12 Tips for Exam Preparation

Time Of Info By MD Imran Ali   September 29, 2022   Update on : September 29, 2022

Exam Preparation

Examination often becomes a matter of concern for many students. Normally, students start panicking as soon as the exam nears. Without having good preparation for any examination, success will be a far cry for the students. If you wait for the last day you will have chances of getting into any trouble as you never know about the uncertainty.

Anyone can suffer from a health issue or any emergency. So he/she should not leave his/her studies undone. Any academic examination or test won’t be a matter of fear anymore if you follow these simple but very essential tips.

Let’s see 12 tips and strategies one student should follow for ultimate success in the examinations.

  1. Start preparation early:

A good student never waits for the last day to prepare for an examination. A late preparation is similar to running after a moving train. However, students cannot take good preparation before the examination when the test is knocking at the door. Students can go for a test with less or no stress if he or she takes a preparation much earlier than the examination. You should finish your study as early as possible so that you can get enough time for the revision.

  1. Time management:

It is very important to do the right work at the right time. As a student, the study is the key to your success. You must plan and manage time for your study otherwise you will face many difficulties during an exam. Don’t leave everything for the last minute. You can make a schedule for your study. Try to finish the chapter by chapter on time. You should give yourself enough time for the preparation of your examination.

  1. Group study:

You can try to sit together with your friends and mates for doing group study. Two or more brains are always better than one. If more than one person sits together they can share their views and techniques to do well in the examination. You can ask your friend anything which can be difficult for you to ask the question to your teachers. Counseling on a topic can give a better solution than trying something alone.

  1. Don’t miss any mock tests:

If you have an opportunity to sit for a mock test don’t miss it. It will help you take a good preparation for your final examination and judge the merit and condition of your study. If you do practice exams beforehand, you will gain confidence to take an official exam easily. It helps judge your potential before the final exam.

  1. Organize your notes:

You must organize your notes long before your examination. You should make notes and handouts for separate subjects and exams. If you follow this technique, it will save you time before your examination. You can revise notes by highlighting, underlining, circling, and making flowcharts and diagrams.

  1. Review old exam papers:

If you review and practice the exam papers of previous years you will get an idea about the question pattern. You will be able to get an idea about the timing of the exam. You will not be in a fix at the examination center if you gather ideas about the examination early.

  1. Take breaks regularly:

Studying for hours without any break is not a very wise way to get prepare for the examination. You should take a break at regular intervals as studying for a long time at a stretch can be monotonous and less fruitful. Taking a break during the study will freshen up your mind and give you the stamina to start again with positive energy.

  1. Make a routine:

There is no rule which can be a guide to your study routine. You can make it according to your affordability. You can choose a particular time from the morning, afternoon, or evening slot which will be productive for your study. Your routine time should be flexible and adaptable so that you can change it anytime according to your availability.

  1. Don’t cram:

It is never a good idea to try to cover a lot of lessons within a shorter while as it is less productive and cumbersome. Studying all night and cramming will make you tired and stressed which gives a very bad vibe before any examination.

  1. Take healthy food and rest before the exam:

You should have proper healthy foods before your examination. You should never eat unhealthy foods as they can cause sickness before the exam. Healthy foods give you enough nutrition and energy to take a preparation for the examination. Moreover, you must sleep well and take a rest before the examination. You must keep calm and stress-free before the exam.

  1. Get rid of negative thoughts:

You must think positively about your examination. You should not think negatively as it will give you more stress and put you in a dilemma about the test. Don’t think that the result will end up your entire life, even if you become unsuccessful. Life is full of uncertainty. You have to admit it. You should get rid of the negative ideas and anxiety about the test. Give your 100 percent at the test full of positive energy.

  1. Reach the test venue early:

It is very important to reach the test venue before time. You can start your exam in a relaxed way if you enter the test center before it starts. You must sit for at least five minutes and take a preparation for the test. You won’t have to rush during the exam if you reach there early.


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