Vikings and Vampires: How Online Casinos Are Bringing Classic Themes Back to Life

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   February 1, 2023   Update on : February 21, 2023

Vikings and Vampires
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There are some themes in popular culture that seem to always be popular but go through phases of being stronger than ever before. Vikings and vampires are among the most enduring themes that we’ve seen over the decades and the latest casino slots are helping to keep them up to date.

What Are Casino Slots and Why the Theme Matters

If you are looking to play slot games with jackpot prizes you might be surprised at the vast selection of these games now available online. These are games of chance that cover many different themes, from Egyptian treasures to Asian luxury and Mexican fiestas. Part of the reason for this variety is so that the games potentially appeal to more players, as they try to get a winning combination of images based on the overall theme of their chosen game.

The idea is that anyone who enters the site is likely to see something that grabs their attention and makes them want to play. The most-loved themes in entertainment are typically covered, but we also see new themes appear from time to time, and if one takes off then we’ll probably see other slots based on it start to appear.

Vikings in Slots  

Vikings have arguably been a part of the mainstream entertainment industry since 1958’s The Vikings movie starring Kirk Douglas. However, since then the theme has risen and fallen in popularity at different times. The Wild Nords slot by Red Tiger is a good example of a casino game that introduces us to the world of Vikings.

As for new games, Lightning Viking by Inspired Gaming introduces several bonus symbols and it also brings in a mechanism where the final attempt in the free spins round can be a lightning spin filled with wild symbols. The release of The Northman starring Alexander Skarsgård in 2022 has helped to put the Norse setting back in vogue, so we may see more slots of this type in the next few months.

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Vampires in Slots

Vampires have been a big part of our entertainment options for even longer than Vikings, with 1922’s Nosferatu arguably acting as the blueprint for the numerous movies that followed it, many of which you can now stream online. Given how important vampires are in popular culture, it’s perhaps no surprise that numerous slots have used Dracula and other blood-thirsty creatures as their inspiration.

The Blood Suckers Megaways game is one of the latest examples of this type of game. Created by Red Tiger, it uses coffins to add to the gameplay, as players need to hunt for vampires to slay as they try to win the game’s biggest prizes.  This shows us how elements of vampire mythology can be incorporated into slots to make them more attractive.

The truth is that neither of these themes has ever completely disappeared from the entertainment industry. However, the fact that we can now find slots based on them at any time means that we don’t need to wait for the latest movies or TV shows to get a vampire thriller or Viking adventure.


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