Upcoming Events in Luxembourg: Where to Find All the Information

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 10, 2024   Update on : February 10, 2024

Events in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a vibrant country with a packed calendar of events happening year-round. From cultural festivals to sporting events, live music to food fairs, there is always something exciting going on in this small European nation. With so many options, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Luckily, there are some great resources to help you stay on top of all the events and happenings in Luxembourg.

Luxtoday.lu – A Convenient One-Stop Event Calendar

One of the best places to find information on upcoming events in Luxembourg is the website Luxtoday.lu. This handy online calendar compiles all the events happening across the country on any given day. You can browse by date to see everything that’s happening on a specific day, or search by category, location or keyword to narrow down events.

Luxtoday.lu pulls together cultural events, concerts, sports, markets, exhibitions, talks, festivals and more. Everything is conveniently displayed on a calendar, with key details like the event name, location, start/end times and a short description. You can also click through to external websites for more information or to purchase tickets.

This free service makes it super easy to see at a glance what’s happening in Luxembourg. With events added daily, it’s the go-to site for both locals and visitors to stay updated on upcoming happenings.

Official Tourism and City Websites

In addition to the Luxtoday.lu event calendar, you can find information directly from official tourism and city websites.

The Visit Luxembourg website has an “Agenda” section where you can browse upcoming events or search by keywords and date ranges. This focuses mainly on larger festivals, cultural exhibitions, concerts, sporting events and more.

The City of Luxembourg website also has an events section with calendars for venues like the Philharmonie Luxembourg, theatres, museums and more. You can view schedules and programming for specific venues around the capital city.

Other cities and regions like Esch-sur-Alzette, Vianden and Mullerthal also list events happening locally on their tourism sites.

Social Media Pages

Most venues, event organizers and tourism boards in Luxembourg actively promote upcoming happenings on their social media networks.

Following Facebook pages like Luxembourg City Tourist Office, Rockhal, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg and others can help you stay tuned into what concerts, shows and events they have scheduled.

Local radio stations like Radio Latina and Eldoradio also share event details on their Facebook pages.

Event Listings in Newspapers and Magazines

Print publications in Luxembourg regularly feature listings of upcoming events. This includes daily newspapers like Luxemburger Wort and Tageblatt, as well as weekly magazines and journals like Woxx, Delano and Paperjam.

You can browse the printed listings or check their websites, which often post select events. For example, Woxx has an Agenda section on their site summarizing key events each week.

Staying on top of local Luxembourgish media outlets can help ensure you don’t miss noteworthy events and announcements.

Email Newsletters and Notifications

Many venues, organizers and tourism boards also offer email newsletters and notifications to keep you updated on events.

Signing up for newsletters from the Philharmonie Luxembourg, Kinneksbond Museum, various festivals and more can lead to event announcements and special offers landing directly in your inbox.

You can also look out for sites that allow you to subscribe for event notifications by text message. For example, Luxtoday.lu offers an SMS service for real-time alerts about events happening around the country.

Enabling notifications like these can help keep you plugged into all the exciting happenings across Luxembourg.

Word of Mouth from Locals

Lastly, don’t underestimate good old fashioned word of mouth, especially from locals in the know!

Luxembourg has a thriving community of avid culture and event fans. Connecting with colleagues, friends and acquaintances in Luxembourg can lead to hearing about special events before they are officially announced. Locals may have insider knowledge about pop-up markets, secret concerts, neighborhood festivals and more.

So tell people you know to keep you looped in, and keep your ear to the ground. You never know what exciting happenings you might discover through word of mouth!

In Summary

With so much going on, Luxembourg has something for all tastes and interests. By utilizing resources like Luxtoday.lu, official websites, social media, print publications, email alerts and tips from locals, you can stay on top of all the concerts, festivals, markets, exhibitions, talks, conferences, performances and other events happening across this dynamic country. Check out all the options and start planning your next Luxembourg event outing today!


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