10 Office Supplies You Must Have

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 23, 2023   Update on : January 26, 2023

Office Supplies

Having the right office supplies is one easy thing to keep your business efficient. The right office equipment can help manage office-related work smoothly and make employees even more productive. 

Every business needs to think about the types of equipment their company needs so their employees can do their tasks efficiently. From efficiency to accuracy, office supplies play a significant role in completing your daily tasks. 

What are the benefits of stocking office supplies?

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager tasked with furnishing office space, you need to know which office supplies are essential. From writing equipment to organizational tools, office supplies can come in handy. Here are a few reasons to help you see the benefits of stocking office equipment: 

  • Maximized Efficiency
  • Reduced Cost
  • Trusted Image

1. Maximized Efficiency

The main difference between a smooth work process and an inefficient workflow is the right and well-organized office supplies. Work interruptions to purchase or locate needed tools already negatively impact workflows, wasting time and energy. Lack of or poorly arranged office supplies can contribute to lost sales.  

Office Choice office supplies and equipment can meet all your office needs. Whether you need organizational containers or tools, having an organized supply pantry makes it easier to find what you need when you need it.

2. Reduced Cost

Ordering bulk office supplies from the right vendor can reduce additional costs. It’s easy to pick up a pen or rummage through your supplies pantry to continue your task. But when an employee has to rush to the store to get urgently needed supplies, it will cost you more than just time.  

Rushing to buy office supplies may result in paying more than their price due to the urgency of your need. With the proper preparation and ordering of bulk office supplies, you’ll take advantage of the decreased per-unit cost and predictable invoicing.

3. Trusted Image

No customer wants to trust a disorganized company and is always scrambling to find the necessary tools. Stocking up office equipment keeps everything organized and in order – from forms and labels to scanning and document management.

Even minor things, like having a pen nearby, can impact customers’ views of your company. Customers appreciate businesses that can provide quick and accurate results.  Top-notch service shows that your brand is an expert in your work and can professionally meet their needs.

What office supplies should your business have?

Office supplies can make simple tasks such as correcting typo errors, clipping papers together, and sorting out paperwork faster and easier. Shopping for office equipment is easy when you have a comprehensive list. Check out the eight significant categories of office supplies below:

  • Paper Supplies
  • Organizational Supplies
  • Meetings and Presentations Supplies
  • Shipping Supplies
  • Basic Cleaning Supplies
  • Kitchen and Breakroom Supplies
  • Technology Supplies
  • Basic First Aid Supplies

Office supplies come in a wide range and serve different purposes. Preparing every piece of equipment can be overwhelming and tiring if you’re just starting to set up your office supplies pantry. Start slow and prioritize the commonly used tools such as:

1. Paper 

The most basic yet essential item that every workplace must have is paper. Imagine a laggy or dead laptop during an important meeting and unable to take notes. Always have plenty of documents organized in a box or basket in case technology fails. 

2. Pen

Having enough supply of pens of various types can help you write your ideas quickly before they escape your brain entirely. From ballpen to marker, your office should stock working writing equipment – you’ll never know when you need them, so it’s safe to stock.

3. Folders

Folders are the best tool to keep things organized and avoid seeing messy tables with papers all over the desk. Ordering folders with different colors to organize your documents is an excellent alternative if you don’t like printing labels to each folder.

4. Stapler

A stapler is the most convenient way to do the job when you quickly combine a stack of documents. Having a stapler station at your employee’s desk or near the printing station will save you time traveling from one area to another.

5. Whiteboard

Having a whiteboard is helpful during presentations to show and demonstrate your ideas adequately. It can also act as an information board to inform the team about upcoming meetings and projects. You may also write or stick important notices for everyone to see and follow.

6. Calendar

Everything’s digital nowadays, but having a physical calendar in your office can ensure everyone’s on the right track. It’s also an effective way to help employees manage their schedules and ensure they finish all tasks within the deadlines.

7. Envelope

These might seem unimportant, but wait until you need to send a last-minute formal letter to your higher-ups or specific personnel. In addition, envelopes help secure personal or private matters that others should not see.

8. Printer

Photocopiers and printers are, without a doubt, essential office equipment. Printing important documents is a daily task that should be noticed. So instead of rushing to the nearest shop with a printing service, having a ready-to-use printer in the office would benefit everyone.

9. Outlet Tower

Power and connectivity are the keys to supporting operations and maintaining a productive workplace. But with the limited number of primary outlets and hundreds of employees, it’s not enough. Outlet Towers can accommodate multiple employees to ensure their devices are fully charged for work. 

10. File Cabinets

Your office must have file cabinets to store all your printed documents. Before ordering one, plan an organizational system: alphabetical or chronological. Documents should be in the right section, and it’s wise to use different colors for different file types. 

Shop for Office Supplies Today

Having the best equipment for your office encourages employees to finish their tasks and be productive, which leads to a positive brand image. Enhance your workspace and inspire an efficient work rate by shopping for office supplies today!



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