Take a Chance on a Game of Chance

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 16, 2023   Update on : January 17, 2023

Game of Chance

Tell me, are you feeling lucky? Are you going to have a go and see what’s in store for you? That’s what many of us think about when it comes to playing games of chance. Of course, anytime we play a game, we want to do well. Even those that say, “It’s the taking part that counts!” usually feel the same. Some games require skill, whereas others are more to do with luck. That’s not because there’s no skill involved, as every game tends to have rules that need to be followed. But some are just harder to play than others because of their rules.

What are Games of Chance?

Games of chance are games that often require little to no skill and are one of the oldest types of games devised by humans. In fact, one of the earliest games of chance dates back to 3600 BC and involved using an animal heel bone as a type of dice. Players in these types of games tend to rely on another device that determines the outcome at random, without any bias or skill involved.

For instance, it’s hard for players to predict which numbers will roll on dice in board games, just as it’s hard to predict the numbered balls that are randomly selected in the National Lottery. In this, a device is used to randomly produce numbers that make up a winning line. People place a wager on the numbers that make up that line beforehand. Winners can include those that have the whole winning line of numbers, or some of them, depending on the rules of the lottery they’re playing.

Another popular type of game of chance is bingo, whether played in a bingo hall or online. For instance, take the live bingo game Higher and Lower. At the start of the game, the bingo caller will spin a wheel to decide between higher and lower numbers. Lower typically represents numbers between 1 and 45, whereas higher represents 46 to 90. People are more likely to place a wager on games of chance because their outcomes are usually unpredictable and not reliant on a player’s skill and knowledge of the game.

What are Games of Skill?

In contrast, games of skill require players to pit their wits against one another. They’re usually required to display some form of mental or physical agility. For instance, in chess, players need a strategy and must know how each piece on the board can move around it. Professional chess players go one step further and learn strategies with which to outsmart their opponents.

But chess isn’t the only game that requires tactics. Many competitive sports like football, rugby, and netball also require planning and strategy, along with skill. Success often depends on not only understanding the rules of the game but how to play within their confines. Take Backgammon, for instance. Seasoned players recognise that they require a strategy and certain tactics to win the most points. Of course, an element of luck helps, along with the balance of probabilities, but the truth is if you don’t know how to the rules and how to play well, you’ll lose.

Games are fun to play, develop many other skills and are great for keeping our brains active. However, whether you would like to play games of chance or games of skills is entirely up to you, as it is about what you actually like to play. Of course, playing games that are a mixture of both are great for us and allows us to play with different people and develop a wider skill set. They can also be played online which opens up a whole new way of playing as people can play at times convenient for them and wherever they want. This is great for those that aren’t always able to go out, for whatever reason, as they can get in on the fun too.



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