Everything You Need to Know About SMS Interceptors

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sms interceptors

With the aid of SMS interceptors, you can see the text messages of any person around you. Have you ever thought you could secretly enter someone’s phone and read their private text messages? Is this even possible to do it? Have you ever realized that this thing can happen to you?

In this article, we will answer all your queries about text message interceptors. We will discuss the working, benefits, and limitations of SMS interceptors here.

Recently, people used SMS services that do not require any internet for their work. Nowadays, we are more inclined towards using apps that provide online services. The problem with using such kinds of apps is their safety. You will be surprised to know that you can see someone’s text messages on your computer or mobile without putting much effort. Using text message interceptors is a perfect way to keep an eye on your children’s smartphones.

What are SMS Interceptors?

Any device that can intercept text messages as they are delivered or received is technically called an SMS interceptor. If you search this term on Google, you will find a vast number of Apps that are used for this purpose. These apps are spy apps that are sensitive to use. You will only sometimes see them on your mobile app store. The use of text message interceptors is uncommon. Most people have never heard of these secret services before. These interceptors are a great way to know what is going on in your kid’s phone. 

You can use these apps for surveillance of your kids. These are a great way to keep your child safe and secure. We highly encourage their use if you notice any change in your child’s behaviour. Anyone with basic tech knowledge can use these text message interceptors for various purposes. You have to pick the best one to start with. Text message interceptors are very easy to use and cheap to buy. An IT specialist will go into depth about Stingrays and hacking exploits if you ask them about it.

Nowadays, if we use the term interceptors, we are probably talking about the mobile apps used for this purpose. The use of these apps may be controversial, but it does not fall under the hacking category if you use them for good purposes. Hacking is not practically possible for a layman, but using these apps is. The best thing about them is you can use them without exposing your identity. The sender and the recipients will be unaware that someone is intercepting their communications. 

How to intercept text messages? How to use SMS interceptors?

You may not want to build an IMSI Catcher or phishing software. The best option is to use the apps built specifically for this purpose. The first step to start the procedure is to choose an app that suits your usage.

SMS Interceptor apps are elementary to install. You can download and install them on Android as well as iOS devices. These apps work very smoothly on smartphones. The bad news is that you typically need to access the phone of the person whose text messages you wish to view.

Once you have installed the SMS interceptor app on the target mobile, the following steps are more manageable. For them, it is tough to discover. They won’t be aware that they are being monitored. We have tabulated all the steps of the procedure below;

  • Choose an app that will intercept someone’s SMSs to you.
  • Sign up on the app and buy their subscription if necessary.
  • Set up your ID.
  • Install the SMS interceptor app on the smartphone of your target.
  • Log on to your online dashboard.
  • After setup, you no longer require access to the target phone.
  • Congrats, now you can view all the SMSs the target receives or sends. 
  • If you have chosen a good monitoring app for this purpose, there is much more than just seeing their texts.

How do SMS Interceptors work?

These are spy apps that people use for the surveillance of other people. The interface of these monitoring apps is kept nominal to ease the users. Now the main question is how do they work? Well, we have simplified their working procedure for an explanation. First, spy apps collect all the data from the target phone. This data is stored for a short time, and then it is displayed on an online dashboard. The operator of the app runs this dashboard. They view all the information brought up by the interceptors. 

Can you Intercept SMSs from another phone?

People think they can use these apps to divert or block SMS from the target person. This is not the case here. You can only see the information on your reporting dashboard. You can sign in to your account from anywhere to see the online information. You will get the desired information on your dashboard whenever you go online. You can use these helpful apps on your smartphone.

Top 5 SMS Interceptors 

1. Spyic SMS Interceptor (Your Text Sherlock)

If you want to intercept text messages, you must do it privately. Regarding privacy and secrecy, Spyic is the best service to opt for. Millions of companies have already used this monitoring tool to keep track of their employees. Many parents prefer this monitoring application to see what their children are up to.

It is an excellent way to hop into their smartphones secretly. If you want to retrieve additional information from the selected device remotely, this app is a big help. You can invest in this application to track your subject secretly. There are many features of this spying app. We have listed some of its most valuable features of it.

  • All the SMS received and sent.
  • Details of the involved subjects.
  • The exact time when the SMS was sent or received.
  • Text messages in their original form.
  • Other information requested.
  • Works on iOS and Android.
  • No root or Jailbreak is mandatory.
  • Only one-time installation is required on Android phones.
  • No download or installation is necessary on iOS phones.
  • Deleted SMS from the iOS is also retrieved.
  • It is easy to use on an iPhone because it intercepts messages from iCloud and iMessage.
  • All the necessary information is available on the Spyic main website.
  • All the updates and notifications are available on the Spyic account.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • On the end of the target, it is never visible.
  • Top-notch security.

How to start SMS interception using Spyic?

Step 1: This step is different on Android and iOS devices. On iOS, you need the login details of the iCloud of the target. On Android, you have to install Spyic on the mobile. Operating system versions should be above 4.0 and 7.0 on Android and iOS, respectively. 

Step 2: After completing the first step, you have to visit the official site of Spyic and generate your new account there. You can sign up there using just your email. After that, just select the OS of the victim’s device.

Step 3: You will be directed to the subscription page after successfully creating your account. Here, you can buy the plan that suits you. The features are included following the price of the package. You will receive an email after you confirm your purchase. In the email, you will find the dashboard info, receipt, and guide for setup. It will contain all the instructions and a Download link in case of an Android.

Step 4: Install the app on Android and hide the application icon. Finish up the installation process and log in remotely to open the setup.

Step 5: Enter the iCloud’s essential details to continue—no need to download the app. Select the device, and the synchronization process will start automatically. 

Step 6: The Menu is located in the top left corner of the site. Access it to see all the options available. Click on Messages and iMessages to see the SMS that is intercepted. 

2. Intercept Text Messages with ‘Cocospy’

Another powerful spying tool that might assist you in receiving texts from a targeted phone is Cocospy. You can access it remotely. Cocospy app works on both Android as well as iOS devices. You can use this spy software to see more than just SMSs. There are multiple useful options available for you. It works smoothly on all devices. There is no rocket science needed to intercept the messages. About the messages, it will also display the text information, contact information, and timestamps. Its features are similar to the Spyic app

The gadget doesn’t need to be rooted to spy. Cocospy does not ask for any in-depth details or information about you. Its working is very straightforward. It is a robust, reliable, and fast SMS Interceptor. If the focused device is an Android, you will be asked to download and install the app. After the finalization of the installation, you can easily set up the account on Cocospy. Once you complete the confirmation process, it is effortless to intercept the texts to you. You can access it online whenever you want it. There are more than just SMSs that can be intercepted. 

The iOS version of the Cocospy app does not require any downloading. It will directly access their iCloud and put the information before you. Not only just iPhones are at risk, but iPads can also be infested. You can configure and begin retrieving the SMSs without touching the tracked phone. It has an online dashboard where all the necessary details about the text messages are displayed. The login procedure is nominal. The app’s interface is very intuitive. For more information about it, you can see the official forums or the site of Cocospy anytime. 

3. iMyFone D-Back

This spying app works only on iOS devices. It is built in a way to access information from iTunes. As you know, this feature is only compatible with iOS devices, so Android users are not entertained. First, you have to sign up on the iMyFone D-Back to continue. You must install it on your computer to proceed with intercepting the messages. 

It works by accessing the backup uploaded on iTunes. You can view the target person’s call logs and other essential details using this app. Social media activities and other data recovered from the phone can be viewed easily. Features of iMyFone D-Back are mentioned below:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple setup procedure
  • Excellent delivery
  • End-to-end encryption
  • No data stored
  • Works only on iOS
  • Fast synchronization
  • SMS, Call details, and many other details fetched.

4. SMS Peeper

SMS Peeper is a straightforward SMS Interceptor tool. Its interface is user-friendly. You are asked to put the phone number and country code in the dedicated tabs to start fetching the information. It is also an online based service that can be used to intercept SMSs from many world regions. Unlike other spying software, installing any app on the target device is not required. There are some limitations associated with the use of SMS Peeper service. You can only view a hundred text messages using this client. 

Out of a hundred, the division is 50:50 for the received and sent messages, respectively. The good news is you can also check other activities on the phone. It would be best if you answered a few questions to see the fetched text messages. It is some kind of survey that you have to complete before going forward. Its SMS Interceptor service is high-speed and reliable. Other features offered by it could be more appreciated. 

5. Couple Tracker

As the name indicates, this app is designed to attract couples. Unfortunately, this service works only on Android devices. This spying software does not entertain IOS users. It is easy to download and install. If you are in a relationship, this is the best thing to keep an eye on your partner’s device. It will intercept your partner’s SMSs, location history, and Phone call history. 

All the outgoing and incoming text messages can be viewed with ease.

The location history is refreshed every 30 minutes. This app is straightforward to use, but there are a lot of Ads and third-party popups. These Advertisements may disrupt your experience. To use Couple Tracker, you must install the App on your target phone just once. Afterward, the data will be automatically fetched and displayed on your online dashboard. The SMS will be displayed remotely on your end. 

The use of these types of spying is not considered legal due to several reasons. There are numerous cons associated with them. Due to strict Cybercrime laws, surveillance authorities are checking the use of spying software. 

So, getting into someone’s phone without their consent is illegal. You will have to bear the consequences if you do so. You may also end up in prison if you use these apps against influential personalities. We advise you to avoid the use of such unsafe apps. You can use them for the surveillance of your children or employees. 

Are SMS Interceptors Safe to Use?

These apps are not considered safe because the free versions contain a lot of Ads. These third-party apps can harm your device if you frequently use them. Furthermore, you will be caught for several privacy breaching allegations if there is a leak. These apps are mostly paid, so the debit card info of a person is at risk. We suggest you stay away from such kinds of illegal apps. To see someone’s text messages is considered unlawful. Furthermore, these sources are unreliable, so your privacy is always at stake. 

What are the uses of SMS Interceptors?

There are several reasons to use the SMS Interceptor tools. You can use them for all the purposes listed below. 

  • To watch out for your children
  • For academic activities
  • To check the credibility of a company’s employees.
  • To avoid hackers.
  • For educational purposes.
  • For fun, to surprise someone by revealing their text messages to him.

These spy apps can be used for all the purposes mentioned earlier. If you use them for learning and educational purposes, you can choose them. To avoid any inconveniences in the future, we advise you to use a credible source. These interceptor apps have been working for many years, but their use is still illegal.

Benefits of SMS Interceptors

  • Outstanding delivery process.
  • It can be accessed anytime.
  • The security is top-notch.
  • The users are safe and secure.
  • No breach of someone’s privacy.
  • End-to-end encryption is ensured.
  • The purchases can be retrieved.
  • The interface of these spying apps is kept very simple.
  • The synchronization is quick.
  • The user’s feedback is positive.
  • Once the setup is complete, you are no longer asked to access the target phone.
  • You can view info other than text messages.

Limitations of SMS Interceptors

  • The person you spy on can guess the danger if you do not work professionally. 
  • The app’s icon must be hidden to avoid any inconveniences.
  • If you get caught, you may have to face legal consequences.
  • Installing spy apps on someone’s phone is a crime.
  • These spying apps are not safe.
  • The installation of the app on the target device can be a difficult task for a newbie.
  • Accessing someone’s iCloud is also a difficult thing to do.
  • You can not befool a tech pro person.
  • The use of such kinds of apps is illegal all over the world.
  • Stealth mode is unavailable on some smartphones.
  • The free service offered by these platforms is minimal.

Why Should You Avoid SMS Interceptors?

These services are hazardous to use because of their safety issues. If you don’t conduct yourself professionally, the person you’re spying on will determine the danger. We encourage you to utilize a reliable service in the future to prevent any hassles. Due to the abundance of advertisements in the free edition, these apps are not regarded as secure. Surveillance authorities are monitoring the usage of spying software due to strict cybercrime laws.

Summing Up:

If you want to use SMS Interceptors, we have the appropriate solution. Using a third-party spy app on someone’s phone is the most typical way to intercept and read text messages. It is simple to intercept messages from other phones. The problem is that while some will function adequately or even better, others are severely constrained. Be sure the app is trustworthy before selecting it to read someone else’s texts. It should function in stealth mode so you won’t be discovered.

I trust you understand what these apps are. There are more advanced methods of text message interception, but they are either too expensive or technically difficult for most people to use. Hence, if you don’t want restrictions, using the Spyic application is best. It works best in stealth mode with no hurdles at all. It is effortless to utilize. Additionally, the app provides the highest security and safety for the target device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Choose an SMS Interceptor?

There are various things to check before opting for a spy application. It must be easy to use. It should be compatible with the target’s operating system. It should be end-to-end encrypted. The user interface should be intuitive. The subscription plans must be affordable. The payment methods should be convenient. The app’s icon should be hidden from the menu section. The sign-up process should be simple.

Are SMS Interceptors Free?

Unfortunately, most of the apps discussed above are not free. However the subscription prices are affordable, and the payment mods are convenient. With free versions, the features are minimal. Privacy is also compromised.

What is the best SMS interceptor app?

Spyic app is top-rated because of its nominal interface and smooth working. This app is capable of working on many operating systems. There are no limitations if you purchase their premium subscription plans. 

Are SMS Interceptors easy to use?

Nowadays, technology is accessible to everyone, and so is the use of these apps. These applications are elementary to operate.


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