Opkey- A Revolutionary End-To-End Codeless Testing Tool

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 11, 2022   Update on : January 17, 2024

Opkey Codeless Testing Tool

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is an essential tool used by a business to collect customer data that can be analysed to improve sales or to make better marketing decisions. Owing to its great importance, CRM testing is very beneficial to ensure that the software is fully operational when it is installed, updated or upgraded. Salesforce is a widely used CRM tool that helps a business in its growth and optimisation. Salesforce Testing certifies and validates the reliability of the software and helps in delivering a superior-high-quality product. 

Opkey is a revolutionary code-less test automation solution used by several leading enterprises globally to accelerate their testing process. Opkey is a robust framework specially designed to test Salesforce CRM applications and software to ensure their proper working. Integrating with Opkey is a painless process. Frequent changes are made to the Salesforce application to improve the existing functions or to introduce new features. These features cannot be integrated without prior testing. Manual testing with regular updates is not a viable option and can be a hindrance in scaling. Manual testing is also prone to human errors and is time-consuming. Opkey automated tool takes a lead among the options presently available in the market.

The key features of Opkey as a testing solution for Salesforce are-

  1. Substantially reducing the testing time- bringing it down by 80%
  2. Good Compatibility with both Salesforce Classic and Lightning versions. It can also run post-migration tests effectively when a business migrates from the Classic to the lightning version.
  3. Easily supports any app that is custom-built on the Salesforce Platform. It Works code-free across the different Salesforce modules- sales, marketing clouds, CPQ etc.

Opkey has additional benefits in comparison to the other manual or automated test solutions available in the market-

  1. More stability – The automated solutions of a stable operation to a business organisation. The need for extra applications and support is completely eradicated. Moreover the system is completely capable of carrying out the necessary operations without causing any kind of disturbance to the normal business workflow. A streamlined workflow can be maintained within an organisation with the access to new third-party application performance without any kind of hassle.
  2. Code-less testing solution– Code-less testing tool makes it user-friendly and can also be handled by a non-technical team member. Just a few hours of basic training can be sufficient to get started. New tests can be created using drag-and-drop features plus the record and playback option.
  3. Ensuring business continuity by handling complex unique customisations in Salesforce– Salesforce continuously works to introduce more features and upgrades for innovation and to improve the business experience. But the new updates also imply the need for continuous testing for its optimum working. Manual testing is not a feasible option and can be burdensome. Opkey facilitates continuous testing and the ability to accommodate all Salesforce updates. Opkey’s Impact analysis engine allows for visually assessing impact and risks. Opkey eliminates the need to maintain manual scripts and validates and certifies any platform updates before it is deployed.
  4. Increased test efficiency and accuracy– Opkey is efficient and can catch 30% more defects as compared to other automated solutions. It is advantageous in comparison to the Manual testing option as it eliminates the possibility of mistakes by human error. Opkey automated tools can help in reducing application downtime. 
  5. Reduced test time– Manual testing can be a mundane task and takes time and effort. Increased testing time adds to the cost and increases the financial burden. Opkey automated testing is AI-powered and substantially reduces the testing time by considering several scenarios and test cases. When updates are made, scripts get broken. Manually fixing these scripts can be time-consuming. Opkey testing solution can help in automatically fixing the scripts, therefore saving time and reducing costs. The saved precious business funds can be utilised in improving other business services and components.
  6. Flexibility in testing– Opkey tools make it possible to run tests anywhere, at any given time which is not possible with manual testing. They can be scheduled for any date or time and minimises human effort. It supports both mobile and desktop testing.
  7. Good customer support– Using and installing Opkey can be easily done in a few hours. Opkey provides some basic on-boarding training. Additional video tutorials, written articles and webinars available make the learning process easier. It has a dedicated 24X7 customer support team to solve issues making it extremely likeable

Technical Opkey features-

  1. Test Discovery in an instant– Opkey tools can easily find the tests pre-run in a client’s environment and can easily identify the gaps in coverage after mining the process logs. 
  2. Easy new test creation– Opkey testing solutions have a greater ability to cover several tests with one click without the intervention of a developer. It assists in building new tests in a few minutes without any code using a keyword-based drag-and-drop automation tool. It comes with an option to record browser sessions while running a test.
  3. Impact analysis tool– gives Prior Alerts before final changes are made.
  4. Self-healing tools– Opkey reduces the maintenance burden when a script breaks due to a new update. The tools can automatically fix broken scripts. This helps in reducing maintenance efforts by 80%.
  5. Automatic report creation and easier communication– Opkey tools help in Automatic report generation. Reporting dashboards help in communicating to the right people about defects or failed tests. Collaborating across various departments has never been easier.
  6. Great Object recognition abilities- Salesforce is a dynamic and complex application, which makes it important to choose an automated testing tool which can isolate these dynamic objects for testing. Opkey uses AI (Artificial intelligence) powered smart object recognition to detect defects and helps in fixing them.
  7. Hassle-free maintenance – Opkey tests can be run anywhere and have no human or time limitations. It, therefore, reduces the cost burden.

Due to its great coverage, speed and testing efficiency, Opkey is a preferred solution although there are many automated testing solutions available in the market. Opkey is a great no-code testing solution capable of running end-to-end tests and saving an organisation’s time and resources.


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