Role of Parents in Children’s Education

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 5, 2023   Update on : February 5, 2023

role of parents in education

Parents are the first teachers and home is the first school for a child. The foundation of learning starts with the family. Parents teach their kids the fundamental things, which are the pillars of their further education. Many parents often think that educating their children is only the teachers’ responsibility. But parents should play a vital role in the education of their children. Parents should adopt the easiest methods and approaches when they start educating their adolescents. Children can enrich their self-confidence when they start learning various things at home. The lessons from their books become familiar to them before they go to their school.

Let’s see some key roles of parents in children’s education.

  1. Be a role model:

Children always try to follow their father or mother. You need to be a role model to them. You should not do act and advice your kids not to do the same thing. You must offer a positive environment to your children. Try to teach them basic manners at home. You should act punctually so that your children can learn from you.

  1. Spend quality time:

It is very important to spend quality time with your children. Parents normally remain busy with their daily activities and become reluctant to spend a good time with their kids. The children get little or no education from their parents. There is no doubt that teachers teach their students at schools. But, parents are the best educators. So, you should spend quality time with your kids.

  1. Learning through fun:

Your kids should learn through fun. You should not be very strict so that the children get nervous. You need to play with your children. It is not sober for young kids to get the study burden. They should have fun while learning. So the parents should emphasize the matter.

  1. Be extrovert:

As parents, you need to be extroverts. You need to express and teach your kids how to express their feelings. They must get the liberty to ask you questions about their study. They will learn from you and become extroverts when they grow up.

  1. Regular observation:

Parents should have regular observations of their kids. You can’t be an educator all of a sudden. You must check the progress of your children continuously. It is a slow process to teach your kids basic education. They can’t jump to ten from zero. You should teach them to step by step.

  1. Be patient:

The young kids are restless. They love exploring new things. Parents should not be impatient while handling their children. You must have adequate patience to tolerate hundreds of queries from the children.

  1. Listen to your kids:

Parents should listen to their kids. They should not pressurize the boys and girls while teaching. Your kids should get the freedom to tell you everything. If you obstruct your kids halfway, they will lose interest to talk about new things. Don’t expect that the kids will always listen to you. You can teach them why listening to others’ opinions is important.

  1. Don’t blame:

Parents should not blame their children all the time. None is perfect in the world. You should motivate the kids so that they feel safe when they are with you. Children are very emotional. You need to teach your kids how to solve problems in the difficult situation instead of blaming them for any mistake.

  1. Celebrate your kids’ success:

Kids love to get good words from their parents. You should celebrate your children’s success with great enthusiasm. Their confidence level will go high if you do so. Celebration for a good grade or winning a race will motivate your kids to go forward in life.


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