What is Picuki? How Does Picuki Work?

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Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 18, 2022   Update on : November 27, 2023


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. If you are a regular or just visiting user, you may come across videos, pictures, or other forms of media you wish to download or view again. 

There is a little problem, Instagram does not let you download these files. A bummer, I know. However, there is a way to bypass that minor inconvenience.

How do you get around this pickle? Fortunately, web applications or software lets you download videos and pictures from Instagram. This application lets you watch Instagram videos and stories as well. One such web application or software is Picuki.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a front-end web application that lets you access Instagram videos, stories, pictures, and people’s profiles while anonymous. However, that’s just a tip of the web application’s ability. You can also download and edit photos from Instagram without being an active user.

Using Picuki, you don’t have to worry about getting access to a user’s profile, nor do you have to worry about their viewing their stories while remaining anonymous.

Picuki is unique from other websites or web applications of this kind in that it lets you edit photos you find on Instagram.

How Picuki works with Instagram

In its simplest form, Picuki is a web tool that lets anyone view and edit Instagram media or content. The web tool allows you to view Instagram content through an API known as “Instagram basic display API.”

The Instagram basic display API allows users of any web tool where it has been embedded to access basic user profile data such as photos and videos from their Instagram account.

The API allows Picuki to work as a search engine, specifically for Instagram content on the platform. All contents, such as photos, videos, stories, posts, and hashtags, are available using the Instagram basic display API.

Most web tools like Picuki let you view anonymously, but Pi Cuki takes it further and allows you to edit photo files. This ability comes in handy.

How to use Picuki with Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Picuki is a web tool that helps you access user accounts, pictures, videos, and other media anonymously. The web application is user-friendly and simple. Here is how you use the web tool.

  1. Using your browser, visit the Picuki web page

You can use any browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or any other well-known browser, type in the link www.picuki.com. Your browser will be directed to the Picuki web page immediately.

  1. Search for desired content on the search engine

At the top center of the Picuki web page is a search engine. Type in anything you want to view on the web page, from a celebrity to a friend account.

  1. Navigate your page of choice to view stories and posts

You should see the page you are looking for, except the user you have searched for does not exist or the user has prevented Picuki from accessing its profile.

Once on the page, you can navigate between stories and most posts of the user account to view the content you are looking for on the page. You can also access their photos or videos posted to the report.

  1. Edit, download, or view?

Why are you on the site? Do you wish to view, edit or download it? Once you have seen the photos or media files, you can make your decision.

There is an edit and download button at the top of every photo file accessed, but there is only the download option for the video files.

The web tool lets you access these accounts anonymously, so there is no history of your visit from the other end.

Benefits of Using Picuki

  1. Your data is safe

You often hear that you are most likely the product if an application is free. Your data is sold to the highest bidder for targeted ads and other uses. 

On Picuki, users are safe from all that. As much as you visit Instagram accounts anonymously, you also use the web tool anonymously without fear of Picuki sharing your data.

  1. The web tool is Legal

Like many of its competitors in the Instagram downloader space, Picuki uses Instagram’s basic display API. The API is legal and issued by Meta, the parent company of Instagram.

What does it all mean? The web tool is legal, and it does not expose you to any fraudulent risk or form of maleficence.

  1. It has the editing edge

The Picuki is quite unique compared to its competitors because it allows users to edit photos from Instagram.

As a user, sometimes you may want to edit the photos or images you are downloading. Editing helps align the image to the purpose you intend for it.

  1. It is free

The Picuki web tool is free and allows for unlimited use. It is not only free, but you also get to enjoy so many other cool ad-on. The web application doesn’t have hidden charges or costs as well.

What are the alternatives to Picuki?

There are many alternatives to Picuki but let me list the best for you.

  1. Glassgram
  2. Instasave
  3. StoriesIG
  4. Snapinsta
  5. Saveig.com


Glassgram is an Instagram web tool with some really great features. Picuki will not allow you to view private accounts, but Glassgram does. It also lets you view your direct messages and other cool features.

A few other differences, though, It is free for all users, and Glassgram is not free. 

There is a free version of the Picuki, but it comes with limited features, which can be quite dull.


Another excellent web application for viewing and downloading Instagram videos, the web application only lets you view and download videos, stories, IGtv, and photos from Instagram.

Unlike Picuki, where the user name is what you use to find an account, with Instasave, you use the URL of the video, story, or IGtv you want to download.


StoriesIG is one of the most similar to Picuki.

They have similar features and work the same way, allowing you to download and view media such as photos, stories, and videos.

The significant difference between both web applications is in the background of both platforms. The user interfaces are very much night and day. Another difference is that stories have many ads while the Picuki has none.


On the surface, the platform may share huge similarities with other Instagram downloaders, such as the ability to view and download content off Instagram freely. They are unique because they boast of higher quality content than most.

Like Picuki, it allows you to view stories, photos, and videos. However, with Snapinsta, you can take it two steps further and view reels and IGtv.


This web application is also a downloading platform for Instagram videos and photos. It is also unique because it allows users to watch stories and IGtv. 

However, just like Instasave, it uses URLs to find desired videos on Instagram.

See also more similar sites like Picuki alternative

  1. Speakrj.com
  2. Piwox.com
  3. Picterio.com
  4. Pikdo.info
  5. Pikdo.biz
  6. Picboon.com
  7. Ninjaoutreach.com
  8. Pictame.com
  9. Picpaw.netlify.app
  10. Picosico.org
  11. Linktr.ee
  12. Lambda.dance
  13. Keepface.com
  14. Jolygram.com
  15. Instazu.com
  16. Instasaved.net
  17. Instalkr.com
  18. Instastory.net
  19. Insta-stories.ru
  20. Insta-stories.online
  21. Insta-stories.online
  22. Imginn.com
  23. Instajust.com
  24. Ingramer.com
  25. Imgkoa.com
  26. Igblade.com
  27. Hypeauditor.com
  28. Hotinfluencer.com
  29. Hayko.tv
  30. Greatfon.com
  31. Gramhir.com
  32. Esperando.cc
  33. Ejiga.com
  34. Fullmoviehd4k.com
  35. Fullinsta.photo
  36. Exolyt.com
  37. Dumpor.com
  38. Digsty.com
  39. Bigsta.net
  40. Apkun.com
  41. Anonymous-story.com
  42. Alexairan.com
  43. 4trombones.com
  44. Anon-instastories.online
  45. Anonigviewer.com
  46. Analisa.io
  47. 4ins.top

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes, Picuki is anonymous. You can visit the user’s account or profile on Instagram without alerting the user. You can also view or download files as well with the user being none the wiser. Anonymity in Picuki works both ways as well. While using the web application, you are a guest with no data on the web tool, which guarantees your anonymity. It is really a great mix.

Is Picuki safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. You often hear of free applications such as these selling your data to the highest bidder for targeted ads. However, Picuki users are safe from all that. It not only protects your data but also your identity from users on the other end.

Who should use Picuki?

Picuki is a web application open to all users from all backgrounds. It is particularly helpful to those who wish to download media files from Instagram but have no way of doing so. Only basic media data is available on the web application, so it will be difficult for users to stalk anyone.

Does Picuki show who viewed it?

No. The Picuki does not show viewed. It ensures that anyone using the web tool is completely anonymous.


For a free platform, Picuki has a lot of cool features. It is one of the best web tools for downloading media files or media content from Instagram.

The web application uses an API licensed from Meta, which allows it to view Instagram. For users who do not want to pay or anonymously view an Instagram handle, Picuki is the best at it.

The free nature of the platform, coupled with its near non-existent advertising, makes it the best choice for users—especially those who wish to view it anonymously.

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