What movies are based on Robert Pickton?

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Robert Pickton, Canadian serial killer
Robert Pickton. Photo: Courtesy/Facebook

A Canadian serial killer, convicted in 2007 for the murder of six women, died on Friday after being attacked by a fellow inmate two weeks ago.

Robert ‘Willy’ Pickton, 74, a former pig farmer from Canada’s West, is one of the most notorious serial killers in the country.

Despite being handed out a life sentence for six murders, Pickton was suspected of killing many more women.

He was active between 1997 and 2001. Vancouver police were criticized back then for not taking the women’s disappearances seriously because many were prostitutes, drug addicts or belonged to the Indigenous community.

Pickton was finally arrested in 2002.

Here are some of the movies and documentaries featuring Robert Pickton:

Killer Pickton (2006) is an American horror film loosely based on the crimes of Pickton. Directed by Ulli Lommel the movie was filmed in New Hampshire. The movie was co-written and co-produced by Jeff Frentzen and Ulli Lommel.

Pig Killer (2022) was released recently based on the true story of Pickton, which graphically depicted his farmhouse of rape, torture, slaughter and dismemberment of nearly fifty women.

He was featured in documentaries such as Files of The Unexplained which just came out this year.

Archive footage of Pickton was used in the final episode, Floating Feet of Salish Sea.

He was featured in the sixth season of World’s Most Evil Killers (2021).

Other documentaries such as an episode (Woman Killers) of The Greatest Crimes of All Time (2017), The Pig Farm (2011), and Austrian crime docu-series Die Gesichter des Bösen (2011) feature the serial killer.

A major plot in the Canadian crime drama Da Vinci’s Inquest (1998) deals with a series of missing women thought to be victims of a prolific serial killer hunting in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Although Pickton is not referenced by name, the show’s fifth-season characters and advertisements referred to “the pig farm”.

In 2015, Full Flood, a film with a working title, began production in Vancouver by CBC-TV. Based on “On The Farm”, a book by  Stevie Cameron, it was to use the life experiences of Pickton’s victims for a fictional story about women in the Downtown Eastside who became victims of a serial killer.

Ben Cotton portrayed Pickton in the film. In 2016, the film was released with the same name – On the Farm –and under the title “Unclaimed” in certain markets.

In 2011, a documentary titled The Pig Farm was released, which outlined the flawed investigative work by the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Service.

Details emerged about the impossibly long list of suspects, departmental infighting and lack of resources.

In 2016, Pickton: In His Own Words, a purported autobiography, was released. Its publication and marketing initiated controversy, critical petitions, and government action to stop him from profiting from the work.


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