Happy New Year 2024: Thousands gather in Times Square for New Year ball drop

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   January 1, 2024   Update on : January 1, 2024

Times Square
Photo: Screengrab

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered and grew in Times Square on Sunday night to watch New York City’s iconic ball drop on New Year’s Eve in person.

People waited in Times Square for more than a dozen hours to ensure they had a good view of the iconic New Year’s Eve ball drop, reports Reuters.

Finally, thousands of celebrators cheered in the New Year with the annual ceremony of a descending crystal-clad ball.

Many had reached early in the morning for the Times Square, a spot in one of the barricaded pens set up by the New York Police Department as musical performances by Megan Thee Stallion and LL Cool J were arranged before the final countdown to midnight.

People from all around the world gathered at the Crossroads of the World to consider the previous year and anticipate the next.

Tens of thousands of beaming people in New York’s Times Square also showered with confetti and hugs and kisses after watching the descent of the colourful ball.

Earlier this week, the massive 2024 numerals were hauled into place above One Times Square, and the almost 12,000-pound ball was given a bow tie makeover.

Roughly 3,000 pounds of confetti dropped on the Big Apple hot spot as “New York, New York,” boomed after the iconic ball dropped at midnight finishing out 2023.

Corin Christian of Charlotte, NC, stated from Times Square seconds after midnight, “It’s beautiful.”

Tyrell Jacobs and Sarah Crayton arrived in New York from New Orleans just 15 hours before midnight and immediately made their way to Midtown.

“It’s definitely a must-see, At least go once, you know, just to experience the magic,” Crayton said

Nadja Sjostrom, 44, who had traveled from Stockholm, Sweden, a few days earlier for the occasion, said this is my first time celebrating the New Year in Times Square.

A 49-year-old Brooklyn resident said it was a shorter trip for Markus Washington but was also attending his first Times Square celebration.

“It’s a very good feeling,” he said.

Antonio Ruz, 51, had booked a flight from Granada, Spain, to make a lifelong dream come true.


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