you surpass the set limit you are likely to get a notification telling you that there are many videos downloaded on the device. The error is 10016-22005.

  1. Error code: 10016 – 23000 (This content has been downloaded on many devices)

You are normally allowed to download your video on one, two, or four devices at a particular time subject to the subscription. If by any chance you surpass the number of downloads, then you get the error message that notifies you that you downloaded on so many devices. The error is called 10016-23000. You can delete the earlier downloaded contents from the other device to continue downloading the series or movie.

  1. Error code: 10016 – 22007 (The download yearly limit for the video is reached)

Netflix may not allow you to download the same title many times. This is because of its authorization agreements with the original content creator. Therefore, when you reach the limit, you will get an error notification that tells you that the download limit is reached for the year. So, you will be allowed to download it again after a certain period.

Sometimes, the limit might depend on the license holders which makes it difficult to download the same title after the yearly download is reached.

How to solve the Netflix Download Limit Problem?

In the process of downloading a TV show or movie, you might encounter download limit errors. But do you know how to rectify that? Here are the solutions on how to fix the Netflix limit errors for download.

  1. Netflix Error 10016 – 22005 (You have many downloaded videos)

By deleting downloads, you will be fixing this error. This can successfully fix this error and be capable of downloading additional titles; therefore, you have to remove some past downloaded titles from the device. To successful delete contents, follow the procedure below:

  • From the Netflix app, click Downloads.
  • You can tap ‘more’ if you don’t see Downloads, then tap My Downloads.
  • Tap on the “Edit button” on the upper right.
  • To remove an individual TV show, tap on the TV show.
  • Then tap on the red X to delete the download from your device.
  • Now you can try to download a movie or TV show again.
  1. Error code: 10016 – 23000 (The user has downloaded on many devices)

Netflix allows you to download the video on one, two, or four devices at a specific time depending on your subscription plan. If you attempt to download more content, then an error pop-up message will show cautioning you that you have already downloaded on many devices. 

To fix this error you can delete some downloads. The Expired downloads that you can’t watch can take up storage space, and therefore need to be deleted. To continue downloading TV shows or movies to your new device; so you must first remove all old downloads from the other device, or just upgrade the subscription plan to be able to support more devices.

  1. Error code: 10016 – 22007 (You Have attained the Yearly Download Limit for that particular Video)

At one point you will get a message indicating that you have achieved the maximum number of downloads for a specific movie or TV show. Some movies and TV shows can only be downloaded a specific number of times per year and per account.

Deleting all downloads you are done watching is generally sufficient to fix this error. Just delete the older downloads before you begin with your current download. So, deleting the older TV shows and videos opens downloads in the Netflix app on your Android, iOS, or Windows device. Then select the titles that you want to remove from downloads.

FAQs about Netflix Download

Do Netflix downloads expire?

The period the Netflix downloads stay varies from one title to another and license. Some downloads can last for around seven days.

Are Netflix downloads on the device or account?

The downloaded contents are available on the device that was used to download and can be viewed from any profile in your account.

Do my Netflix downloads show on all devices?

No, downloaded shows and movies are only kept locally on the device. If you want to see downloaded content from another device, you need to download the show or movie specifically on it.

Can I download Netflix videos and watch them after my subscription ends?

No. The downloaded contents are found on the Netflix app only. Therefore, you will not be allowed to log into the Netflix app after the subscription has ended.


Netflix lets users download 100 web series, movies, and documentaries for offline viewing. Subscribers have been requesting offline Netflix downloads for the year so that they may be able to download their preferred TV shows or movies and watch them when they are offline. And this has been fulfilled by Netflix. However, the only challenges are the errors it pops up when using the software.  If you want to fix the download Netflix limit errors, our guide explains each error and how it can be fixed in a matter of seconds.


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