Side Effects of Eating Too Much Red Meat

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Side Effects of Eating Too Much Red Meat

The meat, which comes from non-fowl mammals, is commonly known as red meat. Consumption of excessive red meat can cause serious health risks for you. Cooked red meat and many foods made of red meat are very popular among the people, especially the young generation. Beef, mutton, lamb, pork, and other mammalian muscle meat are definitely tempting. But, you can’t eat them every day as your health condition will deteriorate day by day if you do so. Red meat is one of the brilliant sources of protein. However, red meat contains more fat than skinless chicken, fish, and plant proteins.

Let’s see what happens, if you eat too much red meat.

Shorten your lifespan:

Many people love eating red meat. They eat red meat on a regular basis. But, many studies show that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. Eating red meat increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. It is wise to find different sources of good protein instead of red meat to live longer and stay healthy.

Overweight and obesity:

Eating too much red meat is one of the main reasons for overweight and obesity. Overweight is a very common jeopardy across the world. Excessive body weight means a high risk of diseases. People get tired and become fatigued very soon, if they eat red meat regularly.

Risk of fatty liver:

Eating red meat can increase the risk of fatty liver. Many people around us are suffering from fatty liver due to high consumption of meat. Eating vegetables and fish can lower the risk of fatty liver. You should cut the red meat and add vegetables and fruits to your daily diet plan to stay healthy and lower the risk of fatty liver disease.

Risk of heart disease, stroke and cancers:

Doctors suggest that the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancers increases if one eats red meat regularly. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of these diseases. You need to say no to juicy burgers, sizzling steaks, spicy kebabs, oily sausages and so on, made of red meat, if you want to lead a healthy life. High cholesterol is very risky for human health. And, red meat contains high cholesterol. You should be careful about consuming red meat.

Harm your bones:

Protein is good for bone health, but too much animal protein can harm your bones. According to health experts, excessive animal protein can leach calcium from bones. Plant protein is highly recommended by health experts as they are considered safer than animal protein. Moreover, being overweight due to eating too much red meat can be harmful for your bones.

High amount of saturated fat:

Red meat contains a high amount of saturated fat, which can be dangerous for you. Fat, calories, protein, etc. are needed to maintain your body properly. But, you should limit the consumption of red meat. It is better to consult with a doctor or expert before adding or cutting anything from your diet chart. However, you should keep in mind that high saturated fat could be harmful for your body.

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