The Top Proxy Providers for 2023: Full Expert Review

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 1, 2023   Update on : February 1, 2023

Proxy Providers

Proxies are necessary for businesses and private users when accessing the internet. No more can we access the internet without fear of attack. Today, we use residential or datacenter proxies to protect our devices and networks.

Additionally, a proxy service can also be helpful in collecting data for building effective marketing campaigns and advertising projects. We delved deeper into the expert review from Proxyway to guide you in choosing a premium proxy provider for your needs.

Best Proxy Providers

It must be mentioned that only paid proxies were considered in the Proxyway expert review since free proxies are wholly hazardous and unreliable. Each proxy provider’s success rate, quality, available proxy pool, and other essential operational factors were compared. We’ve listed two of the top six performers in each category.

1. Smartproxy – Best Overall Value

Over two million requests were completed, and it was found that over 63% of unique IPs have been returned. Smartproxy has more than 195 locations and 40 million residential proxies. The service provides its customers with round-the-clock support, and subscriptions are affordable. Overall, the service gives users the best value for money and is the best to use to avoid IP address blockers.

2. Oxylabs – Overall Best for Premium Service

When you subscribe to Oxylabs, you get an account manager providing dedicated 24/7 support. Subscriptions are focused more on businesses. Oxylabs provides HTTPS protocols, 100 million peer-to-peer static IP addresses, and sticky sessions with rotations every 30 minutes. Subscriptions may be a bit steep for private users.

Best Residential Proxies

Over three weeks, over two million connection requests were completed during testing using each provider’s residential proxy. Each of these residential proxies was evaluated based on customer support, price, and performance. Below are our top two recommended providers.

1. Bright Data

Regarding high-quality proxies, this provider stands out. Bright Data stands out from other residential proxies because the service includes both data center rotating proxies and residential proxies. Users get mobile proxies, ISP, residential proxies, and a data center. The rotation of the proxies can also be customized to suit your personal needs.


SOAX is similar to Smartproxy as a premium, affordable residential proxy service. Smartproxy has some additional features that SOAX doesn’t have. However, the service still offers a robust range of residential proxies that place this provider in our top four. Users get a five million pool of monthly IPs, including the options for location targeting.

Best Rotating Proxies

Five testing criteria were used to determine which rotating proxy provider is the best. Rotating proxies are commonly used for ISP scraping, so factors such as the number of available IP addresses, the rotation settings, the proxy type, the flexibility of targeting options, and the availability of concurrent connections were measured.

1. NetNut

This is the perfect service if you need a high-quality proxy to use with a web scraper. The service is reliable and is especially handy for scaling web scraping tasks. Rotations take place automatically with every new request. This adds many conveniences since it removes a lot of effort from managing your proxies.

2. Zyte

The Zyte service can take care of cookies and headers, including having a 100% success rate at scraping eCommerce websites. The proxies operate from a shared data center, and the intelligent rotation will decide automatically when to rotate. Concurrent connections are between 50 and 200, depending on your purchase plan.

Get the Best Value With Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers the best value for money and premium service. The service tests exceptionally well as a residential and rotating proxy. Additionally, subscribers receive more than 195 locations and 40 million residential proxies with rotating IP addresses, which enables proxies to rotate everyone to 30 minutes. It’s practically impossible for any tracker to find you.

The service successfully tested and completed all the testing requirements, including providing back-connections to a gateway server (connecting you to an IP pool) and rotating proxies automatically to a residential proxy, mobile IP, or data center within 30 minutes (to avoid IP blockers). Connections were also found to be concurrent and unlimited.

Smartproxy subscriptions start at only $12.50 for 1GB, and three-day refunds are available if you’re not totally satisfied.



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