The Basics of the Geiger Comic Series

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 5, 2023   Update on : January 5, 2023

Geiger Comic Series

The post-apocalyptic comic series by Image Comics, known as Geiger, has been positively reviewed by many industry-renowned experts and enthusiasts of all ages. The writer of this comic series is Geoff Johns, with the artist Gary Frank. It promises to become a classic and will enthrall the reader and leave them wanting more.

The Premise

Most post-apocalyptic nuclear war-style comics have predictable plots and somewhat similar characters. However, this particular comic stands out from the rest due to its unique content. This particular comic takes place in the year 2050 and has a main character named Tariq Geiger. He resides in a fallout shelter and works diligently to protect his family inside. There are plenty of bad guys in this series, primarily the scavengers. They are part of an evil empire that has grown into power outside of where they live. They engage in all types of crimes and endanger their lives and well-being. 

More About The Series

The writer Geoff Johns was tasked with creating a pilot for the comic series. Additionally, he will be the executive producer along with other industry experts. There is a three-year deal with Paramount Television Studios and Simien’s Culture Machine, the project’s production company. The culture machine is, in fact, actively working with marginalized people to get them into the spotlight. They have also created a popular Netflix series called Dear White People, which was a hit. This series promises to be a hit with the talent on board. It may even produce some spinoffs and other shows that correlate to this current comic project. In fact, there is also a spinoff series that was created that was called Junkyard Joe. 

The Reviews

The reviews for the Geiger comic are overwhelmingly positive by most readers. One reviewer said it was a solid five out of five and provided everything you could want for my first issue. It has suspense, setting, terror, tragedy, and plot, which all build up to a crescendo of momentum that leads the reader into a state of suspense and immerses them in a creatively crafted world.

However, not all people share the same thoughts on the topic, with a few wishing they had provided a few more details or left others out. Still, this first series is sure to make an impact on the reader and leave them wanting more. Expect to see more of this comic in the film coming soon and more spinoffs and series as time goes on. 


Geoff Johns has crafted a skillfully thought-out story that grips the reader and provides them with plenty of suspense. If you like post-apocalyptic stories or nuclear war scenarios, this is the ideal read. If you prefer to watch a movie, you can expect to see one emerge from a talented group of individuals in the near future. Check it out and see for yourself what the excitement is surrounding the new Gieger comic, and decide for yourself if it is a hit or a miss. 


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