2022 Trends in Mobile Software Development

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 28, 2022   Update on : October 28, 2022

Mobile Software Development

Due to the dynamic development of mobile technologies, smartphones have become all-encompassing devices. As a result, the amount of time spent using smartphones is increasing annually. According to the latest reports, people spend an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes each day using their phones, and 92,5% of this time is devoted to mobile-specific applications.

As this tendency continues, so will the demand for ingenious mobile apps. More and more businesses recognize this need and put their money into mobile software development. However, a considerable number of such ventures fail because they are out of step with current trends. To prevent an analogous situation in your project, take a peek at our list of the latest trends in mobile software development.

Trends in mobile software in 2022

Since a lot is going on in the mobile software industry this year, we decided to examine three types of applications that we think are popular in 2022. 

AI/ML-based apps

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been on the market for a while now, but their rapid progress has elevated them to the top two advancements desired in mobile app development this year. Both AI and ML significantly enhance data processing and automate operations. In 2022, such features as search suggestions and product recommendations are polished up to the maximum, streamlining the processes inside e-commerce, food delivery, and other apps.

The implementation of virtual assistants equipped with voice recognition systems and chatbots might also be a big upgrade for the majority of applications, as these tools can provide customers with assistance regardless of the time and circumstances.

Mobile Software Development Service

Mobile wallets

Since the pandemic, the need for contactless means of payment has been rising. Currently, people tend to pay for goods and services either by card or with banking apps. But why not make in-store purchases even simpler with a tool that stores all payment methods in one place? 

Here comes a mobile wallet app. It’s a secure and convenient tool for customers to foot the bills without even having to tap anything on a screen or terminal. Despite the existence of dedicated Apple Pay or Samsung Pay apps, there is still a lot of space for third-party mobile wallets on the market, so take your shot.

iGaming software

The iGaming software development is yet another way to conquer the market this year. Given that the industry of online entertainment is expanding, it is a good idea to jump at the chance and create an online casino or sportsbook with the assistance of an iGaming platform provider.

Betting on a favorite team or playing poker was never easier than nowadays when we can just do it on our smartphones. So choose an iGaming software provider and give users the opportunity to feel the thrill of excitement in the comfort of their homes.

Stay up to date with recent technologies

As you can see, there are several trends that you can follow to create and launch a successful application, and iGaming software development is certainly one of them. However, be aware that our list is not complete, and tendencies may change over time, so keep up with the latest innovations. 

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