Ensure Success with SAFe 5.1 Training and Certification

Time Of Info By TOI Team   May 23, 2022   Update on : June 1, 2022

SAFe 5.1 Training

It has been four years since the last version of SAFe®  was released, so you can imagine how popular the new version, SAFe 5.1, will be with Agilists and Scrum Masters alike! If you’re keen to stay at the forefront of Agile and Lean thinking, then this certification training course is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. The three-day course is ideal for any Scrum Master who wants to understand why SAFe 5.1 differs from the previous versions and how the tools and guidance can help them achieve higher levels of agility in their teams.

What is SAFe?

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is a comprehensive set of enterprise agility practices, methods, tools, and guidelines that enable large organizations to successfully deliver business value through Agile software development in a Lean manner. It has been carefully crafted by teams at Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI) over several years based on feedback from hundreds of enterprises adopting agile methods across all types of industries worldwide.

Benefits of Learning from Experts

Many organizations have tried to adopt Scaled Agile, but have failed miserably. They might not have started with a good plan or they may not have been successful at scaling their Agile process across their entire organization, rather than just in one group of silos.

A much better approach is to choose a highly-trained expert who can help your company understand how to execute Scaled Agile practices within your unique organizational structure so that you see a real business benefit from adopting Agile methods. Only an experienced facilitator can help you correctly plan for the adoption of Scaled Agile within your company or for certifying that your implementation meets industry standards for excellence.

Pick an Expert

It’s important to get training from an expert who can answer your questions, clarify concepts, and assist you when you’re stuck during project planning or implementation. In addition to a 20+ year career as a software developer, Amy Hoover is also a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) as well as a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).

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She’s one of only 14 people worldwide to hold both of these designations simultaneously and has developed three online courses that have helped thousands of learners build careers in agile development over the past few years. These courses are available through Agile Alliance—so check them out! You can also see which classes she is teaching or speaking at on her Agile Alliance profile page.

What you’ll Learn

This SAFe agilist training course will provide students with a framework for introducing, delivering, and sustaining Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) within an organization. The course provides a practical approach to building a business case, designing your strategy, developing key roles and responsibilities for your Agile Release Train (ART), determining effective metrics for success, validating your release structure/sprint planning process, ensuring integrated test automation at scale—and much more! Upon completion of SAFe: Scaled Agile Leader (CSA-CP), you’ll be able to lead teams through the entire Agile Release Train lifecycle while also meeting or exceeding organizational objectives.

Why is this Course Different?

DevOps is still a relatively new methodology for software development, but it’s also rapidly becoming a default choice for organizations seeking to adopt Agile approaches for building better software faster.

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As you may have noticed, there are various agile-development approaches, each one unique in its way. There’s no shortage of them – Scrum, XP (Extreme Programming), Kanban – just to name a few popular ones. DevOps evolved from Agile and Scrum and is based on Lean; they share some common elements but it’s critical to understand how they differ since their structures vary quite significantly.

Payment Methods

When you book your SAFe Agilist® training, you will have multiple options for payment, depending on when your training is scheduled. If it’s within 90 days of your start date, then payment is due at the time of booking; if it’s outside of that window then payment is due 30 days before your start date—which means you can secure a seat today and pay as early as tomorrow!

With all of our class dates published online in our public training schedule and access to several methods of secure payments including credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX), wire transfer, or check, we make it easy for anyone to join us for advanced training!


Leading SAFe online agilist Certification prepares agile practitioners to work within the SAFe framework and ensures that they are adequately familiar with its principles, practices, and components. As with any certification process, there are specific requirements that each participant must meet to earn their SAFe Agilist Certification.


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