Simon Cowell Claims That Giving Up Sugar is The Only Way To Lose Weight

Time Of Info By TOI Team   April 16, 2022   Update on : April 16, 2022

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has revealed his top diet strategies for staying in shape and appearing skinny, as well as his miraculous physical transformation that saw him shed inches off his waist.

Britain’s Got Talent judge shed four inches from his waist after going on a low-fat diet before the Coronavirus outbreak and then sticking to it amid lockdowns and quarantining.

After viewing photos of himself from four years ago, when he was a little stockier, he has determined to never consume sweets, dairy, or gluten again. “Cutting all that out is what has made much difference, honestly,” Britain’s Got Talent judge stated.

He has now decided to abstain from sweets, dairy, and gluten for the rest of his life, claiming that it would help his weight loss and look youthful. “Leaving all that out is what has made a significant difference, honestly,” Britain’s Got Talent judge concluded. Ironically, I was exercising by riding my bike. 

This week, David Walliams couldn’t stop mocking Simon about the ‘surgery.’ “You paid twice as much for cosmetic surgery and a gastric band,” the Little Britain comic said. I haven’t got a gastric band, Simon said.

“Simon looks great. I don’t know how he does it, but he appears younger and fresh every year.” “It’s called exercising and eating healthy, David,” Simon added.

Tomorrow marks the premiere of its 15th season, which will be followed by a special episode 24 hours later. When it comes to comedians, Simon said he’s glad the auditions aren’t live since the program can take out any unpleasant stuff.

“There’s always times of criticism, particularly with some of the performers, you’re like ‘Woah,'” the 62-year-old told The Sun candidly. Fortunately, those aren’t live. We have had the edit, therefore we must carefully examine what will and will not be displayed.


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